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  1. @Juji and @Hime Hello, Do we have any news regarding the server transfers before the world olympiad ? Is in the plans to activate again the Server Transfer ? Thank you
  2. @Juji and @Hime come on guys please give us today the patch notes as you said maybe some people want to use the libra to change there duals specially the iss guys
  3. @Hime and @Juji We will have the patch notes today as you said in the announcement of the update ?
  4. @Juji and @Hime New weapons are very nice but the only problem i see is that is extreme hard to farm the elcyum or even buy them from the market @ chronos (not even alot for more than 2-3 weapons) Maybe can you put any Quest with elcyum or at least put them in the l2 store so ppl can find them ? Yea yea i know some ppl will say "even this on l2 store"? then i say to them to propose another solution Thank you
  5. @Hime and @Juji can you please inform us for the next events ? Will be soon a cloak or brooch event ? Thank you
  6. Hi all, as the title say WTT +12 bloody bow 3SA for +12 Bloody Fists 3SA Mail in game Horra or pm here Thank you
  7. @Conguero any news regarding update the hero coins list ? Or at least reset the items that has already in, like hewr and etc
  8. Yea I know that the hero coins will not delete but this year we will not have reset on the hero coins items ?
  9. @ GM’s : any information regarding the hero coin reset ?
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