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  1. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    > Fixed an issue where players could intentionally grief auto-hunting players into chaotic status to force them to drop items. Note: They didn't say it will be impossible to make players in afk macro PK someone. I personally doubt they are able to identify and fix all the related bugs. Let's see how long it takes for the first emergency downtime, and then until they remove this completely because it negatively influences their business ^^
  2. mail box

    Now I can open the mailbox again and also found the auction house mails with money. Deleted a bunch of old mails. But I'm not sure if NC did something or if just the oldest mails got deleted automatically since they expired the 14 days retention time...
  3. mail box

    No solution yet. They asked me to try /mailbox ... One week is over now. Curious if the billions from auction house will be gone in the end...
  4. mail box

    Yes I contacted them. I think I got a standard answer, didn't seem to fit to the actual problem. I should do file repair and come back with screenshots if the problem would persist lol. Instead of just checking the toon and seeing it is full of mails, deleting some and filing a bug for the dev team. But OK, did file repair (not surprisingly, didn't help) and sent a screenshot ...
  5. mail box

    the mail window can not be opened anymore. nothing happens if you click on it
  6. mail box

    The problem still persists. On a side ntoe: What if your mail box is full and someone is buying your stuff from acution house? Will mail and money be lost?
  7. Development Hell

    as long as people pay dollars for this game, NC has no reason to change anything. and i guess nc makes more money than ever since fafurion patch.
  8. Ether : Debunking new crafting system

    The devs are just the devs. The product owner is the one who did a bad job. I basically agree with all the mentioned points.
  9. I noticed that if the client is in the foreground, all is fine. On a 11 mob spot in FoS i kill the spawn instantly. But if it is in the background or minimized over night, the auto next target is VERY slow, like seconds. And I always have 5 or 6 mobs waiting to get killed. That sux. Is a big xp loss
  10. I don't get the elemental resist from "pure" effect on Lindvior and Blessed Valakas Antharas jewels...looks bugged. Also missing XP from exalted XP passive skill. Didn't find something about that in the patch notes
  11. Drop rate calculation bugged?

    Didn't get a single full drop since I created this topic either, no joke. Prestige and Destiny still up in the entire party. Maybe tomorrow after server restart it works again...and mana regen in FoS might work as well again. Used to work until server restart tonight. The operator probably forgot to execute some manual workarounds to reenable all the server settings from before...
  12. Drop rate calculation bugged?

    I should add that other clannies do get full drops regularly on the same hunting area. But a party with everyone having drop runes stacked doesn't get a single one for weeks - sounds like a hard implementation bug. But anyway - not buying the runes for drop rates. They are just a nice add (given they work...)
  13. Drop rate calculation bugged?

    I'm in FoS only
  14. I didn't get a single full drop for at least 2 weeks although my whole party has prestige and destiny running...is anyone else experiencing the same? Used to get a few drops per week before the patch, even without drop rate runes.