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  1. Fafurion Update Exp Gain

    Everyone and their mother has an Iss box or multiple ones. Dunno who even buys that crap buffs anyways....
  2. Inter-server Olympiad

    As useful as the dimensional sieges.Also you can't have such olympiad if you got only 1 server left, which is inevitable to happen sooner than later, so good luck with that,
  3. Progress of the game...

    I wouldn't hope for such things. Also about the R110 equipment - it's meant to be very hard to get, specially the limited stuff etc. What I'm sure of us that you'll get some very nice promo soon, with new item in it.
  4. Insane prices

    Wanna be my friend? Now seriously, go cry in a corner. You can try to talk Juji, but he doesn't owes you an answer. Only if he sees fit and that he actually can provide an answer. Off topic posts like yours derail threads.
  5. Insane prices

    The second sentence means that it's already too late to be even hoping anything to change.
  6. Insane prices

    Forums are for everyone to post, if you can't handle it, contact support via ticket, there I cannot post in.
  7. Insane prices

    You're a "little" too late, this has been going on for almost 4 years now. Wanted pay 2 win, there it is, either pay or go away. There is nothing that can be done anymore, if I were on NCWest's place, I'd keep pumping uber op items through the l2store as much as possible, until it's over.
  8. There are multitude of such items on Live, don't expect that to change. Just make another talisman for the toon you want.
  9. Intended obviously. They may patch it eventually, but it's rather low priority this one.
  10. Strike

    This is L2, most players are p2w, so good luck with that strike of yours
  11. Anyone get toon(s) teleported to town?

    Don't bother, this guy doesn't even understand what harassment is. Can't distinguish a game feature that's even in the patch notes.

    There are plenty of ways to get some SP at that level, it's a bug indeed, but you can solve the problem very easy.
  13. iss

    It can't.
  14. Class Doombringer

    Tyrrs are obsolete since years now, where have you been lol...