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  1. Well, that part is really wrong. When people that spend a little or not at all quit sooner or later after that will quit and the big whales, cause there will be no players which they can kill, abuse etc. with their pay to win geared toons. Cause big whales are just 2-3% of the player base and the majority of that base are the people trying to play for free or trying to play the game without spending too much real cash. So, yes, people that does not spend matter, A LOT.
  2. Suggesting things that you do not even tested is really helpful, not.
  3. Broken for 99% of the player base. Is so cool is not for you.
  4. We did not. There is no joy in a broken game.
  5. Welcome to the world of Lineage II. Now it seems that you have learned some of the game basics, afraid not, there is much more to learn. Good luck
  6. What we need is a server for all pay to win noobs to go in there and try their own medicine. And leave all people which are not spending at least $500-1000 per every event and in general with less than $1000 spent on their toon to play together and at least try to have some fun in this game like it was before.
  7. The KEY word here is > WAS <. It really was when there was still a PvP in this game. Or you want to tell me that I need to invest $50k+ to be able to TRY to farm some raids? EPIC FAIL.
  8. Game is dead, especially on Freya. There is no one left to vote.
  9. Crying and sending ticket to get items back while dropped them being a PK is pathetic.
  10. I think and some people also telling the same that there is a relation/connection about how many people are logged currently on the server and the successful OE, augmenting and in general everything based on luck or/and korean random. My guess is that there is a formula/script based on total players logged on. Of course it is just a guess, rumor, etc. Could be true, not or partly true
  11. It is not the problem that the topic was archived. As already mentioned that is what they are doing every week. Problem is that I think I did not read any official answer to what people are complaining for except the bans and locking topics. Like players are non existent or at least the ones that did not paid like money for 2 mansions and 5 cars.
  12. This kind of topic(s) and things were discussed so many times during the past few years. Guess what happened? What changed? N O T H I N G There is just no hope left anymore. They do not care about what players are thinking, suggesting, try to discuss etc. Yes, we can get tons of promises, empty ones. We already experienced and this one not just once. Game over
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