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  1. Baium....with bloody fabrics pre-quest and no noble port. Running all the way up from floor 1, fighting through the mobs...and being rewarded with an epic drop. But now NC is not granting us this kind of content anymore. People must insert coin do get random items.
  2. get rid of inventory restrictions entirely. it's a dead feature, like crit rate. even exalted toons not having paid a single dollar are maxed. or rework them somehow to be a real feature again. but don't leave it as is. it's just pain. just daily pain. nothing else
  3. thanks for correcting me. you are a good man. luckily we have you and you spend your life time to make very good comments in every single topic even without being asked. so nice!
  4. and while we are on it... @Juji@Hime please fix the collection not working after switching classes bug as well
  5. until yesterday weight was not considered in switching class. now it is....useless. just useless restriction only introducing pain in the game flow
  6. @Hime@Juji can you finally fix the inventory bug plz! I have 150-180 slots on both main and dual class and need to go down to below 90 items to be able to switch. And you bring one inventory spam event after another. It's so ANNOYING for all the years already!
  7. The first thing I do in the morning is reading the daily disconnect report aka reading clan chat about who got d/c during night. I find that many people suffer from random disconnects. Not by lag and then dieing. Just disconnect. And not even consistently on all clients. It's just random. This is pretty annoying for a game which is designed for people to stay online 24x7 in party. If single persons die, they loose hours of xp, that's bad enough already. But if 1 or 2 key players in the party get disconnect, the whole party is dieing.
  8. Getting disconnect like twice per week now where it was once in 2 months before the server migration. Randomly on 1, 2 or all 3 accounts. Not lagging, dieing and then getting disconnected after 1 hour - just disconnecting with no obvious cause.
  9. Sounds nice! So if my existing augments make up for 14% pskill crit rate, I now really get that effect from what I understand. Thanks!
  10. Effect to match the description or the other way around? I hope the first....
  11. @Jujiany update on this? Is there a bug and if so, when do we get the patch ?
  12. As I said, all augment effects are listed in my passives. But from my past experiences with L2, I don't have trust that it means what it suggests. So still I would like a comment about skill crit rate
  13. I see the augment effects listed on passive skills. I also have one XP augment and it gives more xp when the accessory is equipped, so that all fits my expectations. But in particularly I heard the skill crit augments don't properly work. It's hard to measure if a skill crit rate augment works or not.....
  14. I heared accessory augments are not working, or at least the effect is not what the description says. @Juji Can we please get a clarification on this? I expect and accept nothing other than to get the effect as per description. Because we gamble until the description contains the desired effect.
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