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  1. recharge skill

    It might be though, there are weird things in the classic version, but as said above, it might be a broken skill lvl. Did you contact support about it?
  2. No more New Items Please

    Interesting, people who disbalanced the pvp by buying rather than playing, now complain that we get too much items....lal. Hypocrisy is hard at work here. You get exactly what you deserve - dead servers. Enjoy.
  3. ADENA!!

    Apples to apples is what I'm saying
  4. New God Accessory Event

    Yea, well, that's whole other story though.
  5. It seems that the God Jewels introduction is a huge success along with the Hardin bags. NCWest at their finest.
  6. ADENA!!

    Try full party lv20 and you'll notice the difference.
  7. New God Accessory Event

    You crystalize certain epics for the bottles, getting them from the bags is a bonus. I'm sure some ppl already made a jewel or two.... or full set
  8. What's the point?

    Draw your own conclusions Sharlanna. And there is no fun in macroing/afk farming, BUT that was the only thing to actually do after NC decided to go full L2Store and the PvP and mostly everything died out.
  9. I think you are totally out of the loop here, but whatever. You guys actually gave me a CoC belt to quit CoC.... Stop making clown of yourself, never been anything, just a bandwagon. Anyway, whatever makes you sleep at night
  10. And the NPCs raging meanwhile. Oh btw, nonfactors that made your whole group panicking in CoC L2P brah, it ends there.
  11. Sorry, I wasn't playing with the bots, like to did. You never had a chance on equal gear, but whatever. So it ends with L2P indeed.
  12. I'm thrilled to see what this new Jewels of the gods will bring to the table!
  13. PK characters

    To town or rez and continue or come back later. Basic stuff in L2.
  14. This is not going to help you. Even if they change the teleport, you'll come in a day or two and qq again that you're being PKed. You're just suffering a side effect of the whole PK system change that basically white-listed PKing.Imo adapt o it, since all other regions got the same thing and they don't complain as much.