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  1. Something appears wrong with adena drops when someone with the Prestige Rune is in party but out of range. When Player A is not in party, Player A gets 36,947 adena average per kill When Player A in party with Player B and Player B is out of range, Player A gets 22,018 adena average per kill When Player A in party with Player B and Player B is in range, Player A gets 17,633 adena average per kill (Tested in Fields of Massacre. Both players have prestige rune and drop rune.) It appears that fix below created the reverse issue where if someone is in party but out of ran
  2. 1. California 2. No 3. Only this once at 9:41 AM PDT. Big 60 second lag spike where nothing happened. Experienced on all 3 clients. One client DCed. Another in party lagged too. 4. Swamp of screams not fighting (DCed), fighting in Ketra, fishing in Heine.
  3. Bay area, California No Only during the instances below but every time. Occurs when in town or out hunting in different zones: Opening Castilla box Lv. 5 takes 5 to 10 seconds (right clicked it a bunch of times and managed to disconnect myself I think). Completing clan quests takes 5 to 10 seconds (only sometimes, sometimes it's within a second). Clicking "Initialize" on homunculus took a few seconds.
  4. I saw the same thing once in crisis, it was a dagger user. He just stood there but whenever I clicked on him he would teleport to a different spot like he was killing in my spot but his position only updated for me if I clicked on him. Didn't affect my mobs though.
  5. Will the Blessed Angel jewelry augmenting be fixed as well? They have the same issue.
  6. Same with Blessed Angel jewelry. I cannot augment my Blessed Angel Necklace with an Accessory Augment Stone despite the tooltip saying "Can be augmented."
  7. I calculated the XP needed for 111 to 112 and 20.946 quad seems accurate. I don't know about the before though.
  8. I am 111 and I tested the XP rate before and after the update. I saw no difference. In fact, after the update I leveled about 3% slower. My tests are usually pretty consistent so I was quite surprised. I'll have to calculate the actual XP to get 100% xp.
  9. Edit: Looks like the focus enchant is also multiplicative according to the EU experiment post discussion and the increased NPC crit rate may be due to level difference to the NPC.
  10. Did you watch the whole Russian video? The second half is without all the +crit chance stuff. He only used +20 crit chance on the skill itself, a greater cancer agathion, and the crit chance talent. Crit rate was still pretty high. Maybe enchanting the skill for crit chance increases the base crit rate and is not multiplicative like items? Also, your screenshots are misleading. Your crit rate per the pictures is 8% but your crit rate in the video based on all of your attempts was 37%. You can't take screen shots of outlier data and use them to represent the real crit rate. The main d
  11. I just tested Barrage of Nails on a mobs in FOM. It did 25,000 critical damage per mob, much much less without critical damage. Then I tested blood stab right after on the same mob and did 350,000 damage which always crits. Barrage of Nails is not a good AOE skill. Our other AOE skill does about the same damage. Regarding enchanting Barrage of Nails for Hex, max pdef/mdef reduction is 50% which should already be done by the Iss in the group rendering the 5% hex effectively worthless. Spoilers are a different story from the other dagger classes. I am an adventurer so I have Istina Acid Swa
  12. Not me.. I'm sure a good majority of non-archer/non-nuker DDs do not get invited to stacked archer varka/ketra parties. If I were a yul, I wouldn't want a constant single target DD who contributes very little to the group. I'm pretty sure the nerf was about balance, bringing archers closer to other classes. Even if I were invited to parties like this then I'm still glad for this patch. It brought me closer to being effective in a party because my damage did not compare to an equivalently geared archer. (I am an othell with only single target damage. My AOEs are worthless.)
  13. Ignore the hate. Please keep trying to fix the melee lag issue. They will appreciate it when it's finally fixed.
  14. The "one more thing coming" Juji mentions is referring to the free stuff that you get when you apply the completely free serial code LINEAGE26000DAYS to your account. See Juji's post: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19747-6000-day-celebration-pack-time-limited-code/?tab=comments#comment-133740
  15. Everyone should realize that posts like this are asking for major game design changes. Also, the game is generally built for the Korean servers, our input will have a limited impact to their design decisions. Even if they do decide to make big changes like these, don't expect them to happen anytime soon, certainly not two weeks after they ask for feedback. It may sound easy to update an existing zone to our level but that still takes development time from a team that probably isn't very big.
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