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  1. hi i was doing that quest and cant take reward, already reloged/empty my inv. screenshot for conforimed i done it, when i click and my reward... nothing happens. https://imgur.com/a/QwECglX
  2. thats not an dev decision... thats a sales/business oness
  3. Mystic Tavern: Kain

    the mobs with sleep lvl1 u have to kill, if u wanna skip kill all, just kill the mob with sleep lvl 1 from the last line.
  4. Keucereus base defense bug

    for the silence looks like no one will be able to finish the exhalted quest till now
  5. Keucerus Base buged

    if they think its an xploit take care of the punishment
  6. Keucerus Base buged

    its not a feature. Its not gainak. You can enter in combat cos in other case u cant aoe, like in any city. that is an unwanted scenario from designers they didnt know there a douchebag/trolls arround. so we can call it an xploit.
  7. Keucerus Base buged

    8min of base defense running and we lost again? WTF fix this
  8. i know the post had to be on bugs section but its looks like nobody read it. Due the unscheluded maintenance of the last thursday in chronos we lose the defense of keucerus base. I post it and nobody answer me. Now the port to base its open again but if u go with a toon without clan hall or an special scroll of scape u are traped cos no one port u back to aden continent.
  9. [News] Golden Compass Event

    not only that 1 run complete = 60marks so.. if u want a bracelet more than +3 u need to buy the pass every day...
  10. [News] Golden Compass Event

    so u have to play 12years for a bear/ear/bewr/ewr? where u have trillons for gear for a drop of 75m max? and only warriors classes or extrem top gear support/feoh can done it its fair to u?
  11. [News] Golden Compass Event

    i feel the sacarsm but i just answer for who didnt notice it:p sure with the attack speed of a feoh, and he hiting u a lot even with better than average items. u just need nuke him for perma stun him.
  12. [News] Golden Compass Event

    if ncsoft want the full geared ppl got a challenge and lowies can do it too, just cap the dmg on bosses like kain on defense have... u can do the same on field raidboss for those ppl who two shoot bosses.. and the barrier useless.. another thing in event boss they start with shield on 100hits/150hits they represent like the half mana from a feoh.
  13. [News] Golden Compass Event

    i did with feoh reach the last boss, and the boss hit too much, i eat all my mana hiting/defending, and now server down and cant kill it in time... no words. mental note... no play wed after maintenance.
  14. its a bug u just need remake the party
  15. we lost the defence of keucerus base cos no time left after maintenance any fix for that? we cant go to gracia continent @Hime@Juji