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  1. Some people just ask for it... I can smell a ban incomming...
  2. Ever heard of account sharing being a bannable offense? Welcome to L2
  3. Absolutely nothing, never did in the past, won’t solve it in future
  4. It was announced when the event started, so what’s your point?
  5. Nope, he’s just being sarcastic in every post, like many here that know NCWest for what they are? beside, how is he defending NC with replying with “bye” to a “good bye” post?
  6. That’s exactly what you should expect in the nearest future and at end game, including items not available anywhere but the L2Store
  7. Issue a ticket to support, forum ain’t gonna solve it for you
  8. Read the damn patch notes for gods sake...or use search, or use google, or whatever, or ... are you another illiterate brain dead kiddo?
  9. You probably chose the wrong game in that case...
  10. Just a hint: planning ahead is the key to wealth, just opposite to mindless grinding.
  11. If you’re lvl 30 and still with NG weapon, then you’re definitely doing something wrong....
  12. Why should they? They seem to be quite successful with grabbing money out of people pockets by doing nothing. Best business ever
  13. Reading your above posts, it’s clearly not a game for you, just saying.
  14. I’m a non-winner, as you called it, but I don’t have any trouble. As soon as I stop enjoying the game as it is I will quit it, without creating crying good bye posts, so much popular lately
  15. There will be no AH nor “offline shop”. Deal with it and stop posting this nonsense over and over again.
  16. I’ll give you a hint... $$$... just don’t tell anyone
  17. Next time, when you open a pack of chips.... guess what
  18. Skelth’s 7-day free trial is delayed to this Wednesday, the 2€ first month offer is however also a possibility, the gameplay is ok, no major bugs(Sweet Venom however gives 3.2k Adena as well). There’s limited time server boost to help catch up and free low lvl gear. Adena and drop is ok imo. Market and chat(everyone’s using discord) are dead unfortunately.
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