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  1. On Chronos the cursed weapons are bugged. Should be 5 billion adena for winning the swords at the end of the time. However they are stacking right now and 15 billion for the sword and 10 billion for the dual swords. The adena is supposed to reset every day. However this is not happening.
  2. On the classic severs I see an increase in racist and demeaning shouts. Avoiding chat filter, local terms, and racist remarks are happening on a daily basis. I hope to see some policing of this issue. As it appears these occurrences are more frequent than not.
  3. Im not shocked by this. Few of my friends have randomly got banned that played for over 6 years
  4. I never botted. Never ebayed. Never used a chat. 17 people banned and out of that I know 11 were legit. That's a problem there.
  5. This has been happening on classic sever a lot also. I think support team doesnt know what their doing and jacking stuff up.
  6. Looks like another false ban and them covering their asses
  7. I guess you didn't read the post mixa. Please reread it
  8. Many people on talking island have been banned or perm locked accounts. At first I though just a group of people who got caught botting QQing. After hearing others who never botted, ebayed adena, or account shared getting banned left and right I think something is seriously wrong with the Bot Protection Program Lineage is running. This new program has been nothing but a mess for most people. Yet, all the bot trains in cruma tower are still there. Someone made a post about Mass banning is the new EVENT. Sad part is I believe them. 17 friends accounts banned in the past 2 weeks. Ou
  9. Mage CP LF active VIP 4 Mages (Sorc and Necro). Play times are 5pm central to 10 PM or later. Send me a mail on forums for more info.
  10. Mage CP planning to play on Talking Island is currently looking for active EE and Sorc. Play times range from 6 PM eastern to midnight or later. Send me a message if interested.
  11. Looks fun. You can tell they made people butthurt by how they reply here.
  12. Please close this. Going to join the Russian zerg
  13. I cant believe you are saying this. 90% of MS does this non stop. Its how you finally got Aden.
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