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  1. Best Tank

    Eva's Templar. There aggression aura is a toggle and every tank has it.
  2. Seperate Dual from Main Class

    This is not possible. The dual separation as it works in Korea creates a new character in a separate account which is completely naked. This is totally intentional, since otherwise it may create multiple issues and even server instability. Just get what they are offering and quit qq.
  3. Pendant +1 fail?

    You misread it and that's all. It can fail on any enchant level, including going from 0 to +1.
  4. Unfair Olympiads

    Hardly anyone cares about oly.

    clap clap clap
  6. Disconnect issues!

    No issues here, it's something on your side.
  7. Dual Class Skills on Feoh and Tanker? (NEWBIE)

    For the mage: 1.Masters Rage (+27% skill power) 2.Death - 5% m.skill crit dmg 3. Magic Specialized: +13% m.atk/-6% p.def For the tank just go full HP dual skills and in general everything on HP.
  8. Red Cat's Eye

    Sure is, help the OP to get red cat eye, mr. pro
  9. Red Cat's Eye

    Red cat eye was never in abundance and even it was as a bonus in some version of the promo (mentioned above). If you weren't narrowing down your target so much, you wouldn't have missed.
  10. Your math is..... amazing 0.001+100% of the multiplied value is 0.002. Technically if you multiply by 100%, you're multiplying by 1, which will return the same value. In this case it's addition of 100% of the initial value (0.001). Therefore: 0.001 x 200% = 0.002 or 0.001 + 0.001 = 0.002
  11. Dual Class Skills on Feoh and Tanker? (NEWBIE)

    Is the tank your dual class or separate character?
  12. maybe read the post you're quoting next time, egghead.
  13. Because it will be exceptionally rewarding.
  14. It's the pay2win idiots who bought this game down, since they are also the primary customers to the bot owners.