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  1. CLAYMORE +15

    Bots, cheats
  2. CLAYMORE +16

    Lie ... Paint fake
  3. Adena Sellers > Enchanted Weapon ++.... Bots > More Enchanted weapons So how much adena you spend to enchant this mace ? At low rate drops of adena ?? You don't have shame to post this bullshit here ? I see a lot of bots a lot of adena Sellers why I don't expect this is a fuking cheat too??? Gtbleep with your lies
  4. First of all I would like to take you to a brief reflection. We all get excited about the opening of the L2 Classic Na, but it did not take long to be a huge frustration. we will not comment on the rates that are already clearly wrong! Why are you still playing here if ..... 1- Everywhere there are bots that do everything you do, but with no real effort Example>(you work to earn your salary but your "friend" has created a way to cheat and make money without working while he is in the same job as you, he laughs of your face, you talk to your boss "GM" and he also laughs in your face because he is profiting, but you keep working as if nothing had happened) 2-Have you ever thought that the "Adena Sellers" could be owned by NCSOFT west? It would also be possible for bots and lots of players to be lies, leading you to think that the game is at the top! 3- Why are you playing this "official" server if there are no differences for pirated servers? bots, money to have 'advantages' over other players, etc etc?! 4- I'm sorry for the way I'm going to talk: But why do not you realize that you're being treated like a clown ?????? Many complaints, many complaints and nothing is done! almost 2 months have passed and nothing, every day they laugh at your face while the money arrives in their bank accounts!
  5. More and more !!! fist +11 https://imgur.com/a/y6IbjlD
  6. Thx bro i will leave too... ! https://imgur.com/a/kiOwSbg < the fact !!! +10 bow and other man +11 blunt and another +6 armor
  7. how its possible a lot of ppl enchant weapons +10 +11?? enchants are easy to have? drop is increased? or some cheaters there?
  8. Boycott the L2store PLEASE.

    best way to take money of idiots, create a new l2 free2p server and turn in P2W server, i just lost my time in this shit game ! i dont have money to play against spenders ! 200% scrols fkoof
  10. Boycott the L2store PLEASE.

    200% rate drop scroll, P2W SERVER !
  11. Wednesday 14/11 (???)

    Days ago I heard that l2 had come back, I was happy and I made it possible to install it on my old PC, after several attempts I got because the laucher is badly damaged, so I started playing and soon I noticed the adenas sellers, so I figured there would be bots, and after seeing a stream of a person who hunted bots I started to discourage, because for years I stopped playing l2 for bot reasons, and to waste my time while someone cheats. my only conclusion is that the l2 does not matter with the fun of the players and only with the money that they can take from you, this official server is not different from the pirates, since it is with bots and everything unbalanced, I am giving up Al, incidentally neither Should have come back, good times never come back.