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  1. Eva's Hair Acc

    Skills from augment don't work in olympiad. Such as Eva's Exhilarate. is this going to be fixed or just the norm?
  2. Inventory Expansion Tickets

    Does anyone know how to get inventory expansion tickets now?
  3. Inventory Expansion Tickets

    Anyone know where you get the inventory expansion tickets from now? The fishing guild only says i can trade old tickets for new.
  4. Divine Inspiration Lv2

    I currently have Divine Inspiration Lv2. But can only receive one additional buff instead of two, normally i could have 22 buffs in total now it is only 21. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Lineage II Classic: Shadow of the Kamael Update Preview

    Weekly hero's in place of monthly, is this correct or a typo? Also regarding olympiad. Will you be able to buff outside olympiad prior to entry or is this only for the use of buff scrolls?
  6. Next events

    Event for Cloth Pieces would be fantastic!