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  1. Because they wanted to bring as much as possible of the old chronicles and there was no auction house.... Also, even if they put one, the number of shops won't go down much, just like in live servers.
  2. You don't seem like quitting, but rather attention seeker. Don't let the door hit you in the back when you leave
  3. Banning for the fun of it???

    When you appeal, they do check their logs...it's not that.Also bots got zero interest in banning anyone, since those are potential customers.
  4. This is very speculative. It maybe so, but many of us will take p2p without l2store anyday, instead of this crap we have now.
  5. Spellbooks

    I'm not saying that this is any good, but merely stating the fact that it was hard to get back then and they made it hard now. That's the logic behind it.Also the idea behind it is to give sense of achievement when you finally get it. This is a hardcore grind mmo, don't forget that.
  6. Banning for the fun of it???

    I got nothing to achieve anymore in this game, if you weren’t so new around, you’d have known that. Also as I think about it, I probably still play more than many ppl do.
  7. Spellbooks

    Yes I got that and it’s reflected in the post above.
  8. Banning for the fun of it???

    I’m far from trying to fool you, which won’t be very hard anyway. Now find an account here thats older and learn the reason why is that so, before you say any other stupid thing.
  9. Spellbooks

    Compared to most games out there, L2 is anything but casual. Also, at some point around lv 55 it gets very grindy, which is again anything but casual.
  10. Banning for the fun of it???

    mixa plays w/e he wants as much as he wants These forums are not 1 month old, some of us play here for years on.Hard to understand I know, but the low IQ and education of the majority of the people to have such comprehension problems, like yours
  11. The event is free, the game is free2play, everyone with brain will use this info and gain as much advantage as (s)he can.Just like those lolVIPs gaining advantage by RMT (money for items/drop/xp/sp).
  12. You have the option to try before you buy as it's free to play, but no you had to gain advantage and progress faster, so you jumped the bank account the first second you could. Leave the law to the lawmakers, since NCSoft are legally right here, you ain't.