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  1. It's like buying adena for $$$, but not enfroced.That's why the button ingame is called "Gift" and not "Sell".Anyway, that didn't stop the low morale randoms to sell the shid out of it.
  2. Lv. 76+ - 3rd class?

    You didn't ead what I've written, now do you?
  3. Lv. 76+ - 3rd class?

    It was removed as a temp resort, the quests were there.If Juji feels like he may tell you what it was.Now they patched it, but that doesn't change the fact the quests were there.I`m obviously not 76, not even very close, but that's hardly related to this topic.
  4. Lv. 76+ - 3rd class?

    Tell me more about it penny This guy loves to boggle the weak-minded randoms around.I hope you had a good ride
  5. Lv. 76+ - 3rd class?

    The quest and npcs are there, so I'm sure he'll pop up 3rd prof very soon (probably already is).
  6. 30 Day XP/SP Rune

    It's transferable while it's not opened. Once you open it, it is not transferable anymore. Try asking support nicely. They might help you, but don't keep your expectations high.
  7. Banned accounts for no reason

    You're wasting your time here. Only the support can help you and you seems that your appeal has failed. Move on.
  8. The servers are barely 4 months old, give it around 6 months or so and they will update them to the next bug.
  9. Trade cancel hack scam

    Well if the trade gets cancelled, you should check the items traded again. It's entirely your own fault.
  10. END GAME

    Too bad for them indeed. Also nobody forced them to spend anything. The pixels (items) are property of ncsoft and thus nothing is really lost here.
  11. The Ncoins you get from the card count for both classic and live, they are account-wide and not server bound.
  12. Ban for MS Visual Studio?

    You don't understand what they are saying. It means that they didn't find an error in their decision. Also on topic: Nobody cares, but running sniffers is a bad idea and it tripped XC. Action was taken according to their EULA, case and account closed. Side note: It's considered a good practice to have a dedicated machine to develop, compile and debug software you write.
  13. END GAME

    If you don't like it, you're free to leave. Also nobody believes you anyway.
  14. Nobody owes you anything.
  15. Your marks have the ability to weaken the target, whereas the freezing flame is a drain skill first. You're making a wrong analogy here and then you wonder why it's different.....amazin' Further more, you have 4 marks work virtually zero reuse, where DC has one with ~4s reuse.