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  1. Come on NCSoft, it seems there may be a player desire to meet your team members at these gatherings. Put your thinking caps on, maybe you could charge around 8000 NC coin for a 5 minute greet, reservations required of course. Don't pass up a potential source of income so readily.
  2. After seeing Zariche and Akamanah in the field and at the cake event, it seems to me that NCSoft is promoting player griefing. Your thoughts?
  3. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Two thumbs down on this event. I have not been so angry at the games management since you took away Territory badges and initially said too bad. P.S. I would tell you what I really think- but the post would be deleted for vulgar language.
  4. Known Issue: Auto Loop Macro Disabled

    How nice to be able to find a spot to do some hunting. So much better that having most every spot taken by afk macro loop parties. Treat the loop macros like a failed experiment and leave it broken. That's my vote anyway.
  5. How to attract new players?

    I think Slou was pretty accurate when they said: With such a system that exists today - with the p2w system, new players have a chance to catch up (equipment and lvl) the players who are playing 10 years here Under the system of subscription, no chances for new players, therefore they will not come here Therefore, we must continue to follow the same path - p2w However, if the goal is to attract new players, then some new ideas are needed that will better satisfy both new players need for instance gratification as well as sell items from the NC store at outrageous prices. So here are a few ideas for you NCSoft. Sell a coupon that will give any player (new or old) the absolute best gear in game for their toon type for 6 hours. Another coupon could max out their skills for a 6 hours. Coupon price? Depends on greed of NCSoft, $100, $200, $500, $1000, or more. I am sure NCSoft has a good method for analyzing how much they can squeeze out of the players. Sell a coupon that will give any player a special skill for 6 hours. Skill would allow the player to be invincible to damage from other players and also provide the ability to one hit kill other players (that do not also have the skill up). Skill duration is 10 minutes with a 20 minute cooldown. This coupon should cost even more. Sell a coupon that will give ability to kill other players without becoming a chaotic character or taking a pk count. Duration one hour. Again very expensive. How about a coupon only for use during siege times that could banish a player to a time out room for 20 minutes. Yes very, very expensive. Of course the banished player would be able to buy an equally expensive coupon for instant release for the time out room. Any other lighthearted ideas out there on how to meet the goals of (1) get new players into the game in an exciting way (avoiding all the boring grinding//instances) and (2) line the pockets of NCSoft (or NCWest - whomever they are)?