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  1. [News] Golden Compass Event

    not only that 1 run complete = 60marks so.. if u want a bracelet more than +3 u need to buy the pass every day...
  2. [News] Golden Compass Event

    so u have to play 12years for a bear/ear/bewr/ewr? where u have trillons for gear for a drop of 75m max? and only warriors classes or extrem top gear support/feoh can done it its fair to u?
  3. [News] Golden Compass Event

    i feel the sacarsm but i just answer for who didnt notice it:p sure with the attack speed of a feoh, and he hiting u a lot even with better than average items. u just need nuke him for perma stun him.
  4. [News] Golden Compass Event

    if ncsoft want the full geared ppl got a challenge and lowies can do it too, just cap the dmg on bosses like kain on defense have... u can do the same on field raidboss for those ppl who two shoot bosses.. and the barrier useless.. another thing in event boss they start with shield on 100hits/150hits they represent like the half mana from a feoh.
  5. [News] Golden Compass Event

    i did with feoh reach the last boss, and the boss hit too much, i eat all my mana hiting/defending, and now server down and cant kill it in time... no words. mental note... no play wed after maintenance.
  6. its a bug u just need remake the party
  7. we lost the defence of keucerus base cos no time left after maintenance any fix for that? we cant go to gracia continent @Hime@Juji
  8. helios and etina keep hiting on animation

    up, again yesterday all the melees members die....
  9. when animation start we are all full life, animation ends and some members if they are not strong enough they die during animation. put it to cancel animation (ofc u dont do it cos they are for eat our remaining skills...) or fix it, today etina kill all the party except tank during animation.
  10. Game Opens to an Exit Button

    take your pc to a friend house or neightboor and if sucess login its your connection, if not, u know its your pc and go and format
  11. Where are belts/shirts R grade

    no more R belts. Only r99, u can buy lower grades if u have some lvl in your main/dual class at talking island raina npc, or u can do the rift 30days at lvl 95 u can get the commando belt, and the quests of adventure guild faction at aden give you one shirt. Or buy ekimus/monkey/etc they are R grade and istina/octavis shirt they are R grade too but they cost u some billons the belt and some millons the shirts
  12. What class for beginner - mainly PVE?

    nice resurrection of an 7month old thread, guess the guy is already 105! And always start playing some support for f2p ppl ofc
  13. after remove the gameguard i have some randoms dc like when i open the inventory, open the auctioner house, check linked items and sometimes after log only the map load and dc (not even load my toon). i already asked in my clan and to some happens too, any info about for fix it?