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  1. The event news says that event open 3hrs in am & 3hrs in pm. Event was only open for 3mins. OOOOOOPS!!!!
  2. I am curious why noble ports removed with update. A lot of us old players (15 yrs) spent lots of time getting that perk. Please bring back!!! Thanks
  3. Where do you find these new skills too learn? They are NOT in learn skill tab so.....
  4. Rose essence remove from store?? oops, please restore thanks
  5. No mention of Classic fix for no candy dropping from monsters. I agree about event is too hard for non-top tier players.
  6. Hi All Lineage 2 Classic is 15 dollars a month period !!!! NOT P2W:((((((()
  7. Tersi's up for 9hrs now after ????? Sure would be nice customer compensation !!!
  8. Purchasing freya bags is only lvl 85-99????? So 100 ++++ can't purchase bags??????
  9. I have question about faction Talisman. Once we get our tali lvl10, the crystals just take up warehouse space. My question is: Will the faction Talisman be able too lvl more with next update or at all?? Otherwise we can delete the crystals from our warehouse? Thanks all
  10. Gandlf

    porting fee

    Maybe NC did that for wynn's but on LVL40 sub too pay for ports. Confirmed!!!!
  11. I need to report a bug about teleport fees for dual class. I was in bloody swampland with 2 toons (camelred & Stoutman) lvling. Both toons playing Dual Class. I finished lvling & soe'd out to dark elven.I went to teleport with both toons & saw that it will COST me port fees:/ for both. Camelred is 85 on main & dual class, but dual pays for ports:( Stoutman is 85 on main & 78 on dual & the dual had too pay for ports:( I tested this on another toon (LowriderHD). The toon is 85 main & 78 dual. The dual had too pay for ports but not main. I had a friend also test
  12. WOW!!! as usual the catch/lost ratio is way too high
  13. Usual maintenance day=extended:( good game
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