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  1. Daggers

  2. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    I don't agree. The pvp is dead in l2 and enforcing it in any circumstances is not gonna happen. You have to win the click war and be happy.
  3. You didn't get the irony in my post buddy. I miss those days too.
  4. Restoration Policy

    Failed enchant is per-case basis afaik and you should not abuse this system just to gain higher OE on your weapon. This is meant for accidental occasions and not getting higher OE..... what's wrong with you dummies, exploiting everything in this game....
  5. ROFL, don't expect cloak exchange, you should make the one you need or just buy it. ps. The devs don't read this forum.
  6. You're supposed to pay at this day and age. Just pay like you did before and don't complain much.
  7. no war no castle

    The siege zone is a pvp zone for a reason. If you want to pvp during siege - no problem, you can. Declaring wars on clans that are opposing you is pure extortion and it's borderline harassment. The war system should be changed to mutual agreement, so idiots like this can't just declare wars to harass others that oppose them.
  8. @Juji This should not be forgotten and handled softly. Harsher punishment for the exploiters.
  9. Ban for suspicious activity

    Account suspension is not a reason for any compensation. He's being investigated for suspicious activity and if he has done nothing wrong, will get his account reinstated in a few days. The support team has no obligation to respect such things as CP. Every player is an individual responsible for his/her actions.A CP is also not a real functional thing of L2, that's a player thing. Just pass if you can't do the epics and do whatever you can without him. Good luck!
  10. Spending ncoin is NOT anything, but for your own benefit. If you have spent the coin and gained nothing in return, then I may agree. Cheating on the other hand is the most toxic and server killer thing.
  11. Ban waves due to exploits?

    You've deserved an instant perma ban for this. Better be thankful instead of ranting about measly 7 day ban.
  12. Bad Faith !

    It works for me. Dunno equipping which set makes you reflect?!? Mine doesn't.... As I also pointed out, you'll lose some damage to achieve that, but the point is to work around the issue.