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  1. subj, impossible to add/remove anything. two bleep weeks, it is shameful.
  2. NCLauncher 2

    took almost 1h in early morning to understand that all u need is set "NA" region both in launcher and acc info and everything will be fine (no redownloads of client, 3+boxes goes fine) but new launcher is quite slower than previous verse, somewhere around +8-10 sec to set box try it without any ncwest l2 on
  3. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Hello there, faced the same problem here, found kinda "solution", works only with dynamic IP's, reset ur connection, get new IP, try to log in, was succeed after 2nd time, its not 100% guaranteed, but log in is possible much faster (before this hint tried for couple of hours without any proceeds further than server selection).
  4. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    Rogue isnt a class which can be correctly counted-up in damage done to a target, just because it has ALOT options to increase it momentarily, it looks like a lightning sorceress in Diablo 2 Ur hit diapasone is splitted between the lowest and highest possible damage to a target, heartbreaker triggers +30% rear damage, quite not bad boost, eh? among with cw - its 65, with easterly wind (wind rider) - more, activated self for crt damage and damage to flanks/rears adds additional amount of gap, which can increase ur damage. Its not so hard to try to do some calculates, how do I explain this: u landing a normal hit for 5k, critical - for 10 in normal condition, crt damage and additional bonuses increasing that multiplier in same way, ur still doing x2 damage, but, according to ur boosts in skill damage+patk+crt damage u have bigger gap to make more damage (meant 10k +, lets say 30-60-90% crt damage that triggers and applies) and pretty often rogue does damage in round of 40-60% additionally, within those boosts cap. And I have a part of this to a guy, who told that normal accuracy doesnt affects stabs.. I have a bad news for ya:) it does, we have specific skills, it can be missed normally, and its ok, rogue has lowest accuracy basicly because of shaper/dualdaggers has lowest among all weapons, BUT, it was some time when I used a hat with dex+acc, and rogue has ~255 or 260 accuracy. I want to admite that was weird, when lv102 wind rider vs some 104-105 char at olympiad missed rarely. em, almost no damn misses. it was like 4/5, 5/5 stabs with damage upon target, but, i must to say it, i have whole dex build, at oly its around 95 without lindi earring, smt like 112 str (poor-poor elven str-base..)
  5. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    DEX doesnt amplifies damage, it increases p.skill crit rate, adding speeds/evasion STR build using mostly for higher skill mastery trigger, which depends on users STR, another meaning for skill spam and double buff durations (pretty good when some nice skill appears for 20 sec, not 10) In the end between two of those u have a choice, ur fine with ur skill mastery trigger rate and u want to see critical stabs, or ur taking str and getting bit slower, but in a melee-contact its became quite fine:) According to my tests, any of those are useful in pvp and pve, its only about what effect u want to see
  6. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    special pve r99 for marks of battle is cheapest one(gives +6% pve skill damage), or free belt with +2%-2% for 30-day rift quest, subs: pdef-mdef, mb guidance to be more accurate with stabs, patk, as option. dual - that easy, ur gaining hp boost 24% or taking +27% skill power trigger
  7. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    we're speaking about pve-build, oookay. dyes are - dex+luc, not so expensive these days (saw those for 135m/each) = maximizing in pskill crt rate, useful, also LUC will increase ur halfkill rate as well(for a bit, but still) jewels: stun+crt dmg including, as soul ant, soul baium/mb wyrm/mb octa warrior (depends on ur pocket), earrings are anthy/bzaq/coc superior one(40%), neckl - frinty is fine, too cheap these days, not a problem talismans/belts/other accessories: try to get longing, if u dont have a round break with DEX like (80-90) - use venir for extra-stat above, 6% pve dmg belt is quite fine, used it - not so bad as it can be:) but ch belts/monkey will make it bit better, hair - dex+pdef, shirt - waah, its a hard choice between crappy isti/octa or +7+ elemental shirt, bracelet - there's no "one and only" option, check infos about it and pick which one u need to correct or improve urself weaponry: kelbims are sucks, fine, but +12 apocalypse 2sa will be better for sure, has been tested by myself, if u have eva's rune and u can provide a stable skill-spam - use 1h dagger, it has x2 crt dmg modifier in base, when dualdaggers has just 1.5, remember, melee-rogue is not about patk, u can kill with crystaldagger as well, so.. try out and find ur perfect way to pve comfortably
  8. 1. Ukraine 2. Othell Wind Rider/ Yul Ghost Sentinel 104/102 3. Ukrainian private x2 at C1 in 2004 in alkar.net (dead long time ago); incarnated in bartz at 2007 as JimmyParrot, quit at 2008, reincarnated at naia with CriticalCapacity in 2012, later in 2013 another reincarnation as SpineCrusher and "show must go on" 4. 104/102 5. Summary it is around 1.5 years break, year for relax, and a half-year above when ArcheAge comes up, dissapointed hard, quit, back into Lineage
  9. DH clan were and still are BOTS !!!

    barbie-girls in a barbie-world, life in plastic, its fantastic!..// what did i want to say with that, u dont know any dh-statement, dont know our rules, etc, u'r truly believers that anyone among us is cheater and probably eating babies for lunch etc, i dont see any obvious reason to prove u wrong, it could be stupid, so.. play ur "opposition", scream a sht, and still keep on the engine works, it could empowers u to be an opposition on and on
  10. DH clan were and still are BOTS !!!

    runiasty complaining for everything, and was involved with 3rd party software as well for years, justice for all?))