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  1. Gl everyone

    You've spent 1500 bucks and cry that it's pay2win?LAL.....
  2. Ban for 3rd party program?

    You shouldn't spend anything on a game that you're not prepared to lose in first place, so dafuq you're taking about.
  3. Return Golden Compass Event

    Every average L2Store player can finish it, no problem.
  4. I can confirm this. +1 to Argus.
  5. SS BUG

    Its been 1 whole year since there is a SS lag every round hour and yesterday it was not only constant SS lag , but also mail system was lagging hard.Not that I play anymore, but I know how annoying it can be, so fix the damn SS lag already.
  6. ETA Red Libra

    Probably around July or August. They said that it will run twice a year. We had Red Libra recently already, so don't expect it again before the summer.
  7. If you didn't drop tablets yet, then you are poor and didn't pay and stack things properly or you bot and can't farm efficiently when it comes to drops.
  8. It's amazing how some ppl still think that with those over 9000 l2store items there pvp can exist. It can't and it's dead. They should rename the L2Store button to KillPVP, coz this is exactly what it does every time you press it.
  9. Main class change

    For all these things you have your dual class to have fun, challenge yourself and so on. With the bare bone development team L2 has, it's very unlikely that they will dedicate resources, time and eventually risk of breaking the game.
  10. Main class change

    See, this is one of the issues. Many things in the server files are connected in many ways, example is that only dorfs can be Maestro, only Orcs can be Dominators, only main can participate in Olympiad, given quests and statuses etc etc. I really don't want to go in such a deep detail, but there are even more things that are interconnected and simply charging them doesn't work. Don't even think that red Libra has anything to do, it doesn't. Your dual is a disposable sub, that doesn't matter is it exists or not, your main though fills so the base fields in the db to get that character existing in first place.
  11. Main class change

    Well you ain't fit for L2 anymore then.Besides, it's not me asking here for something that has been said no to more than once.Don't worry about IQ and such, all you should care is l2 on these boards It was quite different back then, even the game itself was a different one and afair.
  12. Main class change

    Such a cry babies..... play your dual or just reroll. It's been said multiple times that such a service will need a major rework of quests, statuses and it still may end up as not what you expect, hence it won't happen.