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  1. khavatari vrs titan 103 all bloody, what is better?

    let me re ask again , i was reading the old forum even and people always start like but sos , the sos i have no sos and no posibility to have one, i do have self pom i will change in red libra to tyr , i have this especific gear and i will like to know what can do a better over all dps and burst dps titan or khavatari 103 , looking up to soloing maybe gc lower and small party af light set +8 ( i cant aford the +10, atm im wearing +10 heavy coz the main, but i can aford to buy a +8 bloody i hope opal + 4 ruby + 4 , seven signs, abun 1 , venir 14, longing , gc talis +10 ,str +15 dyes, anakim holy barrier ( 650 elemental attack with paagrio) bloody + 12 3 sa tyr 15% crit damage aug giant aug crit dam 15% 5 min cloack elmore +10 aug 4% pve dam rare acc pack +5 noble circlet autority atm im iss spectral dancer able to do k99 solo , but i feel that im wasting gear and maybe i can do better as tyr opinion?
  2. Tyrr Duelist Setup - Help

    raw reality but is true, i try to talk to clannies subjets like this, they choose expensive classes with zero budget , then they hit the wall at 101 , sometimes someone say something like hey dont be like that let him play the class that he like , let him be dagger for example, is like in life you choose to be a philosopher, that for rich people brah
  3. Best iss main at 103, heavy armor, able to farm

    im sorry i dnt update my post , first of all i stay bd and was the best decision, after that i try hiero again, to realize that for example in shinedust quest hiero hit 40% less to the mobs , i cant get used to it anymore , i dont have a dd so i was looking to be able to make my quest and factions , i was used to the idea of the easy hiero, one toogle, 2 buttons of debuff and thats it! nothing more , and in bd now im used to the rush then debuff, and that active the aoe debuff, bd aoe debuff land i guess 100% dont matter how many mobs you have so is fine, i was just lazy i have to mention that i have another iss to give me pom , from the times when i was a dual titan , im main tank so im a heavy armor iss (bloody) and if i get in a difficult area i use the 1h 3p sword and shield to supporting , + 5 str ,dual bloody +12 3 sa tyr, elmore cloak +10 jewells +3 and the regular talis , my box iss is a hiero +4 hp hp weapond +4 r99 set, boxing the iss i can do solo k99 in 10 min now , and kill the shinedust in 3 hits , im trying to get a little more elemental attack to try solo lower , is not easy and more to a iss yes a iss able to farm is possible, bd is the best class for it , but dont work on box , no it will not do the same damage of a titan , but you are a dd that heal yourself, ress, have pr and find easy party, people dont have the concept of a active damage iss because most of the iss have +4 weapond, go look how a dd with that weapond do my post is to incentive more people to play support, and for those tanks that dont wanna spend in a second armor
  4. looking ahead red libra, and i would like to know the opinion of good titan or khavataris about dps and burst damage , considering that there will be no sos , please dont say evis, archer, im talking about a existing char with a bloody weapond +12 3 sa tyr aug 15% critical damage, a elmore cloack +10 4% pve damage, and the noble tiara +5 , so there are limited options : iss bd, khava , titan i guess

    go home sasy you are drunk
  6. Scammer

    sound like those lottery ticket scam on the train station, i read bs of people complaining about drop scam etc, but this is real scam like the one you see on the streets
  7. Giant's Energy from L2 Store

    yes it is, remember you have to pay it in hero coints , no in nc coints
  8. [Salvation] Abilities for ISS and SA (Weapon)?

