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  1. That would be valid, if there was no l2store.
  2. The IoS nerf was badly needed. Now they should put 80% bow resistance to the mobs there and the place might be somewhat balanced.
  3. Dunno, but for me this update works fine. On evi 112 I'm melting areas like IoP, FoM and Sel mahums.
  4. Sorry, you've missed out on this.
  5. You're not playing this game, you're just gambling.
  6. Can't be used on toggle.
  7. Yes, it's normal, since each enchant gives less than 1%
  8. There are other ways, if you can afford to gear up a single toon to mediocre level and be able to invest ingame time. Also PLAY a DD, like Archer, Spoiler or Evis.
  9. Don't try to explain simple things to this daikon. Doesn't even get it that those who run the bots will not be affected, just some regular players....
  10. You are not setup correctly for the current meta o and/or missing on items.
  11. Well, we certainly don't have what korea has, but so are most other regions. There are many things that you can improve to a toon at the current stage of the game, just don't prioritize damage over defensive and hp boosters (and elemental resistance). The meta has changed, adapt to it.
  12. This has been changed and it's normal now. Don't expect changes on it.
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