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  1. Still No Red Libra???!!!???

    Why so sensitive? Red Libra has been around for over a decade. No one cares that we didn't have it back in closed beta through C3 or whatever. Many people want it. Ignore it if you don't. Lots of stuff messes up the game. Hero chat messes up game. Gold Save Coupons and Grand Kain enchant scrolls mess up game. Restoraton Tickets mess up game. Demon swords messes up games. Lame events like Rim Kamaloka that only 2-3 classes can really do mess up game. Having 1% of the population hog 99% of the content messes up game. Red Libra helps way more players than it hurts. .
  2. So no Red Libra tomorrow, which means we enter August first week without it. The current events don't make up for 1 Red Libra. What the bleep did you guys do wrong that you can't get Red Libra to function properly on Live now??? Seriously, it's time to devise some work around solutions for people that want to change their classes and exchange their equipment, even if that means you have to manually do Support Tickets. As for the Red Libra buffs, just leave GM buff NPCs at Fantasy Isle around the clock. As for items that Red Libra NPCs sell like Elysium weapons, start a package that gives out Shunaiman (sp) weapons in the Gallery or L2 store. Or distribute a Dimensional PC code that people can enter and pick up packets in game. Lastly, while there is no replacing the quest XP reward, if you add another 100% to server settings, people will accept that in lieu of the Red Libra daily quests. Lots of ways to make a bad situation work for everyone. But give us something. Anything is better than an "Out of Order" sign.
  3. Vitality Pack Flash Sales

    @Juji @Hime Come on, guys, the community has spoken! We want Vita packs with Eruption pots. At least sell me a 7-Day Vitality rune. Are you going to make your customers happy, or ignore us?
  4. Extend the Rim Kamaloka Event

    My DD has won 4 boxes a day every day since the event began. What i did win with all of those boxes? Worthless fragments. That's all you get. So people please stop the nonsense about DDs winning more rare items and getting richer. Odds of winning big prizes are too low. Like .0000000000000000000000000000000000001% low. And don't even complain about not having the chance to get a box. You set yourself up for failure. You can roll a 105 DD in a day or two as an alt or dual class. In this game everyone knows at some point you're going to need a DD, just like everyone knows that you're going to need an ISS. Stop complaining, roll a DD. Simple. Then you can win thousands of lame fragments that you don't need like me.
  5. Tyrr Dread 110 Amazing Exping!

    Players don't really help with market economy. Most of the prices you see are from people who raise prices to arbitrarily high amounts. In a real economy, you know, where people have to eat and deal with other day to day necessities, high prices in a free, open market are held in check by others who know that if they don't sell low, someone else will, and they will starve. In that kind of market you won't see people charging 15B for a level 3 La Vie En Rose jewel, for example, because that item wouldn't sell for days, if not weeks. No one wants to go that long without food. Sorry for topic derail. Back to good news for stacked Tyrrs.
  6. Tyrr Dread 110 Amazing Exping!

    You lost me here, along with 97% of the players. If it takes me a little longer to XP at far less the cost, isn't that the smarter move?
  7. a tip about prestige pack

    +1. They need to upgrade it. Current offering blows. Don't need a cube that gives an R gem, crystal, EOD, EAR or whatever. Don't need any of that crap.
  8. Can we get a real event?? please?

    I use a macro for my 109 archer. I get S all the time for Stage 2. So we can't blame macro alone necessarily. It always comes back to same things. How did ppl build their archers? Or more correctly, where are they in terms of their archer build? Rim Kamaloka is made to challenge even top characters who have everything maxed out, i.e., ++++ limited bows or Stage 1 Dragon/Curse weapons, triple stat dyes + with Power or P. Skill Crit. Damage boosts, +18 Elmore Cloaks, 5-6 Greater Jewels, +6 through +10 artifacts, God jewels, +5 or more Shilen weapon stones, etc. They had to make the mobs hard. Anyone with average or even above average equipment should not be upset. You are doing best you can with what you have. Keep improving your character. One day it won't be as hard.
  9. Old players, new free stuff

    Keep your old character for the birthday pots. Does it have subclass?
  10. Can't forget that high score is also affected by the chance of spawning the Doppler and Void mobs. Sometimes they spawn more times than others. That is the difference between me scoring 14,000+, or only 13,000+ in Stage 2.
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this. Terrible Rim Kamaloka event works, but you can't get Red Libra to work on Live Server at all? What gives? Seriously, bro, WTF?!???
  12. This is true. The good prizes are Stage 3. But even DDs with top equipment can only sniff them if they are higher level than 111. Enjoy those fragments!
  13. Unscheduled Live Maintenance: Thursday, June 4

    It's why Greater Garnet drops so often this event.
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    I wouldn't call it a "low" chance. Since I didn't participate in the last three "events", I spent $100 this time. I got 3 Greater Jewels (Topaz twice, Garnet), which is more than I've won in any other event in about a year. I also see plenty of people getting Epic Talisman, Blessed Valakas, Ruler's Rings, etc. Put it this way, if the cloak event had the same success rate, we'd all have +20 Cloaks by now. That said, my inner conspiracy theorist believes that the chance of getting something good decreases after the first day. This is how they lure you in, thinking that everyone's day 1 success story will carry over to you on day 3, 10, or 14.
  15. If IOS wasn't dead before, it's definitely dead now. Better go hunt in the next few hours before the reset.