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  1. iJager in olympiad

    He had lag before/after/during and sometimes no lag even when attacking, feels like grasping at straws to me but who knows
  2. useless items

    Just make a support ticket PS exalted tiara rocks, idk why you'd want to get rid of it
  3. What to explain? when you select "Monster" in Option menu, whenever a monster hit you when you have no target = you'll target monsters If a PC hits you = you wont target the player. Pretty self explanatory i would say.. Thanks for the quick fix, will be a nice update, Finally you can get rid of the god annoying monster auto targetting, trying to use the exalted jump on someone far away when you're being attacked by a bunch of mobs = hell Although it will be an annoying update & you'll need a tank or wynn to get rid of macros now, unless you're willing to PK them..
  4. iJager in olympiad

    So your PC was acting up, not really an excuse id go for even tho its true.. the amount of times my cat jumps up on my keyboard during PVP/COC/Oly is insane, but aint something id use an excuse Looks like you ran out of SS, if not you coudlve simply clicked the empty SS bar & the SS will pop back up 00:31 that Flash tho
  5. Scroll: Seal Armor (A-grade)

    Old event items, can not receive them ingame anymore. However, in the past you were able to make a ticket and they would give you however many you require, dont see why their policy would have change so go ahead and make a ticket
  6. Dual Berseker's Rage question

    Of course it will have a more frequest land rate as you can use skills much more often, my point was it doesnt influence the cooldown (30 seconds) of the skill itself.
  7. Options>Shortcut - settings don't save

    Shhhh, I decide what the thread is about. >:C
  8. Dual Berseker's Rage question

    I think it only triggers from auto attacks, not skills, Never checked though. Both of them have a 3% land rate per hit, with 15 sec duration (can last 30 if "crit") and 30 second cooldown, evas rune does not change the cooldown as ive noticed. Of course landing the masters rage will be "harder" cause you make many, many more normal hits than you do skills. PS. If you're wondering this cause you want more damage with stabs, go with Masters rage for the skill power, those 30% P. Atk wont increase your damage on stabs by any significant amount.
  9. Options>Shortcut - settings don't save

    Pretty sure he meant same account of the PC, as the discussion here is settings of the game, not settings of the char Make sure your write/read privilegies is all good on the PC, sounds as if the game is having difficulties making changes to the setting files. If you find no solution, you could manually edit the setting file (option.ini) The row you need to look for is [Communication] > NextTargetMode=0 Dont know which is which, so suggest you start with 0 to see which one it is, then exit the game, change it to 1, log back in, check, exit game, change it to 2.. and so on. But assumingly: 0= target to taunt 1= Monster 2= PC 3= NPC If for some reason the game resets the option.ini file, just deny write privilegies as a final solution (after editing it to whatever you need )
  10. So if they have 4 PKs, and PK again on macro, they will still drop items. Trust me, people will still complain even if they do it like this, people will forget they have PKs, people will drop items. And once again people will cry for change - same as now. I remember all that too by the way - but that discussion is not relevant, was a completely different game compared to now. This macro thing is recent however & is completely killing whats left of the game whether you like it or not, as an active player you can no longer go to an area & make a train, or even kill monsters without someone KSing you - cause literally every single area is taken over by AFK Macros. But perhaps I misunderstood you earlier, you want to keep macro as it is, just if someone PK while macro is on = turn off automatic macro? I can live with that, I agree that would be a fair solution - still think thats carebear though. "My generation", you speak as if you know me, I hate whats in the L2store fyi.
  11. Dimensional Warp

    Also noticed the bug of dimensional imp, you get screen notification that it have spawned - but its never on the same floor as you. Thanks for writing this bug out, I dont farm DW enough to notice that bug itself, but it was very frustrating when we missed a couple of them in the same run.
  12. If you can make them flag, you can make the PK, game mechanics & literally cant be fixed unless they change the PVP system completely. Also, you said "Most of us are trying to find a way to grow the server's population and not make more and more people leave." I am more likely to leave cause of AFK Macros hoarding EVERY. SINGLE. HIGH. LVL. SPAWN! And by this, i dont mean areas designed to be party zones, but solo zones such as GC upper, hellbound, hell even areas likes stronghold 2/3 is farmed heavily, fairies too (mostly bots, but macros too). New players come here & all they can do is instances & kill your scrap monsters, does that sound fun to you? killing monsters while 20 different macro chars are killing the same one? or finally find a free spot only to have it taken by a party of AFK Macros? cause thats the reality in every solo area from lv. 85>100+. I remember starting out, doing bloody swampland quest & fairies, you could actually make trains in swampland (yes, you could find more than 5 alive at any given time) & fairy wasnt farmed to oblivion to the point it takes over 3h+ to finish the simplest daily. Stronghold 2 was magical, didnt have to move cause mobs kept respawning & you had PVP trying to take over the pits, guess what we have now.. AFK macros. You are killing the server as much as every "Macro PK scammer" is.
  13. Auction House Manager

    Level 1-2 low grade material (armor fragment low etc) can be bought from Giran, NPC name "Kiki". D-A SS can be bought from Grocery store in every town. B-A grade equipment from Luxury shop in Giran. If you're on Chronos and need pointers, just PM/Mail/Friendadd me @ "Znipo
  14. Eh? you'd put /attack rather than shadow chase? why though? "My macro" would jump on the monster, yours would try to run to him.. obviously mine would work better in the case of NPC being further away? Although dont matter much, as in giants cave the monsters are stacked closely together, shadow chase is used to increase DPS too (on othell you're terribly weak with normal hit on the front, even if adventurer, so having a safe macro you're forced to shadow chase or power bluff)