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  1. Brooch BR

    When you stack several lv6 jewels it gives you a skill that's exactly like BR. It already gives stuff like CP.
  2. Free La Vie En Brooch

    Yes, you can, done em on 106.
  3. ISS Hiero

    SD hardly has any more damage than heiro, but try for yourself.
  4. 84 - 85 is bugged

    If you say so
  5. emporer 30 weapon pack

    Yes 30 day R99
  6. 84 - 85 is bugged

    Tell me more about it and make yourself useful.
  7. Blessing

    You can get 50% ones for daily coins, buy from other players and so on.
  8. System pk

    Yes, this is a permanent feature, hu3hu3
  9. emporer 30 weapon pack

    If you have opened the pack, then no. If you didn't open it, try contacting the support team.
  10. 101+ leveling

    Blazing swamp is alright, even at 101, if you can't farm in HB.
  11. 84 - 85 is bugged

    L2Wiki is not accurate for NCWest, dunno why you even use it for these servers here...
  12. ISS Hiero

    The above post is a good starting point indeed, depends what you do with that iss. But in general, the Knight tree is the one most Isses go for.
  13. R110 weapon change Attribute

    Don't the R99 Attribute change stones work on these?There are few types so, one might not work, other might.See if that works.

    That was exactly what I mean.Kill them at once as fast as possible.
  15. Golden Compass Event

    Not everyone is supposed to farm a +10 bracelet. Make what you can not and finish it next event. I did mine to +8 first one and not got it to +10.