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  1. Is Olympiad

    what do you mean class based ? This is last weekend of oly
  2. lol the "cake" event is the best way to screw the server even more.. +16 and 15 B and A weapons???? lmao, and +10 armor? That game damaging,..
  3. Waiting for the real patch notes !
  4. Weapon Augmentation Questions

    1. NO 2. Yes 3. No 4.NO 5.NO
  5. I have searched the forums and could not find any past patch notes about evasion, or if there is any future patch notes on fixing evasion.. As of now, light armor evasion is broke. I see daggers in heavy armor with shields, if that does not tell you something is wrong then iddkkkkk.. Any update on this ?
  6. I made a new account to level up a mage, I was only in contact with my other accounts and friends characters (In game) I leveled from 1-18 one day then 18-27 next couple of days then I get the account locked “message” when trying to log in one morning ... I Email them and in reply I get this “associated with exploitative accounts”- I have replied 3 times after this and they will still not provide me with any more information . I can not get over the fact they wil not provide me with anything else ... I even explained I was with friends and my other accounts “characters” and no one else got banned..