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  1. lottery ticket seller

    hi there i wanted to buy a lottery ticket from the seller in goddard but when i go for the 1st option proseed to buy nothing will happen then is this normal or is it a bug or what ty
  2. war system

    so we all know we have a new war system and that sucks ppl just have to pvp you and win and your listed as war with the clan now we have 1 bleep running around killing/pvping everyone he can take on (lower clans/players) player name Ignalgost from clan ministryofchaos this system make it so hard for ppl who want to farm and lvl and use macro for easy gameplay that it,s no fun anymore we all know there ar always ppl who want to kill lower and weaker players because it make them great they think but how can we disolve the war btw server naia