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  1. is really easy for AOE classes, I've done 107k so far and is been 2 days.
  2. @JujiI don't know if working as intended but this pass was not meant for single target players but AOE players, is going to be very hard for a player killing single targets to get 15k kills a day, that is what you need in order to finish the pass in 43 days ( Dec 1 to Jan 12) I tested on my archer ( A armor and goodies) which is easier than a melee and is no where close to 15k mobs, the lack of mobs, the overcrowded areas are going to make this pass impossible. You should revise the quantity and do some adjustments.
  3. Gotta love of these post about Pks, the crying, the whining. People you need to understand that PvP (including PK) is 90% content of the game, so either get over it of play another game.
  4. How about the issue from Oly and getting all Agathions unequipped??? is extremely annoying.
  5. Also @Juji stuff keeps getting unequipped when entering or leaving Olympia fyi.
  6. Thanks, now I can't do Fortress, you guys are definitely special.
  7. How is that your customer service can operate if they know nothing about the game? I accidentally deleted the Aden weapon and trying to if it can be recovered but instead they responded they have no idea what is Aden weapon. @Sunshine @Juji
  8. They probably setting up a new server, expect a long downtime post.
  9. Whoever that was doing transcendent deserves to lose their money.
  10. This has nothing to do of how many users are connected, server has a limit but they load balance server sucks.
  11. Just move Blackbird to a new server, problem solved.
  12. They haven't fix anything, not 100% not 75% not 50%, lag is still the same and they still have no clue how to fix.
  13. 17 year old game and still have these issues, how?
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