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  1. I wouldn't call it a "low" chance. Since I didn't participate in the last three "events", I spent $100 this time. I got 3 Greater Jewels (Topaz twice, Garnet), which is more than I've won in any other event in about a year. I also see plenty of people getting Epic Talisman, Blessed Valakas, Ruler's Rings, etc. Put it this way, if the cloak event had the same success rate, we'd all have +20 Cloaks by now. That said, my inner conspiracy theorist believes that the chance of getting something good decreases after the first day. This is how they lure you in, thinking that everyone's day 1 success story will carry over to you on day 3, 10, or 14.
  2. If IOS wasn't dead before, it's definitely dead now. Better go hunt in the next few hours before the reset.
  3. Advice for Yul GS

    There are several threads on p. skill crit items, but this one is probably most thorough: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17438-physical-skill-critical-damage-which-items-have-it/?tab=comments#comment-118998
  4. Physical Skill Critical Damage: Which Items Have It?

    Update: The new artifacts are now in game. See Giran Luxury shop.
  5. Restore Item

    Yeah, that one long reply mentioned that as bullet point #5. But you know L2 players. They will try, fail, beg for restore, and cry like babies here on the forum when Support declines.
  6. Interesting. So every time the GMs have said in the past that they reduced the number of mobs to help with lag, they were just saying that for show? Good to know.
  7. dual class for feoh storm screamer

    There are other benefits to picking same class, like making it easier to decide which Dual Class Certificate skills to get, and being much more familiar with the class, where to hunt, how to xp efficiently, knowledge of 99% of the skills, etc. And for those quests that give rewards that are specific to a class type (i.e., Fighter or Mage), then you don't have to worry about being able to get the quest rewards for one class (mage), but not the other (fighter), if you choose a non-mage dual class. Final word, treat the Dual Class as an assist, not an end-all, be-all. If you are curious about other classes, you are better off re-rolling a new alt character. That way that character can benefit from starting at level 1 and getting all of the quests and such as you learn how to play that class.
  8. Incoming PK System

    Let's think of PK as a Class. Chaotic class. What happens to other classes when adverse changes come along unexpectedly? Do those classes get mitigating treatment? Of course not. Some classes get screwed so hard that they are unplayable. For years. They thought they were making the right choice by choosing those classes. Through no fault of their own they found out they were wrong. Now let's apply that same logic to Chaotic class. A class that should be an unprotected class. If a player makes a choice to go red every now and then, that's forgivable. But excessive PK counts means a player made a choice to kill frequently, and usually, indiscriminately. If changes come along to the PK system, players should live with the choices that they made. If that means that those Chaotic toons are now unplayable, just like so many other classes are basically unplayable because of changes, so be it.
  9. And in case I'm not clear, yes more mobs if no server boost. No, if there is server boosts.
  10. It's better to have server boost than more mobs. More mobs usually means more lag. But maybe if NCSoft had a way of making hunting grounds dynamic. If no one is there, mobs disappear. But when someone arrives, mobs appear at a rate proportionate to number of people in the area up to a certain limit. That way mobs would vanish in 98% of the map -- areas where they are not needed and are just using up resources. I would do the same thing for town NPCs. Most of them are just there for local color. Quests have all but been removed from game, so really they can remove many more NPCs, if they want to. Every little bit helps.
  11. MP regeneration in Hunting zones

    No problems with MP regen for me. Archer-ISS duo, left logged in for 2 days.
  12. Advice for Yul GS

    Don't hate me, but if you like playing the archer more than the mage, you should create a new character that is an archer as the main and play that character. There are some features of the game that only benefit your main, not your dual. For example, if you were to complete the level 107 Exalted quest on your dual, but your main is only 105, you won't be able to unlock the Spellbook: Dignity of the Exalted. You'll have to level your main (the mage) to 107 first. And when you pick your Dual Certification Skills, it makes things easier if you are picking skills for your archer, as opposed to splitting up the skills to help both classes a little. Say for example, if you are the type that was considering Dual Certification - Physical, or Dual Certification - Magical. Which would you choose? (I'm not saying that these are the Dual Certification skills that you'll want, or that they're the most optimal for either your class or your style of gameplay.) And then there's the predicament that some quest rewards cater to your class. Sure, you can swap Exalted equipment. But that will cost you 100,000,000 adena. Even if you're rich, why incur an avoidable expense? Also, I'm not sure if they've changed the Olympiad yet, but that used to be for main class only. Further, on rare occasion NCSoft will drop an event that caters to main class. It's been a while since that last happened, but never count against it. I could go on, but my point is, if you really see yourself playing Yul more than any other class, make it official. Make Yul your main.

    "In a few months" means August, December, something like that. Enjoy the wait.
  14. Max Upgrade on Homunkulus pet

    Tevas has resources. I didn't get a top level until last week. I gave up on trying to get a second one on the same character. I probably ended the lives of more homunculus than I did mobs since update.
  15. Olympiad Ring (30 day)

    It's possible, but is it worth it? Given that it's not a permanent ring, that's an awful lot of time, energy, and dying in humiliation. I would say that if you are truly able to win up to average, and you like the action, keep doing it. But the world won't end if you don't have every single item that boosts p. skill critical damage. I have a friend with a Greater Aries Agathion (10% p. skill crit. damage, +1 CHA, +1 additional damage) that tells me that he rarely uses it. He thinks he's reached the point of diminishing returns. He's boosted everything else so much that he kills just as fast if not faster over time PVE without the Greater Aries as he does with it.