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  1. this spot is a lvl 104 hunting zone but nobody farms there the mobs ar to strong why not lower the stats of those mobs and make the zone 105 pt farm zone we need more 105 zones and 107 zones most of the time everything is full with players
  2. @Juji in EV they spawn slow to can you fix this to and can you make some more 105 spots
  3. ppl just like to ask for refunds geeze server is still not great let them fix this first then ask for some good stuff
  4. still have animation delay with melee you guys need to go back to school and relearn what you guys forget for an official server you guys do terrible job dont you get it till you fix the stuff ppl will complain 24/7
  5. @Hime just give everyone at lvl 105 r110 enchanted armor maybe some ppl stop crying server is down so it give me time to play with my wife :P:P:P
  6. your a sick person why should the amdims make a gm ingame for only helping prestige members this game is still free to play and not pay to play so it says on the website go buy something to wash your brains with
  7. when ar the admin,s dev,s ar going to remove the stupid msg -vit bonus not applied.cannot obtain ....bla bla bla it,s taking the whole chat away with this
  8. hey i would like to know what costume gives what skills so if anyone know,s pls do say it in advance ty
  9. is that not to low if you look at all the players here it,s a game of luck to get a chest i think
  10. hi hime i want to know something bout this New Game Content Changes – Greedy Treasure Chest NPCs will be permanently added to Lv. 105+ hunting zones ar we talking bout 1 npc for whole silent valley ect .. so that everyone who attack it get a item or something or must we search for it and when we find it and someone els is there we have to wait for the respawn or it,s free pk ??
  11. ty guys for the info could the GM,s not say this to they dont even know what to say lame
  12. you know you go to monster collections then you search for a monster you have collected click on it you will see a bag at the right upper corner you click on that and you see your items those items should be for you in your inventory but i cant collect them
  13. simple like recipe..gear..weapons..mats..books...enchant...modify
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