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  1. quickest way to find out is to try. Once you choose a char to send it to, the sharable items show in window. If it's not there, just cancel.
  2. I used to breed hamsters a long time ago- should I start again? I's sell 'em cheap, at least, cheaper by the gross.....
  3. Well hello! I played Dragon too! I remember several times when the servers were down for days from things that were out of their control. What was it.... DDOS attacks? Not saying that's what this is, but since I'm not in the offices working on it I don't see that I have any grounds for saying shiet about how they're doing their job.
  4. If you have time to spend on it, I've been making dark elf mages, leveling to 20 doing the quests to get free shots, then going to Talking Island and doing the spider skin quest till about lvl 23. By that time I've usually got around 300k adena to transfer to main char. The choice then is whether to delete him then and do another, or go to Dion to collect more adena first. Since I have several dwarves who need second sets of mage armor for added mp for crafting, I usually keep going to lvl 25 so I can send them the free D sets. They can then contribute up to 500k each before deleting them.
  5. No, it's only for accounts created before February 13th, that have at least 1 character at lvl 20 or higher, and is from one of the specified countries. You also need to register for it before the cut-off date, I think February 25.
  6. I followed the link and read what it said, so I'm as sure as you can be about anything NCwest says... (used first link in Hime's post, then used "here" link for details)
  7. It's not exactly for everyone. The account must have been created before February 13, There must be at least one lvl 20 or higher char on it, and you need to go register before the update. So, not for new players.
  8. No. The mysterious shots from the store have no weight though, so there is an advantage there if the event ones are the same.
  9. I kinda like how quiet Gludio is. Yes, it's hard for a Dwarf to make a living in a slow market, I figure it will take months to get decent PVE gear for all my chars, and thank goodness I don't PVP!! That being said, I would hate to have to fight crowds just to find mobs to farm. So it takes longer-- I'm retired, what else am I going to do?
  10. I'm not a big spender myself, but I must admit, I agree. Even I have managed to spend enough for a couple months ahead...
  11. roflmfao You know, back when my kids were little, it was a sure sign that they'd done something wrong when their first response on seeing me was to ask if they were in trouble. I must wonder WHY your first assumption was that you'd been banned...…...
  12. I have several scavengers, made them before I really got started. They pretty much sit useless, though I won't delete them, as there have been a few items so far they've managed to get for me (recipes for my crafter mostly) I am hoping they will decide to fix them someday...…….. *sigh*
  13. Seriously? Oh sweetie, the whole thing is just meant to give people a little chuckle, nothing serious about it!
  14. I have no idea what rp has to do with anything. Thanks Kakos for the response. Ouch! that's a bite out of the funds! Obviously things are different now, does the quest still start at Hardins, or have they changed that too?
  15. I would like to officially apologize to the forum members I argued with about fighting to keep hunting areas. Much as I HATE having a pk point, my main now does. 2 of them. I can put up with a lot, but when I'm working my butt off trying to lvl 2 chars, (a crafter and a support), I find it quite irritating to have someone repeatedly stealing the last hit and grabbing the nearly non-existent mat drops, as well as leaching xp. I lost my cool and smashed the little elfen brat. Twice, because she came back about an hour after the first time. Guess I'm going to find out how costly
  16. I'm not arguing with you on that, they do need to step up their game. I can't see why they can't have each customer service employee take an hour or so every couple days to actually log in and remove bots and adena sellers. It wouldn't clean them out completely, but it would certainly help!
  17. Botting is a business. Business exists only with customers to buy product. If all real players leave, business fails. If no real players buy adena, business fails. The only people to blame for the bot situation is the real players who are too lazy to earn their own, so become the vital customer base the botting business is built on.
  18. The only problem I have had was the 12-hour wait. In my other game, when you buy points, they're there instantly, ready to use. It was quite a surprise to see the "wait 12 hours" message. Now I know, don't wait till the last minute to buy coins, get them the day before you need them!
  19. I've also noticed the population drop on Gludio. Since we had the log-in problem over the last few weeks, I put it down to people not being able to log. Hopefully now it will start to pick up again.
  20. lol. for the first time, today I couldn't log in. Thankfully, trying a different account and using repair files worked, once in with one acct, the others worked too. (and yes, that screen logo has been there a while, ugly, isn't it?)
  21. Since the thread I posted in was removed, I figured to start my own. About those many VIP customers who have been unable to log in to the servers, Angel Cat XP buffs don't cut it. XP is NOT the be-all and end-all of the game. VIP benefits include soe's, res scrolls, healing pots, and silver coins to buy mats with. While I have been able to play and use them, many others, like my friend, have not. The VIP customers who have missed out on so much of what they paid for deserve some compensation. I can't understand why on Earth the customers who actually PAY to play are treated so dismi
  22. I have seen the replies to those who did so. Angel cat blessings don't cut it. XP is not the be-all and end-all of existence. Vip benefits include soe's, res scrolls, healing pots, and silver coins to buy mats. While I have been able to play and collect these, my friend hasn't. Those vip customers who have not been able to log in deserve compensation for what they paid for. I do not understand why on Earth you would treat your customers who actually PAY to play, so dismissively.
  23. I mostly use it to buy shots, saving adena for weapons/armor. (nice bonus is that shots from store have no weight)
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