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  1. Realise you got zero equipment AND you need more than 1500$ GEAR to Do 105lvl+ Content.Thats the game we play from a new player's point of view
  2. Yeh i dont understand why we dont get the old pk system.Top players shouldnt be able to do whatever they want, they should be feared of losing their gear, but i bet NCsoft doesnt wanna make them angry since they are paying them.
  3. It hurts me really bad having more than 5000+ coins and knowing that we could trade 180 of them for a Box similar to MARPH Boxes.Basically i could have 50 Maphr boxes right now, and i would definitely get at least 3-4b Out of them.This event could be a great ADENA event,but it ended up neither adena neither exp, just a bad event.It feels so sad
  4. Thanks both for your responses,i will save for R110.
  5. As the title suggest guys,i want a good balanced comparison of +12 blessed Specter dual dagger and Enhanced Exalted.Also dont rush pls and try to calculate everything.For example exalted has +10% pve dmg, but the specter dagger has +9% soul shot damage, also in +4 it gains p.critical and can get 2 SA.Im trying to figure if my dmg will greatly improve,because it costs only 8b and i cant afford 35b For +12 bloody right now.Need a quick solution, so if someone can compare them, thank you. (Also Exalted daggers has 833 P.attack and specter has 930P.attack)
  6. Can u give me a link of the full patch notes of Homunculus part 2?
  7. Send a ticket, i Did and they gave me paulina equipment box for my old char
  8. Thanks for your wisdom, im a dagger.So it seems i need aquamarine and some jewels for Mp consumption
  9. Well said sir, everyone is just blinded from Nostalgia and eating all the grass they are fed.Sheep players mostly, and top spenders/black market *Heros*.What a sane person does?Macro fish exp all day, and play some guild wars 2 or final fantasy or even wow in the background, and only play OLY and some siege for Fun.Thats what a sane person does,an insane person is gonna just watch his toon macroing all day and then start considering your life choices, like what,im paying a game to see my toon afk farming by itself, and GAINING nothing as well.You need to be something more than insane
  10. He just said his items, and as i see it, he got more than 400b gear probably, and yet he cant farm.So what you need to be able to farm? 2 trillion adena gear?Only people are making 5-10 bil per day are either Market rats or Top spender dogs who got 5 Trillion gear.
  11. It seems it stops healing mp when u reach 101+lvl, damn
  12. I saw something exciting new installed today ;D ITEMS LOST? :DDDDDDDDDD
  13. You said everything i wanted to tell,its sad people will be bored to read all this, even if its TRUE.A game where u have to Fish the moment u start for years to be able to play :D.A laughable joke.What i didnt think about was the NO ADENA DROP feature.How i didnt think about this, it wasnt a BUG, it was a FUTURE update.NCSOFT is gonna pull a 0 ADENA DROP after VITALITY IS OVER IN THE FUTURE? :DDDDDD THEY ACTUALLY HAVE THE BALLS TO GO THIS FAR,JUST TO SEE IF THE PLAYERS WILL QUIT OR NOT?Im convinced they wanna shut down the game,or they believe we are so Sheep we are still playing that we are g
  14. Hello community, i bought a Kookaburra for my MP issues i have with dagger when i solo farm.The thing is i got it lvl112 while im lvl107, and it still doesnt heal any MP.It heals 0 mp, is this a bug?
  15. Yes,thats right.Come on seriously? Macro all day and nothing else?Why we cant do some old funny quests,for Pets/Mounts or Armor skins?Its really not fun right now, pls consider returning the old quests.And if u wanna void people that will abuse them because of the fast 1-85lvl just remove the EWR-EAR rewards u had in some of those.
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