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  1. Cursed swords profit or....

    They should remove that you drop the sword if the chest is destroyed in the last 30 minutes when the chest becomes open for attack. Otherwise its impossible for scrubs like me to defend it vs the visa players of MS. I can survive 1v1 with them when i have the sword but defending the chest on my own or my clannies the last 30min vs MS? Impossible mate. I was looking forward to the new demonic swords but that last 30min is a real setback. U should only lose the sword if ur afk or too much in town like it already is. But try defending that sword in the last 30min vs MS lol
  2. Cursed Weapons Bugged

    DO you wanna know how i know that you did not read the patchnotes fully regarding tthe demonic swords??
  3. Dim siege and the big boy !

    people still go to dim siege? are MS and Dragonhunters still holding hands in dim siege? Does MAX go to dim siege again? or sitll not?

    real pathetic response. For those saying join MS / NOVA/ SUNSHINE or whatever. I already told u , i already am in one of these bigger clans. Servers all full of boxes. Only those with CP do not see the problem

    I fully agree with you here. after i made my post inwent to check online numbers and was surprised , 3k+ online. Though my troubles with making exp parties have only increased. to make it worse im in a big clan in chronos, i cant imagine whats it like for the smaller ones

    Time to merge them. ITs taking me hours to even get a daily party started. Always missing some support class. For those in a CP etc this is not a problem but for the majority who are not, this is a huge issue. U login game open party room for an hour only to close and accept defeat. Log off and wasted another hour trying to play game lol. Didnt use to be like this in chronos now its unbearable
  7. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 29, 2018

    sooo, the dragons weps are stage 1? or are they fragments? At the rate you are giving out top content from this game got me a lil worried, are u planning to close the servers soon?
  8. NCWest XP Requirements

    agreed with draecke feels like we get scr3wed over again
  9. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    this does not say anyhting. When will we get the patch notes? Will the update even be done tomorrow?
  10. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    so i guess they are not coming today either
  11. Dimensional siege is dead

    i am only suggest that they change it............... it has gone on for long enough. Almost nobody goes there and those who do go die of boredom.
  12. Being fair and not taking sides

    Do not change the subject. Nobody pressured anybody. The service that Truffle got was simply unfair to the rest of the server. Seriously why are people from NOVA and MS so far up their top players backsides that they cannot see the light coming out anymore?
  13. Being fair and not taking sides

    stop your lies and go quit with truffle already. This is seriously pathetic looking. No other word comes to mind when describing this. The comparison is false from every angle.
  14. Being fair and not taking sides

    This is absolutely pathetic. MP regen in castle's is not a bug, its an overpowered feature that should be changed by the DEVS in korea. This is not something that NCwest can do even if they wanted to do. Your comparison of MPregen to truffle getting his fist downgraded is a tottaly false one. Getting his fist downgraded is rollback service they say they normally do not give, while MPregen is a game feature albeit an overpowered one BUT NOT A BUG.
  15. Conguero, Neutron

    None gives a damn, if they close servers, i hardly spent anything on this game. stop thinking ur super important or skilled because you spend a fortune on a dying game. if ncwest closes there are a hundred different platforms i can play this game on lol. Seriously hardly anything changed for most players. We just move on, while whales are regretting the fortune they dropped on the game. KEEPING A GAME ALIVE SHOULD NEVER EVER BE A CONCERN OF THE PLAYERS. If it is, perhaps you need a break