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  1. not to mention... Summoner last big update was in 2011 and nerfed shortly after.
  2. So to sum up a few points made including the initial post : summoners marks cant magic crit equipment stats do not share with summons summons receive more damage in pvp summons give reduced dmd in pvp summons dont scale with game pets cap at 105 but most players 108+ get extra crit chance and dmg , gives a critical disadvantage Some suggested corrections Fix skills, either make all magic debuff skills crit or take away ALL those abilities from other classes to make equal for skill descriptions. Fix equipment sharing to actually give pets all skills that summoner passives give , this is not happening at all. fix pets, scale to do more damage in pvp and increase stats.
  3. I am stating the fact they told me that debuffs do not crit and I Am pointing out that freezing flame does crit and it categorized as a debuff. So their classification on what can magic crit is wrong and they either need to change it or let summoner marks crit too since that is summoners main class skill.
  4. I have tried to create a ticket to contact NCsoft about the summoner marks not having the ability to magic crit , their response: GM Than Thursday at 23:43 Hi again, As we have further investigate the issue the summoner mark skill is working as intended and categorized as "Weaken" (Debuffs) skills which is are not generally not going to have the same properties as a nuking spell or main attack skills where skill critical occurs. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further question. Regards, GM Than NCSOFT Support Team Now as far as I am concerned the marks are the summoners main skills and only way to do any pvp damage and we cant magic crit the skills? that seems broken to me and this needs to be fixed. I asked NC for the main skills of a summoner and they told me to go to forums and they didnt have that info. ALSO based on this Warcryer ISS have the freezing flame skill which is considered a debuff but it CAN crit, so I want to know why there is an inconsistency in allowing debuff skills to crit while others cant.
  5. This needs to be looked into for gear bonuses transferring to pets.