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  1. unplayable if u run with a macro on, u pulled back all time, cant run. attack lag is bigger than 2maintenance before.
  2. idk, looks so hard for them, make a melee class any 1500attack speed and attack a dummy. when they are only online in server, and after try again when server is up few hours/weeks?. is like they dont know what are we talking about.
  3. chronos melee attack is so slow, working like the server is up for 1week... and only have 5hs up.
  4. i confirm the melee lag still here, and with only few hours of server up. @Hime @Juji
  5. @Juji@Hime both server downs Naia and Chronos
  6. melee lag is same bad like before again.
  7. after yesterday maintenance the attack lag become alot worst... we are in thursday and attack lag is terrible i dont wanna know how it will work after wekeend.....
  8. log and play a tyr or evis and u will know what i talking about, need to wait close to 48hs with this attack lag.... when u can made 1 restart and server run more fresh those hours.
  9. @Jujione restart will come pretty good now... is laging really bad the attack. so game will run a little more smooth till maintenance the wednesday.
  10. think the attack lag is worst than before restart the server today.
  11. is thursday and the attack lag make the game for normal hit based toons unplayable... i dont wanna know how it will run on weekend or next tuesday....
  12. the augment of my weapon was +30% pull rate... after nc merge pull to confusion, they change it to confusion my augment. now they remove the pull from confusion but my augment still con confusion.... so nc screwed my augment...
  13. insist 1400% is too much.. max had to be 100%-200% (x2 or x3.... sound fair.. x14 is madness)
  14. the problem of the exp is they add so many boost u can go like 1400% ... so is totally madnes somone who cant cost it vs one who used all 100% of time. they should go max 100%+- cos when they put exp event of base is not just 100% exp is 100% x 1400%... extra in the best of cases.
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