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  1. 16th Anniversary Coin exchange

    i think they remove some prizes or put that cap on the dices... and u have to spent 5 of 8 for reset the board....
  2. remember fix this bugs on titans having berzeker and frenzy when only had to have frenzy in this current version...
  3. @Juji@Hime lag looks like is gonne atm, but we have attack lag, not worse as before but still not the same attack speed like when server just go up after maintenance what is the trully 1500 attack speed on melees.
  4. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    so the atlas enchant wont be selled for mentee marks?
  5. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    @Juji why the table with the price of mentee coins for roses / dragon pots / scrolls was removed from the patchnotes? they arent part of the update or just want to hide that content?
  6. no official announce about what NCSOFT gonna do with the destiny pack? @Hime @Juji@Cyan
  7. ye just the detail they forgot to disable gift when they put it, (they disable it later) so some bought more than 1 with diferents accounts.
  8. well if they dont give more destiny pack il claim the refound of my money cos was the only reason for buy the ncoins. and they arrive like 5-6hours laters.
  9. The ice rose event from the letters gonna be deleted too? isnt on the list but have that pig icon.... @Hime@Juji
  10. random client disconnect

    to me was fixed the thursday after maintenance.
  11. random client disconnect

    to me is an random client of six i have (x2 PC x3 clients) sometimes 2 of the same computer sometimes 1 and 1, sometimes only 1 client. and its start to happen again today after maintenance.
  12. random client disconnect

    today is happen again! its back the random client dc
  13. event beer doesnt gives VP

    nvm after the buff was gonne i use again and work. maybe is cos sometimes event gives an diferent beer and i use that 1st for clean the slot on the inventory.