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  1. So before on 5 lvls difference there were no penalties. How is it now? Patch notes info was so poor Would be nice to know more
  2. Wouldn't it be wonderful? Could any macro manage it?
  3. "The Secret of Venezuela"??

    A soon to be 59 PR Hunting the 53 lvl Roving souls in Cemetery. They now drop about 100 adena!! Wtf im supposed to do, it takes me 4-5 hits each meaning about 300 adena cost to kill one!!!!!!!!!
  4. On about 20 attempts, I mostly got 5 & 20 coins back, as well as 2 tablets. How about you guys? Anybody got something better? At how many approximate attempts?
  5. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    I'm so happy for this hardcore experience and i will spend my 20k daily very strategically. One day arrows the other day soulshots. When and if i reach top gear, any real life obstacle will seem a joke
  6. Aden quest , ai daily, sea of spores
  7. Now we will explore the beautiful world of l2 running 3 hours daily
  8. Good morning dear Gentlemen and Gentlegirls Reading the fellow well written posts, I'd like to share my story I am a 43 Phantom Ranger playing full solo on a +4 Reinforced Longbow It's P. atk is same as a low C's and a consumption of 2 ssd / hit making it cost 20 adena per hit. A monster of 3 levels lower than me takes 3 hits (60 adena) to fall , giving me a profit of about 100 adena per mob. I am totally satisfied right now and i adapted to NCSoft's "hardcore" experience. I also enjoy peoples tears that even with a box, grinding is not affordable, since they did not do the primary school calculation that mid/top C bows will consume 80-100 adena per hit. As for my future plans, I am going to continue enjoying the game for 5 more days that the teleports are free, and then just monitor the website for any teleport free events. or Gonna buy my 20 spoiler a Giant's hammer and grind for the main char's teleport money Thank you for reading, keep enjoying this <3
  9. WTF L2 Community show some respect The Classic servers are on fire with all these thousands of 9-box bots and need some cooling and maintenance! Thank you for your effort gms, we are all taking a healthy break and can't wait to continue farming
  10. The 30 day rune costs 50 euros which means vip 4
  11. Solved an issue where bots don't get enough adena
  12. WHAT on earth is going on?

    I die 5 times a day, and i use some super xp scrolls to forget this fact
  13. An Update on Greater Dyes

    Thank you for the update dear Juji, although i already gave this 250k fee for a +4 str One question please, I have a +4 STR dye, and manage to get that C armor with additional +4 STR... Will i get +8 total?? Thank you in advance
  14. Please to something about 70+ Varka silenos low adena drop