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  1. sept... oct... nov... dec...jan...feb...mar..apr.... and now we are in May since this has been brought up . We going on 9 months with no real effort to resolve this.
  2. some points to make sure they fix while they at it. Make sure SA's on weapons transfer to pets, the dark / bloody affects from weapons AND armors transfer. The augment affects of weapons, jewels and armors transfer to pets. ARTIFACTS and charms effects transfer to pets. Also from what i can tell there is NO element at all with pets defense or offense. That's huge if we can add this to the stats of the pets that would be necessary since elements has been in the game for 4 YEARS
  3. Thanks for everyone to post and get some attention on this issue.
  4. I have created a thread for summoners and you should post in this thread as it has lots of attention already. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19620-summoner-summons-at-110-too-low-level/
  5. still disconnects today , lots of people having crit errors
  6. They gave us the forgotten book fragments, which they took away because we could farm it in game and NC didnt make any money from that. Now you have to spend $700 in NC coin to make ONE forgotten skill +30, micro transactions are better for NC then game play.
  7. Here is the top 150 people on chronos server on their mains which are lvl 114 and higher, ( if you include dual classes it would be over 300 characters I bet) and my pets are at lvl 110, how is that even fair? I Cant lvl and every time there is an xp event I am at a disadvantage. I would like compensation and any class that depends on their summoners . https://gyazo.com/a03217ab06083d9f19ef7ef2016e90b7
  8. https://gyazo.com/8a9065da7885eadca6ca6a4782c8dc00 here is a picture that sums up how ridiculous this is. 116 summoner with lvl 110 pets.... I cant xp in any zones , I dont do enough dmg to monsters and they die in 3 shots to all mobs in new zones. wtf am I supposed to do ? you guys say a summoner in a damage dealer but I just dont see it @Juji @Hime
  9. In the past you could check people if they had counts and people would log out etc to avoid people, this is not the case anymore since you cant do that. The problem is the porting to the dim server every time for a match, its unstable and irresponsible of NCsoft west to implement a system thats not stable.
  10. This post was started back in september. No official reply or anything from NC yet. summoners alone have not had a boost in over 6 years, the last change they did to summoners was a nerf to remove pets. When will you create a balanced game or should I just quit now since its not worth playing ?
  11. You know, NC did an emergency patch to LOWER the adena in stronghold, but because my pets are nerfed at 110 and I cant kill mobs there , where is the importance to increase the lvl of the pets ? It would be great if we had that urgency to help players .... not just hurt us
  12. Would be great this was fixed or looked into at least.
  13. Here is an example https://youtu.be/qFhVEWGcO14
  14. There is a bug with olympiad with porting in, blackscreening and porting back out, losing the match and considered a loss. There is also random disconnecting while in the middle of a fight. The first method you lose 60 pts, and the 2nd way you would lose 30 points. NC soft claims its nothing on their end so can you please post if this has happened to you before to show its a server issue and not individuals.
  15. @Juji @Hime How is it you have time to fix stronghold adena drops but you dont have time to fix ALL summoner pets who cant even farm in the new zone..... this is getting borderline abusive to our summoner class.
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