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  1. Regarding Pony: I am fine with the pet aoe damage. I am fine with the reuse time of the pets aoe damage / stun. I am fine with it being able to attack people 2500+ range away. I am not fine with the reuse time on re-summoning it. This is the problem, if the pony had a 5 minute reuse it would justify the pets raw power and capability. As it is right now the summoner does not need to even use their heal/recharge class skills which were designed to keep the pet alive. It is more effective to just resummon the pet when it gets hurt/oom/CC'd because there is virtually no cool
  2. The quest if taken prior to the update also doesnt advance as you kill mobs (you dont get crumbs regardless of the mobs killed).
  4. I have seen these listed on the pendents and the Othel Runes. Is this a poor translation? Historically this meant it added a static amount of M.atk or P.atk (think vicious stance) to the damage formula. I have been seeing some hysteria on the nuker pendent and I am looking for someone to confirm if that the M.Critical Damage is static damage added to the final sum after the spell power*matk/mdef calculation is done .. or as base matk + pendent matk/mdef. If it is the latter, i think some of this fanfare is being overhyped.
  5. Your comments go to show how naive and inexperienced you are. This is not just my opinion, Song of Purification was a milestone on Skelth marking the point where the pvp meta changed dramatically for the worse. That server has around 400-500 actives playing on it now, this skill contributing greatly to debuff classes becoming irrelevant is a large portion of the pvp reasons why that server is on life support. The skill is broken in pvp, it turns classic into retail (debuffs dont matter only ebay weapons do) and retail is dead compared to classic. I have seen the other Lv80 skills, nothing
  6. Sorry there is no skill in the game that invalidates other classes like this does. Players in classic are meant to be squishy. Debuffs allow for built-in class mechanics to tear players down so the game does not become "who spent the most money to get the highest OE on their armor/weapon". Your argument is invalid.
  7. The XP curve is not what you think once you understand end game raid mechanics / politics.
  8. 1 Party Wipes a siege force because they are essentially immune to nearly all debuffs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxKGYjr1GsM&t=18s @Juji @Hime lets do better than other Classic releases. You have already made changes to the way US Classic was implemented, this needs to be fixed before it becomes an issue and breaks the PvP meta.
  9. This skill is a mistake that needs to be corrected on US classic. This skill invalidates crowd control classes and no one skill should invalidate the reason people play this game. This mistake was made on retail in the form of brilliant purge which broke debuff dependent classes and turned the game from one of control/skill to "who has ebayed the hardest for the shiny red bow/staff". On EU Classic pvp becomes essentially Song/Dance -> gank with party debuff immunity -> pr -> wait 5 mins -> repeat. The debuff immunity needs to be pve only, or significantly shorte
  10. If you are 56 it is something we would consider as well, please drop me a line here on the boards or in game mail to Dreadnought.
  11. Yeah, im a warlord and current state without othel rune in game I am not doing auto attack aoe, just skills. When they add the update for runes I will have haste2 with pots.
  12. So basically there will be bunches of them with the new update. Glad we didnt get that haste spellbook.
  13. Are these posted anywhere? I recall by various laws rates for loot boxes need to be disclosed.
  14. Aoe Stigma + provoke stack and let the WL do considerable damage.
  15. Gladiator is not that good. For PvE detect weakness was nerfed pretty bad, on retail it gave 30% Damage vs. the specified race. Now it gives 5%. Duelist Spirit used to give 12% Attack speed and 10% pvp damage on retail, now it only gives attack speed. On retail before the move to momentum, Gladiator force could give +179% damage boost on energy skills. This was nerfed to +30% with the change to momentum in GoD. On classic it uses the momentum mechanic and the most you can increase your damage by is 30%. The most convincing gladiator build I have run into doesnt use dual
  16. Active group of players looking for an Elven Elder level 58 or higher. We play between 10:30p and 2:30am EST (GMT -5) every day. Must be able to understand and speak English, and have a microphone for use with TeamSpeak / Discord. Send me a pm here on the boards, or in game mail to Dreadnought.
  17. Active group of players looking for a Necro level 54-55 or higher. We play between 10:30p and 2:30am EST (GMT -5) every day. Must be able to understand and speak English, and have a microphone for use with TeamSpeak / Discord. Send me a pm here on the boards, or in game mail to Dreadnought.
  18. No its a mediocre aoe dps As mentioned they are good in small scale .. and the game right now IS SMALL SCALE. One more organized pvp happens and sieges, they will drop off sharply.
  19. Gladiator contributes nothing to a group until 43, when it gets the melee momentum AoE. At that point you can boost party XP with overhits. Gladiator got good QoL improvements adding a Stun on Sonic Blaster, and the dual sword UE. They are essentially a convincing small scale dps unit who with a blunt can run the rotation: Blaster (Stun) Fatal Strike (Dps) Hammer Crush (Stun) over and over keeping 1 target suppressed. This becomes less useful in pvp as the game will progress and pvp gets larger. Wariors in general were nerfed when they
  20. Warlord is great, the classic QoL improvements to the class were very needed. Getting to be a warlord is hard though, you are : #1 useless from 1-39 #2 useless without a polearm #3 useless without a recharger Most people dont have the mental fortitude to deal with those 3 things, or the fact that the Human Warrior kit is worthless.
  21. Evoria, if I understand this correctly you are concerned that Flame Strike does not make you flag when it goes off near a flagged player. This is annoying but a temporary problem, flame strike is obsoleted 40+ and those 40+ AoE's do indeed make you flag when you use them. There are ways of dealing with these kind of jerkfaces, group with an SpS with Ice Dagger and a WC/OL with Madness. Ice Dagger will keep their HP low and madness will switch the mob on them for a quick kill.
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