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  1. Please give us something worth buying..... Otherwise what is the incentive?
  2. I see 4 nova and 4 ms. You obviously ain't playing the game if you don't understand the politics.
  3. Any chance that the store will be updated with the patch. None of anything in the current Hero Store is worth what we have earned vs what we paid. Some higher and lower price options by any chance?
  4. Can we get a little feedback here on this? Also anyone have and Idea of what the fixed cost is?
  5. Thank god for game footage otherwise you would have others believing your own nonsense. Right that's it from me. Enough precious moments with my family wasted on this post. Enjoy the propaganda machine folks
  6. Funny that Infami, I seem to remember Ashura/SK took Stuttgart for the first cycle against 4 clans Including your CP. I think we lost it last minute when you traded in your core values to help APEX in what was a great siege. I seem to remember Ashura/SK vs sunshine/core/crows/LosBandidos/MS/TheFallen/DR. But we almost had it eh.
  7. Held by MS, like I said you only have anything because MS permits it. Zing!!!!! x2
  8. Giving you an opportunity to save face was more about helping you infami than it was wanting anything from you. Real great content and come backs from the 3 of you there. Man those zingers hit me hard. Must of been posting because I said I was sleeping. The fact that you think TheFallen took Giran and Dion in DIM without us is the real gold here. The only reason you exist in game or have anything anymore is because MS allows you. Should of let RR just die out instead of throw you the lifeline we did. Choosing not to engage in pvp is a lot different than handling that mid g
  9. I am truly confused. I'm unsure what invite you are attaining to. Sounds like a plug for more propaganda. I'm a fair and honest guy and willing to admit a few members received gear, that was an unfair mention from me. Glad a few good players received armor from everything that was contributed. The rest still stands. I have said my piece. No doubt there will be rebuttals to try entice me back to commenting on this post. Gave up my keyboard warrior days a long time ago. With that I bid you all goodnight.
  10. I really don't want to respond to this, and have chosen to stay out of it but the lies and propaganda you choose to spread is ridiculous. Everywhere I look in game on the forums I see you all talking about Ashura members and clan. You are still hurt after a decision your CP made in February. The decision to end the clan merger in TheFallen. Since we formed back up you have done nothing short of follow us around for the last 4 months, you talk about us in world chat, even at this moment mentioning Ashura members in multiple threads within the forum with falsehoods in an attempt to sa
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