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  1. I lost xp rune 200%, prestige pack, pack 30 days accesory pack on 3 accounst, i we get latency pack only? dont mean to be rude, but seems i got scamm by ncsoft.
  2. @Hime my game doenst open anymore, i log the account, the server start and said "dont response" and then close.... lol i already restart my pc and nothing, already put repair files and nothing
  3. @Hime 3 prestige pack (3 chars) lost, 2 accesory pack (2 chars) lost because i couldnt use it because of lag. I write to your "support", answer : "sorry" lol
  4. @Hime support almost never do something on this cases, pretty much the anwser always is "sorry". I waste the prestige pack and rare accesory pack on two characters.
  5. ppl that bought 30 days 200% rune, prestige pack for their parties, and now the are going to loss it because of this? lol Can i have my money back i cant use the prestige pack -.- and the 30 days accesory pack lol
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