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  1. Adding Quests

    The koreans are leaning towards endless farming on auto and no quests at all. It's rather evident from the last few updates. Will the bring them back or create new ones - maybe, but I wouldn't hold my breath about it. Probably some basic ones at best.
  2. Raid Boss Kiting out of PVP zone

    Yea, I remember that bug, it also worked with normal pets that get petrified. But I don't think they are using any exploit to farm these raids. Let the raids alone, I know people level 111 farming solo in the wastelands on self buffs..... on pink mobs. The gear overpowering the penalties is just crazy.
  3. Buy from the market, there are plenty of these. If you cannot afford them, then it's not for you and you should take your time to collect adena and buy them.
  4. This is quite normal, been like that since the olympiads is a thing in L2 (since C4). Also you should've understood by now that oly is not fair.
  5. Raid Boss Kiting out of PVP zone

    Ah, these ones, totally forgot about these. They apply I would guess, but I guess not enough to stop those with the means to kill them.
  6. Raid Boss Kiting out of PVP zone

    Depends, there is no cap on crit damage at all, neither in pvp or pve when it comes to level difference. I agree there are not so many edge-game (not a typo) weapons. But keep in mind that the demon weapons are equal to a stage 2 dragon weapon and there are enough number of these. Not sure what DDs your clan has, but there are such that 1-shot both Baylors as an example. If you have such DDs, you might be able to do raids.
  7. Nobody forced you to pay anything, as in the main game advert - Free to play. Paying to gear yourself is as much as cheating as those restored items, if not even more so. Should they punish you and those who geared themselves by paying?
  8. Raid Boss Kiting out of PVP zone

    You can, if overgeared, so much so that the penalty doesn't really matter. Let's me put it like this - the penalty at 10lv difference is 80% (example, don't know exact numbers). Then an overgeared toon, that in normal circumstances will do let's say 10 000 000 to the raid, minus the penalty of 80% , he'll still do 2 000 000 damage, which overpowers the raid and gg.
  9. Battle Rapsody Cooldown Time

    Yea, well, that's what's important in the end indeed.
  10. Battle Rapsody Cooldown Time

    Just to add that every item is categorized. For example first are the passive skills you might have, then item skills (starting from either jewels or armor/weapon.), then other items, like talismans, artifacts and whatever, last are the active buffs.I don't remember the exact order and I wouldn't care to check server scripts and AI, but this is how "the game knows" which ones to apply first.
  11. It's not like a wynn can kill you with their pets to being with.....
  12. Paagrio Earring bug

    Not an issue,. You can get the earring and cursed/drag weapon too and do the same. Working as intended.
  13. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    Got few scratching hits and then boom headshot.
  14. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    And he still got one-shoted .... with all that gear. ggthxbb
  15. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    In case that happens, I've like 11 characters that would like to get the same treatment, let us know! Just kidding, I'd rather get the support to restore my compounding and god jewelry attempts, until I get them to the max level.