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  1. Need help before i decide

    Takes me around 3 minutes with a tank and GoG buff upon entering, 4-5 min without GoG. Without a tank, maybe 3 minutes more, depends on how much you're willing to "focus", hide, fake death etc to lose agression. I also have ruby/opal lv. 4 and my red cats eye is lv. 3, other than that we have similar equipment, damage-wise. So add maybe 1-2 minute on my times and it should be accurate to you. PS. Change those useless DEX dyes to STR, and use exalted tiara instead of the ones you have. Also change AP to Focus/Death whipser, rather than craft focus/craft death.
  2. Raids Bosses dead?!

    Lot of geared people to help, make a party in advance. gludio lv88 and elven village lv93 raids spawn certain time every day. 98 raids around orc/gainak area respawn same time too. Other raids are random, personally seen how those farmers let orc barrack (92 raids) be up for hours before kill. Complaining will do nothing, form a strong group & go kill some. PS. That clan will not attack back if you send war declaration, so declare war and then grief them with stun, petrify and such. Petrify heal, stun DD & repeat, ruin their BR, steelmind, SOS and such and their dmg goes to shit.
  3. Dailies/Daily coins

    Thats an average of 10 boxes/week, or 15000 reputation per day. If you think that is the norm, step outside & rethink that.
  4. Class variety now compared to pre-god is a joke, which is what OP is saying, dunno what you're on about.
  5. Ertheia

    Have not bothered to look more into this, but Sealed boots/gloves, the kind that you turn into heavy/light/robe at blacksmith, as your own choice, will always look like heavy aslong as theyre sealed.. and you can put the sealed version on robe, light or heavy armor. For example all B-A grade sealed boots/gloves have appearance of heavy item, and can be used on light/robe/heavy as appearance. Thus you can get heavy armor boot/gloves appearance on robe/light set. He is using vesper or vorpal i think?, so two things coudlve happened 1. Sealed items can be put on anything, cant be bothered to look personally, if that does not work --> 2. All sealed vorpal or vesper items look like heavy, even if they are "Sealed vesper (robe) shoes" for example. --> cant be bothered to look personally, dont have a crafter right now to make a sealed vesper light/robe boot to see if they have heavy appearance.
  6. Replays!

    Copy your l2.bin file in system folder, rename the copied file to l2.exe Start that, and youll get the normal login screen.. I assume you have the replay button there.
  7. Zodiac Agathion Main and Sub Charm Slots

    Furthermore > the first charm you equip, you will receive both Special ability+Unique ability, whereas all other charms you will only receive the Unique ability. Special ability = The skill of the agathion, for example if you equip Taurus you will be able to use his BR. So for example if you have Evolved Aries agathion and taurus charm, you will have the possibility to use stone from aries, and BR from taurus without unequipping your agathion. Unique abilities = Look at the link from 2SHAE
  8. La Vie En Rose GEM Success Rate

    Very very lucky from 1>2. i expect a typo (had more to begin with?) 2>3 About what you would expect, with rate being around ~30%. 3>4 Seems to be accurate, as rate is around ~12-15% mark. 4>5 Typical, as success rate is around 5-6-7-8% mark. Know 5 people this event that failed between ~20-40 lv. 4>5 of various gem, not a single lv. 5 between those 5 people btw.
  9. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    I would expect that somebody who brags about about writing English fluently & try to educate others would in fact type without making easy mistakes. Oh well
  10. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    English is not one of those four languages, correct?
  11. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    Clown. Keep tip-toeing around the subject, no point talking to you, you're a broken record just repeating same thing over & over, you probably believe your own lies/excuses..
  12. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    Why dont you stick to the topic at hand rather than try to twist it into your favor? I really couldnt care less about any of that. The point is, you've claimed victory & say you're the best PVP tank & iss around for like 3 years now, is it not true you've been using script the whole time and RMTed your account & having RMTed equipment, do you admit you're a failure that had to resort to scripts & full on RMT because you could not keep up by actually playing the game? was it fun to watch the game play itself? "Bringing up scripts today is just so stupid", but you can bring up your "amazing past" in every thread on this board? lmao, stop acting like you're a top dog when you're nothing but a cheater, your RMTed account got recalled like two weeks ago & you claim you're legit. Clown.
  13. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    So did you lose gainak or not? Since you posted that image it implies no, but in reality..?? Isnt it true you're the guy who claimed you're the best tank/iss for many years.. Then posted a video of yourself using scripts & admitted you used them 'cause everyone does'.. Aswell as admitting to RMT accounts? Is it true Jinkariya is your first 'legit' char over the past few years? Funny, scripted gameplay, bought char & RMTed gear, for sure best player ever. Yeah im dumb. Sit down, boy. Lmao. Watch this guy call me a fanboy in one way or another then proceed to ignore what im saying. Not sure if this thing is trying to insult me or not.. Its like when a little kid try to insult an adult.
  14. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    Outnumbered 6:1.. How many stones to each side? Your propaganda is dumb.
  15. Kamaloka lvl 4 and lvl 6 brooch jewells

    I know ruby 5 is 20%, 25 was an example. Soulshot lag isnt relevant here, especially for a yul. Amount of failed skills without SS on yul is near nonexistent unlike normal hitting classes.