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  1. I get the exact same error as Ormazd when trying to create a new thread.
  2. Definitely going with Baium here. Many of my good memories of lineage were in that tower. Joebob - Chronos
  3. I feel like this happens to me almost every time I try to reply to a thread. Although, I don't post often. Just happened to me trying to post this. Clicked Submit Reply and nothing happens. Have to refresh the page a few times before it works.
  4. I just tested Shadow Hunter. The 65% patk crit damage boost only applies from the rear. 67k damage to a mob from the front with Shadow Hunter and 83k damage without. When soloing, Shadow Reverse will be your first attack quite often because it is a short blink (assuming you use a kbm). Not great for soloing or parties. I agree that a spoiler will perform better than an adventurer since spoilers do more damage from all directions in PVE. However, I still disagree that a Ghost Hunter will always perform better than an adventurer. At least in my case. Per my calculations of the damage
  5. I am a 116 Adventurer and I solo xp 95% of the time and would like to add my experience since I spend a lot of time optimizing my hunting. Approximately 50% of my solo mob kills are not after shadow chase due to its cooldown or if I am very close to the next mob. (Note, I am pretty much maxed out on cooldown reduction.) Those non-shadow chase stabs are not from the rear most of the time obviously because the mobs don't always spawn with their backs to me. (For that reason, I don't even use backstab in my macro when soloing. Reverse Mana resets the other stab cooldowns improving this. I do
  6. Fav class : Treasure Hunter name : Joebob server : Chronos
  7. There is no issue here. Stabs aren't 100% land rate, even when hitting from behind. It's much higher from behind but not 100%. If you miss a stab, there's no damage and there's no message other than "You use (skill)." which is what is causing what everyone is experiencing.
  8. Something appears wrong with adena drops when someone with the Prestige Rune is in party but out of range. When Player A is not in party, Player A gets 36,947 adena average per kill When Player A in party with Player B and Player B is out of range, Player A gets 22,018 adena average per kill When Player A in party with Player B and Player B is in range, Player A gets 17,633 adena average per kill (Tested in Fields of Massacre. Both players have prestige rune and drop rune.) It appears that fix below created the reverse issue where if someone is in party but out of ran
  9. 1. California 2. No 3. Only this once at 9:41 AM PDT. Big 60 second lag spike where nothing happened. Experienced on all 3 clients. One client DCed. Another in party lagged too. 4. Swamp of screams not fighting (DCed), fighting in Ketra, fishing in Heine.
  10. Bay area, California No Only during the instances below but every time. Occurs when in town or out hunting in different zones: Opening Castilla box Lv. 5 takes 5 to 10 seconds (right clicked it a bunch of times and managed to disconnect myself I think). Completing clan quests takes 5 to 10 seconds (only sometimes, sometimes it's within a second). Clicking "Initialize" on homunculus took a few seconds.
  11. I saw the same thing once in crisis, it was a dagger user. He just stood there but whenever I clicked on him he would teleport to a different spot like he was killing in my spot but his position only updated for me if I clicked on him. Didn't affect my mobs though.
  12. Will the Blessed Angel jewelry augmenting be fixed as well? They have the same issue.
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