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  1. Works as intended, it’s not a bug, this the classic price
  2. You think? I’m sure of it! They didn’t do anything against bots in the past, why it should be different this time?
  3. Now waiting for Giran to go down;)
  4. Do clarity scrolls from fishing make sense in terms of cost/value for a trio of BH+PS +PP(instead of SE)?
  5. I’m aiming at PS+BH+PP(might actually replace with SE for the recharge)
  6. You’re delusional, if you think that, but well, best of luck;)
  7. I’m disappointed in NCWest as well, or maybe I shouldn’t have expected anything different after playing their Live for several years.?. Anyway, i’m gonna try L2Classic on EU, since they launch a 7 day free trial on Nov 7 and then decide, if to move there or continue playing here(if anything changes for better, like bot protection, broken spoil and Adena past 40, etc) or to quit L2 completely. I’d rather pay a monthly sub for several accounts in a working environment, than paying VIP on a intentionally broken server. Everyone has to decide for him self
  8. so you probably listened to all those "don't be a cheap &$!@#, buy VIP 1 and stop crying" forum/in game replies, like other 1k people likely --> welcome to the VIP queue and to be fair, it's nowhere officially stated, that VIP status gives you the priviledge to bypass the queue, it's just rumors/observations/urban legend/player feeling, so technically you can't claim anything to NCsoft
  9. use /search then /reply - there tons of topics open about the same, so we really need to have another one.?. NOT
  10. this @ReverendX don't despair, i'm sure NCWest will soon add some 30d exp rune at a discount price of 70$ worth of NC coins...
  11. Of course they do expect that, that's what in game shop is for. Or did you expect them to be fair or something?
  12. Ahhh, the good old times when truly free to play was introduced..... NOT! Now we have Truly Free to Play v. 2.0
  13. can be traded after - tested it on my giant's hammer while enchanting on buffer
  14. and therefore you just had to do another 285th topic about this instead of using the damn "search" function? Good Job!
  15. There is nothing free in this world, you're just delusional like the others
  16. i5 5200U, 8GB, 1TB HDD, GF GTX850M, 3 clients(windowed, for convenience) on medium settings running on wireless on average 48h straight(5-6 hours grind, rest shop and/or fishing), laptop restart approx every 2 days. No lags & no DC beside 1 time since the classic launched....
  17. Not yet, but will as soon as i find time to complete 1st prof on my sh alt. Meanwhile maybe someone else did test it already? Anyone?
  18. That's not true. In L2 Classic NCWest abomination a karma player with PK count of 4(and not as stated above with 10+) or more will not drop items(as stated above), but a random item will be destroyed in his/hers inventory
  19. Have disconnects since yesterday as well, before everything was working fine from the launch.
  20. Have same issue since yesterday afternoon, haven’t experienced that even once since the launch until yesterday. Internet connection fine, vip status, connecting from Europe.
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