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  1. I'm so done.... this is humillating for us.
  2. and that's the most concercing part of all this.
  3. As you can see all the people in this zone are dead because of the same person, the few ppl who is alive are ppl who came back from town after being PK'ed or just bots from the same person who killed everyone. and i can keep rotating the camera showing more and more dead players but i think the point is clear enough. Are you gonna let this ppl make all your community leave your game? We don't care to die in pvp or vs someone you can actually fight to, but this is 1 shot kills for everyone, it's abusive, and the person who do this doesn't even gain anything for it, is not like they are famring
  4. This it what happen every day, each hour, lvl 85+ players and 1 hit killing everyone in silent valley, the place was litterally a cementary, same in all zones from lvl 58+. Why you keep letting this abuses happen, we know PK is part of the game but when players go to zones with 10 or 20 diference lvls to do a kill spree is going against the progress of your server, ppl is more than tired of this, they can't even lvling low lvl toons and they are starting to leave the server. Personally i know 3 persons that tryed the game, and get tired of can't even lvl for more than 1 hour without being PK'e
  5. This is Blackbird, this is the scenary of every single day, 85+ players run across an entire map zone PKing each low lvl char they see, and this happen every hour, in mostly all 58+ zones, you can go and you'll see plenty of dead ppl, cuz the game have autofarming, ferature now to lvling AFK, and this obviously directly affects the growth of the entire server, and is not suiteable with your new autocombat system, if this keep for longer people will just get tired of this and will leave, actually they already started to. PS: I hope moderator don't ban my forum account again, now i tryed to n
  6. A fiend just told me this, i i can't believe it's truye, i did a little search over the internet and there are actually Aden Dualswordas, but BD's donesn't get them. LOL
  7. Easy test: just go run around lvl 58-70 maps and you'll see tons of dead people, because every hour there are PK 80+ just going to kill everyone they see. You can't just simply let this happen on a game with automatic farm/lvling system, is just not sustainable. PK in old L2 was OK because : 1.- You actually got a risk for your toon to get PK, once you get too much karma you even rather to lose that chars instead keep playing on it, and god forgives you if someone reahc to kill you you may lose everything. 2.- Old L2 was not an AFK game as it is right now, we usually were alert of
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