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  1. What competition??? Most items in L2pass are imprints and can't be sold / traded. Feel free to share the trick to other players which are struggling to complete...i.e. my alt cardinal 79... The fact you need to be farming 24 hours a day 7 days per week is pure nonsense if you ask me. Unless you play p2w aoe class you will struggle, no matter what. And creating / logging in low level alts just to achieve goal on main char on the account serves what purpose???
  2. Its not about crying. Its about the principle of reward even if somehow achieved not being usable and to disappear. Average player can't go 82 to 85 in 12 days... Not even close to it. And not everyone plays p2w titan or dk. Don't be a hero just because you could spent thousands of euros on the game, not everyone can. This L2pass was a good idea and has decent reward but no consideration was given if all classes can reach 672k points (some difinitely can't no matter what) therefore it fails in its purpose.
  3. No they won't.... Did you not read the thread???
  4. And no reply or even acknowledgement about the RedArc issue raised number of times by players. GG as usual. What did I expect?
  5. It can happen. Too many variables at play. If it happens every night though then the issue is on your side. I play on multiple clients and the DCs can happen but not too often. I can go 3 days without single DC and then get 4 in one day. Totally random.
  6. Reply from moderator on the official forum? Are you mad?
  7. I am not a Meestro expert but... Heavy, BW heavy (B) in your case. A heavy if you feel you have too much cash / adena. Blunt / Axe, not much between it. Shield. Enchanted Aden weapon is fine till you are above 80+, even then it's fine. STR ofc, CON doesn't give you much benefit. Same for spirits, attack ofc. Steady class, no burst dmg but ploughs through mobs with his / her golem at ease. Has good passives which means doesn't use HP pots and as melee SS use is reasonable.
  8. Huh? I have a maestro and had no issue with TD whatsoever. From 80+ it gets bit harder but use hp pots and you are fine.
  9. Thanks for reply @Juji Appreciated
  10. Shocking customer service. As I said already, I have never seen such a poor communication / service by CM / GM on any official forum / server. Ppl are quitting what is already low populated game and nothing. Zero care. You wonder do they actually want the Aden version to fail...
  11. Titan LVL 80 3 days 2 hours of farming = 38.857 points 521 points per hour. 525168 points in 42 days. No att/def scrolls. No pet. +11 Aden weapon. Soulshoots on. Transc daily. Primeval Isle daily. Can't complete L2pass. Even if it grinds 24/7 which is impossible.
  12. I agree it is doable. Over the 42 days. For some. You kinda forgot to mention you are lvl 81 SH, have a pet and are using attack/ def scrolls. The last 2 things in particular make a huge difference. The C armor is PL too...but in fairness you kill fast. Much faster than most. Point Diem and others including myself were trying to make this L2pass should be accessible to all players, not only selected few. We do not need another p4w event. Yes, I will be able to complete it, on some of my alts. Just about. But no chance on Cardinal or Templar with average gear. Even my a
  13. No you didn't. Unless that's +16 weapon and you have Venir +50. Even with that it is nearly mpossible without AOE. 27 mobs per minute.
  14. Same nonsense. My alt is lvl 81 Trickster, archer for those who don't know. Decent equip for alt. 2 shotting most mobs. Higher zond so not too crowded. Logged in on Wednesday around 7pm (was off due to maintenance / work). Non stop farming since, let's say 48 hours. Got one DC last night, so let's say 42 hours of farm. I am on 33k points. 2xTrancs + 2x Primeval. Rest farming nonstop. 33k points... You must be running some amazing farming machine to treble those numbers. Or are just lying.
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