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  1. You can make the percentages a bit by yourself.Enchanted valley mobs drop 600-900 adenas in NA ( In EU classic they drop 2200-3000).I spoiled fabrics in Fom lvl51, fabrics drop rate is 35% (i should spoil 25/30 per hour).I get 1 fabric every 50 mobs so i guess its 10-12% in here.So spoil is nerfed by 1/3, adenas are nerfed as well by 1/3.We are playing x0.25 server rates.End of story
  2. They have proved a long time ago that their programmers arent exactly top quality or even mediocre.There were many bugs they couldnt fix so they just called out *working as intended*.I dont really blame the team but the management.Its obvious NCsoft dont wanna pay too much for this milking project since people are paying vip4 even if they are given to eat crap right?
  3. The problem is that even with the most failed Launch of a game in the history of games, the game started with 2 Full heavy servers,procceded with 2 more that eventually became Full,Raise the cap of the server into 8-10k capacity and became full again.And WHEN the company itself REFUSED to start solving issues,and not only second and third hand issues but PRIORs.Issues with drop/spoil/adena rate which is still more messed up than my ex,issues with botters,issues with bugs,issues with EVERYTHING.They just refused publicy to solve anything by telling people that EVERYTHING WORKS AS INTENDED FROM NOW ON.How can you,as a sane person,still offer to someone your money,your time,your support,for being Stepped and spit on?Nobody cares that random PAYING costumers leave?Seriously?Have you ever run a bleep business?If you run your shop wrong,being rude in your costumers,over price/scum your products,and people stop passby your door, you will just not care?Will you care when you wont be able to pay ur rent?Aden is ALMOST dead,Giran goes strong but tell me that in 10 days when First siege starts and those 2/3 Top RMT clans with their +17 weaps will stomp on every other clan in the server.Lvl70 obviously was not the cap, so many peeps are 76 already, third class comes in 2 weeks,they will become beasts and bully everyone.I remember with FFXIV when it had a failed launch and the game was terrible,when Yoshi p from Square enix appeared LIVE before a whole crowd and kneeled and APOLOGISED for the state of the game and the terrible management,and then 1 years later made a miracle and re-launched ffxiv reborn who you can consider 2th mmo in the world after wow.He didnt tell everyone it works as intended.
  4. Looping Macros

    I know it would feel at least somewhat fair for the rest but hell no.I remember in live when 80% was bots and other 20% was loop macro.I was literally searching for a farm spot and all spots were TAKEN from fingerless people and when i started complaining in say chat they all answered me its macro dude chill out.Why not make the whole game automatic like l2 revolution?We shouldnt even log in to play, let the game play itself dam ( i heard many have that looping macro though by auto clicking cursor programms whom arent considered botting)
  5. Server Population

    As klaus stated above, thats the thing.Dont expect anything.Im main spoiler lvl55 and i suffer right now because of my uselessness.NC stated that works as intented (mobs with fabric spoil rate 60% need to kill 100 mobs to get 1 fabric logic).Spoil right now is probably 1/10 nerfed which means if 60%=6%.Even CPs dont want spoilers because they know they are useless.But somehow this server is still playable without cash unlike the live servers so lets enjoy it as much we can till it dies (probably soon)
  6. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    The problem is not how they did go 70+ but that they DID.Now the day the patch hits we will see third class transfers in the server,which will provide them a TONS of passives/skills and since they farmed 70+ they just farmed sp didnt use it because 70+ has no skills so they will unlock everything as well.And in the first siege they will reck everyone in the server.Everyone should be de-leveled back in 70 for now but i guess there would be frustration if that happened.
  7. New AFK Fishing event incoming!

    monkey baits give 15% more exp and its a bit faster.It isnt that much of a boost at all and i highly doubt you get more exp by fishing than real farming.So yes im glad classic is following a somehow healthy way.
  8. Daily check-in

    I aggre daily attedance should be a permament feature, it will motivate players to log in and its balanced
  9. Baits Fishing event

    it means direct purschase from the store OR from vip box in the... store
  10. I dont know if u expect a free event who handles free top d weaps or top c this time,that event for me was stupid.Unlike those with this one u will be able to farm much better with the 5mins buff that drops from monsters,only thing people will get from l2store is some afk fishing and some tunas where they could buy hmmmm, soulshots?Not big of a difference really,l2 classic still remains a notsopay2win server unlike chronos.I have experienced back there what it feels like p2w.*cough* dragon weaps *cough* in store lol.
  11. Was nice while it lasted

    Even though its unfair that they didnt provide a way to farm monkey baits ingame,man just go VIP 1 (5$ BUCKS FOR 5 MONTHS) and u will have 60 baits and 10 tunas daily.If people cant even afford vip 1 come on.Ofc that would be only for the afk fishing crap.The most important thing in this event is the 5min buff that drops from MONSTERS :).With that i will be able to solo farm MUCH EASIER,i can tell with confidence i will farm with my spoiler 10kk adena + this month ty to the buff.Even though im Vip 2 I dont even know if i will use the baits lol
  12. New AFK Fishing event incoming!

    Seriously some people till want events like halloween where multiboxing afks wins top d weaps?NO.This is real event,even though its UNFAIR that u cant get monkey baits ingame,they should provide a way for f2p players but well the 5mins buff is all i NEEDED so i solo farm much easier than before.
  13. Have in mind Blizzard has gone full corrupt last year, you saw what happened to blizzcon, wow BFA lost a HUGE number of sucbscibers, people who were subbed for 10 years were forced to unsub due to Blizzard NOT caring anymore about the player demands.Diablo immoral crap as well.Blizzard is taking the path of hell NCsoft took long ago so i dont trust their classic as well.Its obviously a last stand for them to cash grab people's nostalgia like NCsoft did.You cant trust anyone anymore,for now i have put my trust in Square enix and their FFXIV, but you never know when a company will go desperate
  14. As iv seen many bans lately and complains, but i thought they were just bots who spammed forums, till i saw friend getting account locked suddenly when we were in net cafe, we were farming together.Obviously the system uses some auto-ban feature who detects any kind of 3th party software programms( even DISCORD) and bans the account.Here is the question gentlemen,should we, or rather, should I fear for my account?My account is 9 years old from old days,i have invested tons of hours of gameplay + money into the l2 store by supporting the company.I really wouldnt like to get banned because the administration is bad.PS 9 years and my account has never, i repeat NEVER touched any kind of programm,botting,boxing,spamming, its the most clean account.I would get really mad if sth happened like my friend.Get your shit together and investigate players before u rush into such actions,people are spending money here and contributing for the game.
  15. Aden server is DYING HARDCORE

    I personally chose to stay 40lvl for a couple of months till i complete my c grade gear.Right now got c grade top/legs and 1 accessory.Also top d and 1 dye.Got a month to go at least more ( i also spam aden dungeon daily so if i get lucky boom).When i will be full c i will farm 1-2 millions extra and i will rush from 40 to 52 by paying teleports.That way i wont have to suffer the way people describe right now