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  1. Wouldn't it be wonderful? Could any macro manage it?
  2. "The Secret of Venezuela"??

    A soon to be 59 PR Hunting the 53 lvl Roving souls in Cemetery. They now drop about 100 adena!! Wtf im supposed to do, it takes me 4-5 hits each meaning about 300 adena cost to kill one!!!!!!!!!
  3. On about 20 attempts, I mostly got 5 & 20 coins back, as well as 2 tablets. How about you guys? Anybody got something better? At how many approximate attempts?
  4. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    I'm so happy for this hardcore experience and i will spend my 20k daily very strategically. One day arrows the other day soulshots. When and if i reach top gear, any real life obstacle will seem a joke
  5. Aden quest , ai daily, sea of spores
  6. Now we will explore the beautiful world of l2 running 3 hours daily
  7. Good morning dear Gentlemen and Gentlegirls Reading the fellow well written posts, I'd like to share my story I am a 43 Phantom Ranger playing full solo on a +4 Reinforced Longbow It's P. atk is same as a low C's and a consumption of 2 ssd / hit making it cost 20 adena per hit. A monster of 3 levels lower than me takes 3 hits (60 adena) to fall , giving me a profit of about 100 adena per mob. I am totally satisfied right now and i adapted to NCSoft's "hardcore" experience. I also enjoy peoples tears that even with a box, grinding is not affordable, since they did not do the primary school calculation that mid/top C bows will consume 80-100 adena per hit. As for my future plans, I am going to continue enjoying the game for 5 more days that the teleports are free, and then just monitor the website for any teleport free events. or Gonna buy my 20 spoiler a Giant's hammer and grind for the main char's teleport money Thank you for reading, keep enjoying this <3
  8. WTF L2 Community show some respect The Classic servers are on fire with all these thousands of 9-box bots and need some cooling and maintenance! Thank you for your effort gms, we are all taking a healthy break and can't wait to continue farming
  9. The 30 day rune costs 50 euros which means vip 4
  10. Solved an issue where bots don't get enough adena
  11. WHAT on earth is going on?

    I die 5 times a day, and i use some super xp scrolls to forget this fact
  12. An Update on Greater Dyes

    Thank you for the update dear Juji, although i already gave this 250k fee for a +4 str One question please, I have a +4 STR dye, and manage to get that C armor with additional +4 STR... Will i get +8 total?? Thank you in advance
  13. Please to something about 70+ Varka silenos low adena drop
  15. Dye Help

    Im also a solo PR soon to reach 40 so im going forward to 3 times +STR -CON , will try mobs not to reach me at all. Sure it has no limitations?? Thank you Gandariel for your detailed reply <3