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  1. since when is it our obligation to report bots? it is actually ncsoft's obligation to find them and ban them. not ours. our time is wasted. reports go unheeded and unresponded to. if you have made report tickets in the past you know that we get a canned message in reply saying, "thank you for your concern about this matter. due to privacy issues we cannot disclose the result of our investigation." what i hear that saying is, thanks for the time you wasted to send us this magnificent bot report but we're not going to do squat about it because we don't care, sincerely yours, ncsoft.
  2. this thread has obviously been moderated and messed with. i guess that means more than one thread had the same thing going so they were merged? that being the case,when is ncsoft going to catch on that your community is unhappy with the way you are running things? if there are problems,share then with us, beg our indulgence. if we are wrong, tell us we are wrong and why. this so-called moderation of our forum topics and lack of response from ncsoft is becoming insufferable.
  3. Dear NCSoft, would it be possible for you to launch a subscription-only classic server within the NA time zones and maintain it as bot-free? i know i would be willing, as i'm sure others would, to pay a subscription of 10$ to 15$ per month to play a classic server that isn't plagued with bots. keep the L2 store the same, keep everything else the same, just create a world for us where we can play unhindered. the subscription payment could be applied to the vip every month as an incentive for people to be willing to pay for a subscription. keep the same event schedule, keep the same
  4. i do accept your logic on this point. yes, they can summon adena. however, is it a possibility that ncsoft is accepting royalties from the adena sellers thereby giving their bots immunity in the fields and adena sellers immunity in the villages? if this is the case, and i believe it is a possible scenario, this makes ncsoft just as complicit in the botting as the RMTers are. another way to look at this is all the VIP accounts that have been abandoned because of NCSoft's lack of aggressive proaction. they are concerned about the cost of wages for in-game GM's yet their script detecti
  5. it probably depends which server you're on. some servers much much worse than others. i've explored a couple of others and bots are there but not so bad. talking island is by far the worst...
  6. what is your cite of authority for this statement? and if NCSoft is not profiting from the bots, why are they not more proactive and aggressive about getting rid of them?
  7. a clan member of mine was also banned for suspicious activity. he submitted a ticket, a week later he got a response requesting the last 4 digits of his credit card. it has been 3 weeks and still no response regarding the reason for the ban. good luck
  8. with all the bot reports submitted by players and all the threads in the forum about this you would think NCSoft would take notice. they don't. bots are money for them so they don't care about the rest of us. when they have no real players left they'll discover the results of their poor business decisions. NCSoft simply does not respect their live players. they have no regard whatsoever for their community. take that as you will but it makes for a very poor playing environment for those of us who love the game.
  9. they don't ban them because they are making money with them. they say they take bots seriously............. you can bet they do! for all the dollars the bots contribute to NCSoft's bottom line, they're good business. that just means they don't give a flying fig about their live players. at the rate they're going they'll have nothing but bots and adena sellers and nobody to sell the adena to... they refuse to put GM's in the game to ban the bots. in the end they will kill the game and force those of us who love the game to find other places to play..
  10. i say stop wasting your time reporting bots. ncsoft won't do anything about it. you're wasting your time and effort. it's ncsoft's job to get rid of them, not ours....
  11. i don't know whether to laugh or cry at this level of ignorance. bots are a definite issue with L2. NCSoft is relying on the development of a third-party detection program to get rid of them. every time they develop something it works for two minutes then someone writes a new third-party that gets around the security system. it is never-ending. and NCSoft refuses to put GM's in the servers to physically seek and ban the bots. not all servers are as plagued with bots as others but all servers have bots. bots are a product of supply and demand. servers with more whales (high spendi
  12. i've created an account and played on INOVA's server, Skelth and i live in the u.s. i didn't continue playing for a couple of reasons, even though the first week of play is free and the first month after that is discounted. 1. the server was completely dead, some few bots but almost no live players. 2. the market there is just as dead, difficult to find items through private shops that one would need to have access to to play successfully. 3. there was some bit of language barrier, i detected what seemed to be a resentment toward players who speak only english. 4. it is a subscription server
  13. does it include the wording "we take this issue very seriously?" NCSoft is gaslighting us. there is no intensive "investigation" required. boots on the ground in-game by a GM and they can account ban as they see the bots. it's simple. what they are investigating is whether or not bots belong to whale spenders or not. they can't ban the ones that bring high dollars to NCSoft, that would just be .... well, use your own words. the only way NCSoft takes botting seriously is for the money botting puts in NCSoft's pockets. they neither care about nor respect their playing community.
  14. many quit because of rates. many more quit because of bots. ncsoft doesn't listen to its community nor do they communicate. if they've fixed anything it will be temporary..someone will figure a way around it to cheat again. anything and everything they can do from here on out is summed in four little words: TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. good luck everyone
  15. a significant portion of that 98% will never be lvl 70, at least on TI server. consider the thousands of bots in the fields and running through dion daily to delevel... that alone will dramatically cut the % of players achieving anything above level 39
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