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  1. The ice rose event from the letters gonna be deleted too? isnt on the list but have that pig icon.... @Hime@Juji
  2. random client disconnect

    to me was fixed the thursday after maintenance.
  3. random client disconnect

    to me is an random client of six i have (x2 PC x3 clients) sometimes 2 of the same computer sometimes 1 and 1, sometimes only 1 client. and its start to happen again today after maintenance.
  4. random client disconnect

    today is happen again! its back the random client dc
  5. event beer doesnt gives VP

    nvm after the buff was gonne i use again and work. maybe is cos sometimes event gives an diferent beer and i use that 1st for clean the slot on the inventory.
  6. after use that error appears but i have 999 limit for use vp items... i try on other toons and work. try relog too and still the same, yesterday reset and still the same.
  7. im getting Random clients disconnect every 1h-2h, not all disconnect only some, and from diferent PC. that happens after the last maintenance of 18/09. any else with the same problem?
  8. vip system like classic coming to live?
  9. isnt a good option gives more clients to ppl and put a queue. and less mobs the solution is go back to 3-4 client per pc, remove the queue and restore de mobs.
  10. Client Performance Lost

    that option is for when u leave the client on background and doesnt lost fps. for the lag attacking, is an server side issue.
  11. Client Performance Lost

    uncheck optimize perfomance on video options.
  12. Lag issue when using macro [LOW-FPS]

    in video options uncheck improve peformance.
  13. Hi, sometimes (almost always the 1st try) when the loader open the game, the client close before the EULA agreement. after try again its open normal. but happens almost always il try open a new client.
  14. The red libra buff only last 1hour when he have to be 4hs... https://imgur.com/7WsCdsr
  15. thrones of heroes drop

    the drop of raids on thrones of heroes is ulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltra nerfed compared with before update, almost no drop from raids. before u get some runes bewr/bear and weapons/armor crafting packs, now maybe on 4th boss u get 1 soul crystal lvl 5...