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  1. it seams technical support team have a day off, or just ignore customers.... !?
  2. I have this errorcode=620 after this maintanence on full updated win 10 pro
  3. fully uninstalled game and made fresh install, nothing changed, same errorcode=620... and technical support not answering ticket already ~7h...
  4. nothing change for me, same action few min in game and error
  5. Same problem getting error code=620 after few mins in game, deleted system folder and made file check/restore, nothing changed... same on loptop. Cant play at all, event time is wasted already made ticket technical support with dxdiag and screen of error in game... but no one is answering
  6. Lucian's Bracelet event would be nice not all ppl have done them
  7. Iss barrier now sucks, better was before. And why the f* there was no information in patch notes about castle/fort talismans change? Why u chaged it w/o informing and deleted class talismans...?! salvation not so good as i expected.
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