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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

    hello there it is not very good from your side to favor bots/boxes instead of alive players so why you just won't make the following: 1 window guaranteed for all + additional 1 window for every single prestige pack paid (& logged), just as russkies doing you are implementing waiting system which is not the solution at all, because I see same botting queues near freeloaderquestnpcs, at the same time I am waiting for an hour to log in to quickly rejoin that exp pty I've got disconnected from (and guess what, my place usually being taken by that time) just make only 1 window per pc limit (after that, if you wanna log more, pay up for your first window for the prestige pack, after that you are eligible to log the 2nd box in, if you wanna have 3 toons, pay for the 2nd (which is box also in our case to have the 3rd toon logged, etc.. this will definetly solve the issue + you'll have some money
  2. crash report

    Version: EP50_Global,NL_s,V2110409,196 BuildDate: Tue Apr 30 10:57:48 2019 Time: 2019.6.14 16:35:03 [GTick=1,LGTicks=1,Duration=2] PosCode: 0:0:0 ZoneName: OS: Windows 10(64) 10.0 (Build: 9200), Service Pack 0.0 CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8350K CPU @ 4.00GHz @ 4018 MHz RAM: 15306MB RAM CPUInfo: 4,4,4,0 Memory: 57052KB PrivateMemory: 137324KB Video: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 (6444), DX v4.9r904 Option: 1440x900__W0_H0A0K_B Scene: 0_0_0 Stat: 0 Replay: 0_1 WorldRaid: 0_0/0 ClientSocketClosed: 0 NPAuthSocketClosed: 0 Sev: 0_ VideoResources: 0 MB MAC: 5D-E5 LANG: ENGLISH IME: ??? Error: Protocol: History: UOrcMove::CalculateCRC32 <+ 1.510000::0 <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine Exception: Code [EXCEPTION_READ_VIOLATION DataAddress:0x00000100] Address [0x20463AD2] SegCs [0x0023] Engine.dll [0x20000000] Offset [0x00463AD2]
  3. NCLauncher 2

    wtf is this? usually I don't trust Russian names in foreign software https://imgur.com/a/89rArhQ
  4. NCLauncher 2

    there's no such option as Europe for l2 for some reason
  5. "Rep." stat questions

    thank you men
  6. system requirements

    What are game's system requirements in the following circumstances: 1) dimensional server siege of an old pattern (2-3 clans involved, about 100 ppl) 2) graphic quality settings (cosmetics) are low, but drawing distance and numbers displayed are maximal, cloaks are not displayed, in-game audio turned off 3) all ppl are fighting and isses are doing buff 4) ptt software (Ventrilo/ts) is running.
  7. "Rep." stat questions

    The 'Rep." stat which displays something like "law-abiding" accumulates each time you kill pk. But there are some regulations about that: 1) You can't kill the same guy over and over again to cheat new hundreds of this value, since there's a.. let's say cooldown. 2) Level of the righteous guy should be more or less the same that of PKer, so that reputation points drain is activated. So, my questions are: 1) What is the "cooldown" time for reputation points to be transferred again (after the 1st kill)? 2) What is the level difference allowed between the subject and the object of reputation points drain? 3) Are there any other rules and regulations given I forgot to mention? 4) If I switch to my subclass, will I be able to drain the reputation of other 80 lvl bad guys?
  8. clan quests

    general clan quests' counter is being reset once one entering the dimensional server
  9. [News] Golden Compass Event

  10. Classic or Live?

    both are offline
  11. [News] Golden Compass Event

    difficult for support classess
  12. AP skills interface glitch

    to clarify: usually only taken skills were not darkened (if 0 AP skillpoints).
  13. AP skills interface glitch

    Icons of the AP skills are not dimmed if there are no free points (for distribution) left.
  14. Lineage II - Security Update Applications to test

    windows media player winamp teamspeak ms edge ms office suite windows defender GeForce experience skype
  15. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 30, 2018

    as well as faction amity tokens..