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  1. This is the biggest problem with the long queue and DC. The XP event was extended for only one week. Most people are not going to be able to recover the lost time from the earlier server problem in a week when it takes them an hour to log in. I also found a peculiar decision to give 5-hour XP Rune III 30% as part of the L2 Store free Compensation package. A better choice would have been to make it an XP Rune I or II, since those runes stack with XP Rune III.
  2. We asked the devs for a cross server auction house-type function several years ago. They ignored us on that, probably because it made RMT easier and also ran the risk of ruining markets on all servers. But despite those drawbacks I still think it's a good idea...if properly designed with safeguards.
  3. Strictly as a social experiment, I think this game just proves that if you put a shiny thing in front of people, most will engineer methods to not only increase the likelihood of getting it, but at the cost of others, even if it means breaking the very system designed to award said object. Fair play, gray area, outside of the rules -- whatever it takes. Technology evolves and advances. Mankind does not.
  4. I must have logged in right behind you. 456 in queue. When I logged in around midnight last night Pacific Standard time there was over 100 people in queue. That's never happened before. Usually on the West Coast that late you never get a queue at all. Not anymore.
  5. Don't feel bad, I haven't seen a greedy chest, either. Anyone who has killed multiples of the chests is cheating.
  6. Which is lame. It's the season of giving, not giving and taking.
  7. Oh, great. Get ready for the server to be flooded with Angel jewelry again.
  8. Why do these posts keep happening? It's clear, if you buy an OE item from anyone, automatically assume it was previously restored. No ifs ands or buts. Then before you go to exploit the system yourself, first check with the GMs to see if it is eligible for restoration. It's really that simple.
  9. And yet I've spent less money on this game over the past 18 months than I've spent back when we had to pay a monthly fee. Far, far less. Not every shiny object that NCSoft throws our way is a must purchase. Not every event worth it. And for damn sure buying XP boosts in L2store for only a .00000000000000000000000000000000000002 more increase in XP isn't worthy it. Talk about throwing good money after bad.
  10. Not significantly more relevant to the amount of money they'll spend. Server boosted settings would help that tremendously.
  11. Were you logged in and hunting all night during the daily soft reset (not the weekly downtime)? I logged into the game early before the weekly downtime, but after the soft reset. My Vitality was there full bar, but I went hunting and it evaporated like usual in under 10 minutes. They really should have sold 30 day Vitality suspension cheaply and in bulk until everyone on the server is at least 115.
  12. Well said. Whoever thinks up this stuff at NCSoft must like walking around with a stick of dynamite glued to his gonads. This is far beyond merely shooting himself in the foot. It's proven time and again, people spend more when prices are low and/or when the chance of winning something, or getting a good return on investment is high. Much, much more.
  13. I have a life. You clearly don't if you feel in anyway disappointed about anyone missing out on a pack that isn't very good to begin with. A shinier lump of crap that they're paying less for is still crap that their paying for.
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