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  1. Give use more info . Where the lag problem is coming from , why took you so long , who are the teams you are working with , what are the possible solutions to fix it .
  2. @JUJI you are unable to fix the bug or any bug and instead you want to ban players . If a player have in his possession this earring that cost 350+bill why NOT BEEN ABLE to use it because you are cant fix a simple bug months now? What about make it fair for all and just disable system or just start working on the problem and fix it ! ps. i like how @juji treat his players with threats , shows how player friendly nc west is !
  3. Hello All, We have discovered an issue with the Pa'agrio's Earring Lv. 2+ that allows characters to deal damage to the petrified Zariche Treasure Chest and Akamanah Treasure Chest. This is not the intended functionality of the item and will be patched once we receive a fix from the development team. In the meantime, we request that all players with Lv. 2 and higher versions of Pa'agrio's Earring un-equip it when attacking the Cursed Sword petrified treasure chests. Any players found abusing the petrified treasure chests with the Pa'agrio's Earring by any means will result in actions
  4. ppl Been farming this areas with bot for years .juji done nothing about bot so all the comments and posts above are irrelevant
  5. Skill mastery is a joke from 1000% got nerfed to 100% so it’s korean random now .
  6. And @juji want to change pk system so ppl won’t be able to even pk . So those who want to steal rbs or a spot can just come and you won’t be able to do anything about it .
  7. Also look at swords bot fest .just need to pvp pick up last . And money are yours .tell me 1 person who toon the extra adena reward fro killing ppl out of cursed swords . Is this intended ?
  8. All high lvl areas should be No1 pvp zones No2 can’t use my teleport No3 if restart it throw you back to safe zone . EASY PROBLEM SOLVED !
  9. Blame l2 store and the amazing promos
  10. Nice joke . Not even 2 pvp dagger in nc west is 112 lvl . Ahahahah you are so funny . I like when ppl can’t pvp and always blame lvl or gear . Unlike our friend here Who is a doer and he enjoy game . He prob Is not complete handless like you and this is why he kill ppl with low gear . Pvp was alwayes about skill + gear . This is why you see so many fully stacked pve toons . They have gear but not hands to play . Guy asked for a guide from ppl who pvp and not ppl who pve .
  11. Reroll to yull nobody plays dagger worst class in game unless they boost it about 100% more . Or make his skills to land more frequently .
  12. You are not prepared for the service ! Nobody is . When you become prepared service will come ! Keep preparing .( since 2009 ) as you say .
  13. For those who don’t know how things work here . Juji or who ever from dev team asks what ppl want . Then if a problem they tell you to report it . If it’s about smthing new to implement like dual to main they ask you to write in forums . After they have collected all the info and know what ppl want they eather put a hard ptw event Or new patch So ppl will forget about this minor bugs or requests since with every new update even bigger bugs appear that will make you eather want to quit or not being able to play the game as you could before ! So w8 for the next patch and forget about the past b
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