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  1. Dragon Pouch, Shame on You

    Why would they stop since ppl like you buy them?
  2. WTS Frenzied Tauti 2h

    WTS Frenzied Tauti 2h 18b pm/mail "Propaganda
  3. Live Unscheduled Server Maintenance: Monday, August 12

    Bring back 3client/pc
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    Theres no reason to suggest them what to fix/do. They dont give a shit about community opinion.
  5. Lineage2

    Change region to North America
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    All you need is adrenaline and a pc who can run 10 l2 windows... 3-5 days max per character for 3 powders.. since there is an auto login script you can finish q's from the one character and switch to the other in same account... do the math. 10 acc x 7 char x 5 hours probably for all dailies. since its automatic its so bleeping easy
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    There were so many bots characters who farmed those quests..its true.. but whats the point to remove rewards instead of banning the bots or blocking adrenaline? You know.. like you did with zr-tower etc etc...probably this reply will be deleted by someone who have hes brain above his head..l2 is dead

    Command Post pass x7 20m each Helios pass x3 20m each Freya ice rose x300 5m each Freya Frozen Scroll x 200 4m each Freya scroll of storm x108 8m each Freya bloody rune(2hours) x3 80m each Freya rune (30day) 500m each Ring of creation 150m R99 Leather armor +6 Full attribute 4.5b Freya agathion 30day x5 60m each Contact me in game "Propaganda
  9. SOS class question

    i have an char 100/99 level (main + dual) If i change my dual class through red libra to Sigel Shilien Templar and not upgrade to new skills i will have and be able to use sos buff, right?
  10. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    Also a guy named "Qrokit" made a +18 just right now
  11. CP lf players

  12. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    As omen said, i believe this event is great... i dont get it why people want more and more...i hope we get more events like that in the future...and probably some grind events
  13. wts gemstone powder

    wts gemstone powder 90kk each need to sell those asap ty Pm or mail ingame, Propaganda
  14. Prestige Pack

    Worth to subscribe ?
  15. Dragon Breath not tradable????

    I think you can buy from merchant of mammon. 5.5kk each