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  1. yeah free for f2p ppl who starts playing today, but it will be much harder for new f2p ppl who starts playing e.g in December 2021 or later
  2. server is quite new and still low in adena, so it costs -5kk adena for 2 L1000 boxes for now. In next 2 months maybe, when current ppl farm and total amount of adena in server is much higher (leads to inflation at certain rate), adena price for 2 boxes will be much much higher IMO. New F2P gamers who starts playing next 2 months won't afford to buy L1000 boxes with adena they earn in first 1-2 weeks after they spend all freebies
  3. made a test and calculation today with my toon so that F2P gamers can have an overview: So, I started with the easiest solo farmer Blade Dancer because this class has passive VR that can solo without pot even against yellow mobs (full buffs + scrolls). My BD is level 66 and currently at War-torn plains. Assumed that there are no grace freebies and boost scrolls left to use. From daily missions61-70, I can get in total 40 ss tickets + 150 ores + 3 grace cookies per day - From 40 ss tickets: I would leave 5 tickets for next day and use 35 tickets = 17.500 soul shots - From 150 ore
  4. happened to me last 12 hours. after log in for few minutes, games freeze and disconnected.
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