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  1. @Juji It is not working as Intended it is a screw up By the Dev . How can the lowbies in a party with High level can get drop when they kill the mob of there level but when the High level kill the mobs of there level they don't get any , It does not make any sense . Please bring it up to the Dev and make your costumer happy please
  2. @Juji is There any update on this , It is sad that i invite people to play a game that i like , and then finally when we can level together we dont get any drop . can we get a status on this situation please .
  3. Sorry guys not to kill your mood but it is 150% , i went and check on a area that the mobs use to give me 25 k xp and now they give me 37.5 k . so it is true the 150% . But any way it suxs , nothing like the 250k xp of the cake .
  4. just to inform that i found super weird that with this new event if you have a low level in your Party there is no problem on getting xp or sp but if high level party had that low level in pt they dont get any drop if they are the one killing mobs of there same level , but if it is the case that you got 1 high level in pt example 76lv in a party of 8 that are level 40 and they are the one killing mobs they do get drops . Can that be fix in a way that it does not matter which way both get drops in the period of the event . ?
  5. @Juji So a lot of people had as part of the event wep +16 and +15 etc. , now how can I going to get those , because that was part of the vent ? or they where the lucky one and the rest will have dwell on it ?
  6. Come on guys you give a way XP buff to the guys on now for 7 hr but did not wait till prime time to do it @Hime can you please make sure that the GMs get on and give XP buff in prime time on classic and the rest of the server Please . and give us a time frame lol , guys try to be organize and not random Please, not to be mean but costumer service is the key
  7. You want a clan that help out , that is on top of every detail of the game ? the this is your clan . There is no fee , no forcing you to be on in weird times . This clan is dedicated in to take advantage of the best areas of the game , like partying for farming and Partying for xp . IS easy try it if you like good if you don't then eject .
  8. Where is the link of that info , If is not a official staff or GM then at the end we have another thing that is broken too , i test this and i got more drops when i was alone then in party with my 2 chars that both are VIP4 , test was made for 2 hr , got better amount of drops when i was alone .
  9. What in the world is this 50 dollars for a freaking 30 day rune 50% ?? I rather have the monthly fee we use to have in C1 than this joke , 30 dollars for a 30 day rune 50% is more appalling , this 50 dollars deal is a joke
  10. SIMPLE , if is true that you guys are free playing game , make 2 servers one with people that dont have VIP and another one with the people that pay the VIP , that way US the VIP player can play with no freaking problems and for sure we wont have that much issue with adena sellers and bots and all that trash we are having
  11. Totally agree with Fathips , there is people that pay money to play and get level and stuff as fast possible because we dont have the time to be on for 12 hr , i love the game but if im paying is because to make it easy for me since i dont play for that long amount of hr and being in queue for 45 min to 1 hr is so ridicules and have no sense , I remember in C1 there where more people than now and we never had this stupid problem .
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