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  1. The time now runs from 1pm PST/4pm EST till 7pm PST/ 10pm EST you want to make it earlier, who would come ? This is a NA server and the earlier the time the less competition because most players on this server are NA and work during the day, its already starting super early so it has little participation when it starts, like 3 people chase the sword at the start because people not even on to participate.
  2. both Aden servers are not the same time for events. One is more for EU players with times and the other is more aligned with NA times.
  3. Many of those complaining and @lorekarfactually transferred to chronos years ago. Its only reasonable to transfer back to naia. Don't complain about the times when you came to chronos by choice to begin with.
  4. naia transfers are open, nothing is keeping you on NA server
  5. I think if people want to do things earlier, say euro times, move to naia. in fact I like the idea to move it 2 hours later makes it better for all who actually pvp. We cant adjust a server time for events for ONE party. That would not be fair to the rest of the server who plays on this server to have activities in NA time zone.
  6. if you listen to the general public of classes that debuff, tanks, iss, are effected the most and NC has told me its working as intended, and if they are intending to kill the game due to classes being worthless.... people dont want to play classes because their skills dont land and its sad NC not doing anything
  7. this is an ongoing issue still, debuffs not landing at an appropriate rate on people who are lvl 120
  8. https://gyazo.com/25b43bfc93a413658b150bd03a07dd31
  9. https://youtu.be/tTygOLc2o04
  10. yeah some classes the debuffs dont land at all on 120 mobs, even if the player is 120, so there is something not working correctly
  11. I also know that people who are 120 cant land skills on other 120s either.
  12. I am 117 and none of my skills landed on a 120, in 2 min of constant attacks nothing landed, thats not normal .
  13. The most affected classes are tanks, summoners, enchanters, nukers, evicerators , tyrr, daggers, healers.... oh thats every class its affecting.
  14. There is a major glitch in pvp where debuffs do not land on players who are high lvl. We have tested +20 skills ( max) on lvl 120 characters with it failing 100% of the time. This needs to be looked into and fixed ASAP.
  15. sept... oct... nov... dec...jan...feb...mar..apr.... and now we are in May since this has been brought up . We going on 9 months with no real effort to resolve this.
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