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  1. Mats Prices

    Nope, they will announce servers closure date.
  2. They drop from mobs 105+ only. Kama, Baylor don't drop anything, they give a box at the end, that 99% of the time gives 1.2m Adena. Octavis, Tauti, Tezza are 21+ character instances that take considerable time and damage to do and usually the drop is nothing. Yes they have 0.00000~% to drop greater jewelery, but gl getting that and then sharing it. This is not what we're talking here. Also these instances have rather long reuse. I've opened like dunno, 500+ of these and got gem r and Adena. Opened like 50 Shiny ones and they still give the same. Your friend probably got lucky.
  3. There is nothing bad in this system, only if it were implemented 9 years ago and not now. The only thing that I don't understand is how they have managed to remove every possible full drop from mobs. Okay you're able to craft stuff with the mats you get, but no drops at all is very lame.
  4. So no macro?

    It's probably time to think about changing the game, that is what I meant. You just stretch-repeated that with some additions. tldr: I don't really play l2 anymore, mainly because there is nothing left to play really.
  5. Drop rate depends on vitality

    The easiest way to find out is to see how much Adena you get with vitality and without.
  6. From Bulgaria, but I've also started to get the attack lag too.
  7. So no macro?

    Oh boy, if you have work, wife, kids, etc.... don't you think playing games is the last thing you should do. This is mostly poor excuse for handless nabs that just want to run on auto and avoid putting any effort.
  8. Atlas earing

    No. Maybe in the future.
  9. How to make adena since new update ??

    This is in the store for many years now. "WTS NCOIN"
  10. Drop Calculator 2020

    ALL mobs drop the same mats, which are enough to craft w/e you need.Register a recipe and check it's requirements as mats.Its mostly Soulstones, Gem R, and R Cry + Ether and 1 type of a certain mat.
  11. The Vitality of Exalted was changed on purpose, now it gives +100% Vitality bonus and not +100% XP/SP like before. The description didn't get updated for some reason though, but it will I guess.
  12. It's not, my tyrr hits as normal, if you're on naia mail me, I'll show you .
  13. How do I get Atlas Earing?

    You can't get it at the moment. It was supposed to be available for 100k mentee marks, but somehow they managed to omit that whole thing. I'm not even really sure why the mentor system was updated here if there rewards weren't....
  14. Mana

    Learn how to setup your toon, the mana regen was nerfed, but it's very much possible to play without problems.