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  1. I just hope they have fun events and encourage people to play. For example, it has been almost a year since we havent a rim kamaloka with new rewards like as 6 slot brooch. I'm just saying that a lot of people are disenchanted with the game and leave without wanting to return. Make us stay, innovate please
  2. never, rollback is fair The only thing that I get clean with this error is that the patches sent from Korea are modified here to keep us stagnant with regular items and thus be able to squeeze the most of the clients' wallets, that is us. nice job
  3. Yes, but if you know that something is wrong, the right thing to do is to report the BUG and not take advantage of it.
  4. I understand that if someone abuses a BUG the company in this case NCWest should ban the account for abusing this BUG, or will they let the abusers remain free and without punishment?
  5. PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX this error... ,Fix this error, you should only lose 4% and I'm losing 20%
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