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  1. Teleport cost problems!

    Learn how to play the game and maybe you will be able to teleport around? Hunt in profitable areas, dont spend adena on SOE, Res & potions (if you do)?. Turn off automatic SS and put SS on hotbar like in the old days and only use them when needed? for example i see so many nukers using their spiritshot to make 80% damage to a monster, then use another spiritshot for the remaining 20% whilst without spiritshot they make ~60% per hit and thus would kill it with the same amount of hits, just with a much larger profit. Pretty much same with alot of melee characters. Learn teleport locations to reduce costs? alot of the teleport locations can be saved by teleporting to nearby location & running for 2 minutes rather than teleporting 2 extra times. Also finally, running between two cities takes almost no time at all - dont act like it takes 30 min to run between giran > gludio.
  2. I dont need anything, thank you.
  3. Can you check the last PM and have them look into a fix? Thanks for a fast maintenance tho, can finish all my baits before i get back home
  4. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    Only thing i agree with is higher spoil rate, but not by an crazy amount. Adena/drop is fine as is.
  5. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    Youre able to do just fine. Server is a week old with majority of people on lv. 20. Lol.
  6. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    No i believe in working hard, not having easy mode AoE grinding same area for 20 hours, then selling your loot to grocery and buying what you need from NPC, Then moving to next level area and repeating the same process. Such fun, such game. Go play EU which you all destroyed already,half you people already left that server.
  7. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    You're right, 100% of the people playing want this. Lol. Whats the fun in playing a server where everything is handed out to you without working for it?
  8. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    The only people voting are the crybabies visiting forums to complain. The rest of the community is hunting, while you are too butt hurt to do so. The voice of complaint is always louder than the opposite.
  9. Might be low - but thats the fun of it for me, and a whole lot of others. :-) Yes, if you rush levels without thinking twice about adena/gear you deserve to be lv. 40 with novice weapon.. Play it slow, farm & enjoy, that should be the point of the game - not rushing to highest level & gear up without any effort at all
  10. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    Do I care how long it takes? Aslong as 1. People cant afford SS/BSS every single hit they do 2. People cant buy top gear of whatever level they reach 3. Grinding is actually rewarded (and not doing some repeat quest once a day then be done with it) Im somewhat happy. If by chance everyone will run with top d-grade by the next maintenance me and a whole bunch of others will just quit - we have chronos/naia if we want easy mode.
  11. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    PLEASE do not make it too easy. We do not want everyone in top gearvthe moment they hit each gear-break point (20 40 52) Make us work hard, please.
  12. So you'd rather everyone running in top gear, than rewarding those who actually farm? I hope bots n RMT will be dealt with swiftly. But yes, im happy with my free D grade & if im running a crappy D grade weapon by level 32, i would then begin saving up for C grade, getting adena will also be easier at higher levels especially when everyone levels up & there's a real economy when people can buy/sell/craft materials and so on. If you expect top d grade by 30+ honestly i dont think classic is for you. If exp curve really is higher - great ill have more time to save up. Ill keep spending coins, ill keep hunting and leveling slow. Those of you that want "real classic experience" can go to EU (theres a reason you left EU tho). PS there's a reason EU classic is dead. Don't kill our version too tyvm.
  13. You and everyone else quitting on talking island, send me your gear/adena on "iZnipo Thanks.
  14. Noone is forcing you to purchase ss or bss, noone is forcing you to hunt in a shitty spot without drops. Think twice of how you're exping and think of what you're doing wrong. Im 28 now, farmed some 250k adena, didn't do a single spider quest, hunting the dumbest zones with barely any drops cause im trying to get lucky & drop my weapon. 400k would get a D grade weapon - in total id be by that around lv32, which imo is pretty OK. Ive been hunting solo with my orc shaman with a 17 p. atk wand! My mana runs out too fast so im smacking them to death by 15-25 normal hits. Loving it. Give it a rest, youre able to get 1-20 in a handful of hours - of course you ain't getting adena in that time. Youre able to AoE in AC to do 20-25 in a day, of course you're not going to make adena in that spot when there's a 1/9 chance you get the loot that drops. Stop trying to make this game too easy. People seriously mad they're not farming half a million daily on level 25. SMFH. Market will stabilise when people level up, when materials go to their actual value and so on.
  15. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    Shiet happens. Im aware of the drama preliminary patchnotes have caused in the past, but you really should release the notes you have compiled today, then tomorrow release the final product. Actually should have been released ASAP the moment you had them, but what is done is done. It is extremely frustrating that we have to wait until (pretty much) the last day before we get any real chance of reading up on what is being changed, the fact we have to resort to reading patchnotes from korean translations and/or your rivaling company in the EU is just beyond any logical reasoning.