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  1. Acquiring L2M Chests Learn about L2M and the Celebration Event by speaking to L2M Messenger Roa located in all towns. Roa will also provide an L2M Blessing consumable item once per day. Upon consuming it, it will provide a 6-hour buff. The buff provides: All Stats +1, Atk. Spd./Casting Spd. +100, Speed +10 There are 6 stages to the buff and each hour it will advance to the next stage up to Stage 6. At each stage advancement you will automatically collect an L2M Chest (up to 6 chests daily from the L2M Blessing). The buff will persist through death but will not advance to the nex
  2. sorry don't answer before, yep it's completely function.
  3. more of the same, if not nothing... the classic server is dying and the GMs do nothing... the market in giran is poor, the events for those who don't need more items... the craft is dead... and new players are frustrated. Here are some questions to guide you to the next maintenance (and a good-natured critique): Q: To farm, they (me and the newbies) need the B grade, who gets the B grade to sell? Answer: the high lvl Axiom: but the high lvl only sells +16 or higher items for 2kkk. Q: Where can I farm 2kkk? Answer: in an abandoned camp! Q: with bots? like? Q: in this ev
  4. I don't think that's good, as there are some low-intentioned players who don't like the added function of the game and pull the boss closer to the players who left it farming in the auto hunt. Look where the cruma raidboss was... how did it get there, was it a gm that summoned it? was he the one who went there alone? Well, what I do know is that this is not the first time this has happened, and it is very annoying. https://ibb.co/3dmB0n0
  5. I'm not seeing the xp at 100%, nor adena at this rate. Does anyone know if you need to buy any item or pay a vip to participate?
  6. In the https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recipe:_Karmian_Gloves#Spoil has a fake information about that, i've spent many hours in cruma tower and dropped a divine gloves recipe... Anyone can help me?
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