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  1. Script toons running the scripts used to exploit this event in other regions... 100% hit the cake and got the dialogue with fioti
  2. quite a few people leveled up when it went off Juji. You even realize that 3 weapons were distributed this morning?
  3. unless they messed something up... its real world time. just like the drawings for tickets were at same times
  4. Loosing xp on death is one of the things I loved most about L2, with classic bringing the 'hardcore' feel. XP on death brings drama and politics. Instead of people running round like loonatocs pvping whoever and whatever and increasing griefinng. Pvping and clan wars are not meant to be taken lightly, and the political drama that follows is something I enjoy most. How do you suppose pk system would work? Pk everyone and have a clannie kill it off ready to go again without loss? You are right with server state right now, very little PvP this is because there isn't much to fight ove
  5. This was always going to happen, nostalgic feeling wears off and people realise it's a grind. If you didn't foresee this happening then I don't know what to tell you. I for one always new launch numbers would last a month then settle out. I guess these issues we had at the start didn't help.
  6. Wow someone who is pro p2w ? yikes. Well let's try not destroy the server quite yet. Maybe once it's died in a year or two then go p2w for sure, do it now and 75% of people leave and you enjoy p2w you can spend all the money in the world and sit back to bask in your glory and power.... Alone hehexd
  7. Idk why you felt the need to share if you felt so strongly about it. What did your expect? Pleaaaaze don't go!!! ,? Go find softcore theme park mmo to max level in 1 week ? peace
  8. Hello everyone, forgive me if this has been highlighted in another thread but i couldn't find it. Level 55 to 56 is bugged. L2wiki classic states it takes 67.7m experience to level from 55-56 Source - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Character_Level However in-game, X1 1m experience scroll gives 0.80%. Now 100% ÷ 0.80% =125, that is 125m experience needed for level. This is almost double what is suggested on the l2wiki. It takes less exp to level 60-61. To my understanding this wiki is not official wiki for NA region. However, this experience chart has
  9. Your response is appreciated. Curious to hear the reasoning behind " Of course what works from other free to play regions doesn't necessarily mean it works for us here" Its not like each region is playing a completely different game? Or the game is being played by an entity other than humans? Adena and drop rates by principle should be the same in every region no? The way everyone plays the game in each region is generally the same? Just curious on why you think Adena scaling should be altered/reduced for NA? And why you think standardised Adena rates would be a n
  10. You all are asking for p2w to be added faster... Blows my mind honestly, just go play private x5000 server already. These changes suggested will kill classic and alot of people would quit.
  11. You would be very surprised the amount of success and money generated by L2 revolution, you would also be surprised about how massive mobile gaming is in Asians countries, it is massive everyone you see is playing some sort of mobile game... Its very sad but PC mmo genre is relatively small in 2018 So it comes as no surprise the future of mmo games developed by NC soft would be mobile.. it's sad times
  12. Working as intended. Welcome to L2 classic Could just be unlucky, theoretically you could farm until the end of time and never get it. Just luck. I farm outlaw forest and get atleast 1 or 2 blades an hour. How easy would you like NCSoft to make L2 Classic for you?
  13. It looks like there has been another ban wave, support team probably flooded with "I never used bot program in my life" kinds of tickets... Just Give it more time, unfortunately...
  14. It will be the amount of accounts created, same thing happened to me with just making 3 new accounts one after another. Put a ticket in 24hrs later all unblocked Create a support ticket and wait unfortunately... They will be unblocked if what your saying is true and never used 3rd party software Good luck ?
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