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  1. can't if they end up doing toi 4,5,6 nobody to compete with then. They need an event that actually injects items back into the server, the market is really messed up as there is no supply.....
  2. @Juji I would like to provide constructive feedback. I think this event is good for some characters, but not for higher level characters. I won't be investing in it. We would like to see a scroll that lets us make cloaks +18 please. A few more suggestions.. People are using the transfer system to syphon off items from Naia, we are hurting here. I encourage you to look at Naia's shops and the auction house, they are nearly empty, so many items gone to Chronos, no artifacts or many other items left. People take them there to make insane adena profits. I will gladly supply screenshots of
  3. you got your wish on cloak event.. however unless i missed it no chance to go > +15
  4. It is true as an othell to effectively farm it takes greater than 1.5T in gear, as an othell I can attest to this. NCsoft has options here to keep their player base happy. My suggestions are: 1. Nerf of low level IoS was wrong for low players to obtain adena, and should be reversed 2. Claws... right now it's COMPLETELY unbalanced/unfair with people running programs to enter dragons, (NCsoft you know who they are.....) it's completely impossible for any other players to enter. I suggest they add to Dragon Valley and Fafurion Dragon Claws to drop system, even if 1:500,000 kills to allow
  5. it wasn't a bug, they adjust the pay table to be "reasonable" I am not one of the players that would scam another. i am the player that is at the point in the game where i need one of these weapons, and it's impossible to obtain.
  6. exactly what my best opens were, intermediate scroll and gran kain weapon. The more people i talk to it sounds like 0 items dropped... that's so unethical.
  7. Genuine question for everyone... Is anyone aware of any claws or top tier items dropping from boxes on naia before todays mainteance.. I know of 10's of thousands of boxes opened 0 high or top items dropped. NCSOFT, can you publish how many of these items actually dropped from your event? Yes i'm very sour that the ONE claw i was able to finally get after months of trying to buy one in game will be rolled back. And this wasn't a bug, it shows what the rates/items could be like for us compared to other regions.
  8. I'm actually very upset... the NCwest rates are horrible compared to other regions.. i finally get 1 claw, after MONTHS!! of trying to buy them in game... finally the the rates became similar to other game servers for just a few hours... And now rollback.... @Juji There has to be a better solution to allow more players possible access to these items at a reasonable rate, and stop taking them away from players when by rare chance they get 1.
  9. Before people make this viral thinking i'm complaining I'm not. It's in my opinion an issue in the game. I am offering a suggestion for a game mechanic change around PvP. I suspect it was NOT the intention of NC to allow characters to damage other characters and flag while they are auto hunting with any of their skills. The Fault here is that if a player is flagged that is trying to start a war, approaches another player auto hunting certain skills can damage them, even if not intentionally. This allows clans to force war on clans that have no intention of using the PvP mechanics of the
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