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  1. Red Libra: Elysium Weapons & Player Stats?

    And haven't forgotten 450 attribute.
  2. I've been playing too much, my brain is fried. Someone please refresh my memory. Do the Elysium weapons that are handed out during Red Libra also passively boost a player's normal stats (e.g., Max HP/ MP/ CP+?%, P. Skill Power +?%, Atk. Spd +?%) ?
  3. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    First, thanks for this timely and informative post. I feel your pain. But I'm just curious: What do you think would be appropriate compensation for the loss of those recipes? I've never known the GMs to compensate players for items purchased at "market value", or the grossly marked-up price that players set. I've also never known them to recompense anyone for time spent accomplishing any task in game achieving said item. At most they might give something of equal value as the "NPC store price" of the item. But something tells me in this case that is a vastly lower price than the billions that you paid for the recipe. Given that, I'm curious to know what your expectation of service is from NCSoft; what would make you whole?
  4. Enchanted Brooch L2 Store

    It wouldn't be the first time that the L2 store sold something that was either (1.) cheaper to find in game, or (2.) players could get something similar, if not better, for free by doing a quest. The store should have a general disclaimer added to the Enhanced Brooch that a quest for one type of brooch is available in game at no cost. If they did that, though, they'd also have to do it for all of the other items that you get for free via quests and leveling up, like R grade soulshots, blessed spiritshots, etc, etc., etc. But to play devil's advocate, this game has lots of lazy, willfully ignorant players who want things now without having to work too much for them. Those players tend to play this game with their bank accounts and credit cards, so in a way, NCSoft is just appeasing that segment of their consumer base. No point in leaving them out in the cold and not profiting from their need for convenience.
  5. Red Libra

    Do you seriously not remember, or are you calling my bluff? If the latter, perhaps you can speak to my Kamael Sigel Shillien Templar (Main) how she got that way nine or so years ago. Before Stone of Destiny that was impossible to do because of the previous restrictions imposed on race/gender/path.
  6. R110 Bait

    Well, if we're being honest, while there is some difference between a +5 Bloody R110 and a +7 Bloody R99 statistically, especially if you max out the attribute to 450 on the R110, in practical terms you can't really tell a significant difference when you're hunting. You will XP a bit faster, but not OMG PVE WAR MACHINE lightning quick faster. So if you don't want to do the necessary things to upgrade your weapon, don't. Save yourself some adena and keep using the weapon that you have. Or better yet, use the adena to enhance your character in other ways, whether that be through skill enchants or any of the more affordable and less risky ways to increase your damage output rate. As in real life, this game never intended to make everyone equal or equally elite without anyone taking any risks. We'd all still be in caves if that was the case.
  7. Server Transfer Service Status

    I'm curious, too.
  8. Red Libra

    Yes, I know what the Stone of Destiny did and all of the back and forth at that time. I've been around forever.
  9. Fantastic Fishing Spot Glitch?!!!!!!!

    As it turns out, the Fantasy Isle Gatekeeper isn't working at all. It doesn't 'port me back to town. WTH?
  10. I can't access the Fantastic Fishing Spot, even though I have the coupon in my inventory. Did they take that offline without telling anyone? Sucks that the one pass that I have will probably be gone before I get an answer to this question, but thought I'd ask anyway.
  11. Jewells

    Amazing how fast things change. Now the "top" isn't Tauti, Bl. Valakas, or Bl. Antharas. Swap out all of those for either Dragon Jewels or the new God's jewels (Paagrio, Sayha, etc.) Lindvior is still a good pick, if you can't get Dragon/God's earrings.
  12. Moonlight sentinel

    Archers in general require good equipment to XP and are not as good as other classes if you want to farm. I would probably pick a summoner for that. But if you want to play Yul, and you are able to get nice gear, they are one of the best classes to play, no matter which Yul specialty you pick. PVP, PVE, you won't have any problems getting parties.
  13. Red Libra

    They will never do Stone of Destiny thing ever again. Red Libra is as close as you can get. I think they should learn to do Red Libra right after every update, not before. That way people can actually play characters after changes have been implemented and then determine if they want to change their class to something else. Waiting 6-7 months after update launch is no good. By then you are almost ready for next update before you can change characters, weapons, and such.
  14. I got just 3 words for you, a simple request: Reeeeeeeeed. Liiiiiiibraaaaaaaaaaa. Sooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!
  15. October Preview: Red Libra This Month?

    Yes, a FEW months ago. Not one or two. Also, we had Red Libra around this same time last year. Maybe it was November. I know it was end of year. Doesn't hurt to have another. The only people who don't want Red Libra are the ones who don't need to use it anyway.