    use hp hp from 85 to 99 and knight ap hp defense and this:Dominator gets Excellent Shield + Sword, although it uses dual Blunt / sword as well as the Doomcryer. The Doomcryer is inclined to use Dual blunt / sword! The advantage of Dua is to have two 'S.A' in it, while shield releases only one S.A. is not like that, all the weaponds have 2 sa , duals or 1h , 1h is slower and less damage , but you have equipped a shield, it give armor p def so you will handle more damage, duals hit faster, and have more damage , but at the beginning no one will ask you to make damage , it is your main? for a main iss you will need a friend to play to make the damage, if is a box you know already that you will do the farming etc , whatever if you like dominator at the fist 85 iss class , i will do doomcryer fist and change to domi later , but is chef choice

    man you still pushing this, you dont have clear that pk is a game mechanic, i feel that you are trying to sabotage your clan more that helping, if he's pk kill him, game.mechanics say he will drop expensive gear , you can get your friends to help you but here , this post have no sense
  10. Fishing/Level/Gear

    dont try to lvl up too fast to 103, 101 tanking is like first day of school of farming tanking and big room control , you will have plenty of invitations dont worry for tank leveling , get a nice shield, remember some rates of tanking depend of shield , nice m def jewells, forget b.zaken if you dont have dragon jewells use istina , octavis special coc earings etc, to inprove your m def get the anakim for p def , your dyes con, diamond, pearl and tanzanite, you have a lot of things to buy
  11. Best iss main at 103, heavy armor, able to farm

    day 8 : the dam spectral dancer experiment has fail: yes party members with warrior lvl 2 debuff his target but ia not enough in a big farm group if the aoe debuff were activate after hit the two single debuff could work but it not hapend you have to use, let it cool down and re use it and the bd have soo much damage that your target could be dead at the time you have use of the aoe debuff , it is activated just a couple seconds , you mostly dont have time to get activated with another mob , you mostly dont have time to use angel touch on healer because you are worry to not miss the dam activation of the aoe skill, and the time that it is not activated is a waste of damage in aoe everything nice with the single damage, is a beast yesterday i was compiting doing ks of mobs to diferent people in in gc included evis +12 weapond ,and i end up wining the drop, as iss it is great , but is a fail iss with a party of farming in a large scale it has so much damage that i kill the mob ( af or more) before activate triad state most of the time, and anyway it taken 2 rounds of single skill you have a nice idea ncsoft, coul be great if it get activated after use one time both of the single skills , but now as it is i will not recomend it
  12. Chat Ban ???

    yeah i see you spamming that but was no one you were like just using the refresh time of the world chat with the same thing or i dont remember if you have a macro in heine with orange chat honestly i dont remember which, the one i remember was Thursday.. so i guess you still spaming the same thing... you should to know the time required betwen macro chats to not have chatban anyway there is not gms on weekends , let it run
  13. Best iss main at 103, heavy armor, able to farm

    now warrior lvl 2 , everything fine , awesome buff , party is runing faster except i would say, triad state, i mean party dont notice it and i do some kind of emergent debuff : spectral slash 100+ power added to p attack , and decrease p def m def 50% for 10 secs i apply this debuff all the time,ok but warrior lvl 2 give chance to apply spectral slash to targets so whoever have my warrior lvl 2 apply this debuff, yes less than the iss but happend so the warriors on my party debuff too and this is my point for triad state i have to use my two single debuff and after, my two area debuff are activated but take around five seconds , at that time i can area debuff , not like hierophant that i activate my toogle and presto, area debuffs, but if the debuff dont land you have to wait for skill reuse.. bd is diferent, a bunch of skills, chance powerfull debuff , other warrior debuffing coz my warrior lvl 2.. but aoe debuff take 5 seconds to charge* definitive not for half afk watching tv iss, macro iss but i will recomend spectral dancer to those ISS ACTIVES aiming to do soloing or iss doing damage , is worth it but require sacrifice, here is my opinion ty guys .
  14. Best iss main at 103, heavy armor, able to farm

    i did the change yesterday, i pass from doing k99 duo in 35 min to 24, i have to try more to check but something is for sure, bd is hella more fun than hiero , i have more buff /debuff to interact btw for sure this is not for macro-box-just support and i have the chance to help more my clan stacking crippling+br+pom, i will keep you guys updated for sure, soon i will stack warrior lvl 2 to the formula
  15. What to Upgrade next?

    not to buy weapond* buy armor by parts and maybe a purple (im out I don't remember the name )cloak , i edit the post check it out take care buddy