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  1. @Juji @Hime How is it you have time to fix stronghold adena drops but you dont have time to fix ALL summoner pets who cant even farm in the new zone..... this is getting borderline abusive to our summoner class.
  2. I disagree, I cant xp because summoner pets dont scale with the level of the summoner and I cant kill mobs the same level as my character.... Fix summoners instead . Even my OWN pets are light blue to me .... not even white... @Hime @Juji v
  3. still waiting for a response from NCSOFT, This is a glitched system, pets stuck at 110 while players are 119 now...} Make pets the same level and the summoner OR let us Over enchant them , we need a fix for this, I cant XP .....
  4. Any way to create this to prevent clan hoping
  5. When you want to play your main or dual class, the AP points are different but the dual class skills are the same, can we make this the same and separate them ? it makes no sense when you have a mage dual class but melee main, the dual class skills have to be changed EVERY time you change class , this is 2020, why have you not changed this yet?
  6. People are dropping clans to avoid wars etc which is fine but then joining for castle siege every 2 weeks and then dropping again. Is there some kind of way we can introduce a 30 day clan rejoin penalty so they cant just drop in and out of clans like this?
  7. They need to rework the summoner hard, they dont give party buffs anymore, they dont have the DPS they had in the past, they have been ignored since GoD release.... Im just looking ffor small changes but yes they are nerfed hard in all areas of pve, pvp in the game.
  8. We have an update where mobs are 116 120 etc but the summoners pets are locked at lvl 110 and you cant OE them to be higher ( in the past you could +10 etc the pets to increase their levels) . This is puts summoners at a high disadvantage to kill in the new zones because of this disadvantage, how are we supposed to level when we cant even kill mobs ..
  9. let me get this strait.... having 2 computers is ok? but having a VM is not? where is the logic in that lol. Also what if people are not using it to bypass the limit of clients, then its ok ?
  10. @Juji @Hime Keep stronghold the same, we need to have some way to farm adena in game since its nerfed everywhere else. chronos: New update does not match the level of server. we have 3 people 116, most the server is 110 111 112 and cant xp in new zones. so the lvl gap is increasing. PLEASE implement A Leveling WALL AT 117 or something.... otherwise no support will play this game. ( in the top 50 ranked in xp for mains, only 3 classes are support, 2 tanks and 1 iss..... )
  11. So NCsoft is condoning ticket reporting for pvp?
  12. What clan are you in , if you want to pay for a high lvl DD to help you farm mobs that would be a better idea dont you think?
  13. Summoners got ONE boost like 9 years ago with 4 pets, then they nerfed it 3 months later saying it was OP because bot parties would zerg the server with 5 summoner xp parties = 20 pets. The next time a few years later was the retributer, which was not much of a boost since I had to make a new weapon completely to play the class. There needs to be a fix because as of now a summoner cant xp close to any other DD in any zone above 110. Archers, daggers, nukers can all one shot mobs, and summoners take 30 seconds to kill a mob....
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