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  1. It's the normal ones.
  2. There are other black Friday offers, buy these instead and stop qq
  3. There is a change coming to address exactly this issue, but it might be mid of next year or even later....
  4. Indeed, the colors are kind of not bad, but it was better before.
  5. Limiting the promo Destiny pack like this actually brings some competition to a player base that will rather have it handled to them or will avoid competition at any cost.Big like from me
  6. Just spend more, if you think you will get it to +5 for a measly 1500 bucks....
  7. huh, nothing new here and core is a dead server just like these here.
  8. Banging on the store for years and now asking for free stuff..... silly.
  9. This is exactly the desired change and it's here to stay. You've there options - play the class as it is ; reroll to a different class ; quit.
  10. They didn't take action against RMT through ncoin sales and related products, why would they take an action to a much lesser issue?
  11. Yes, more nerfs for those pesky Yuls please!
  12. The more nerfs to the broken Yul, the better.
  13. more nerfs are needed for the Yul, eventually skill power reduction and all skills base crit rate reduced to 5%. Also remove the p. def ignore of pinpoint and quick shot
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