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  1. free to log in, not free to play LOL
  2. here is a crazy idea..... instead of making it SUPER hard to get things in game, make things just available , charge $50 bucks for a random 5 box instead of $500 and just let all players have the ability to have all jewels.... Im just saying, I dont know any other game out there that makes you pay for learning your skills or paying to have gear just to xp with lol.
  3. Last time there was a party bonus xp boost, players exploited the boost by having a party with a toon in town, and getting all the xp on only the character killing the mobs. Will this continue to screw over support for parties more ? or did they fix it ... @Juji @Hime
  4. you can petition NCsoft to return NC coin on any unused passes you have bought with NC coin.
  5. I dont know who said i make 20b a day, i was only making 5b a day lol. you guys pull these numbers out of no where, I know ONE person making 20b a day, and another making 15b a day. prob the rest is between 5- 7b a day .
  6. let me give you some advice.... 5 passes is 350 NC coin. you can buy other items for 350 NC coin and sell for 700m adena, and save yourself 6 hours and make a better profit, your welcome.
  7. stronghold is empty now, lol like 5 people there. NC messed up hard lol. They will see with how many passes they sell.
  8. geo22 who are you in game and what server do you play on ? Im curious if you even play the game or if your here to troll.
  9. First time in the history of L2 there is a way to farm adena without cheating or loading 20 clients to do so. and you all scream bloody murder that its possible to do .
  10. he just wants NC to give him items so he does not have to work for them. He prob never even been to stronghold lol
  11. so they should make emergency maintenance changes because less than 5% of the server is benefiting from something because they have invested more time and adena into the game than the other 95% to be able to do something you cant. so lets punish them, am i understanding you correctly?
  12. @Geo22 I play all levels of this game, I do oly, i do pvp, i do pve, I do instances. The top players in this game is like 30 people, thats it. I am talking from a perspective of the rest of the server where NC has ruined their reason to play or even participate in the game. There is no reason when you have end game items you should be punished for farming something efficiently, and punishing players who want to do that with unobtainable ways to get there. Stronghold adena should be returned to normal rates before the update. OR even after the update, just not what they are now. This thread is about the unscheduled maint that caused the adena nerf to stronghold and drops/adena with vitality, so lets try to stay on topic instead of going off on random tangents that a whole new thread can be made from.
  13. Juji has said the Dev are the one only making decisions here, so this is to the Dev team. the party bonus need to be brought back for CHARACTERS IN RANGE people have been exploiting it to leave toons in town while in party with a DD that xp and get party bonus without the other person there and doubling his xp . The partying system is ruining the game right now and people are not leveling in groups or with support in the game, they only level archers. Please make this MMO involve partying again..... right now its not . The adena drops, This game is requiting so much adena to do things just like this last update requiring about 8b to upgrade a artifact book, but yet you are taking measures to lower adena drops more and more. The most recent was stronghold. passes cost 140m and emperor passes 20m and rose 50m so in one hour the cost to xp there is 360 million adena. before the update the update normal people could farm 300-500m an hour there, which made it worth doing. Now with update the average player wont go there because the lose money... they only make 200m an hour there now and its not worth going at all. Sure if you have a stacked toon you can still make 400m an hour, but why even go for a gain of 50m an hour .... ... I think we are moving backwards with the game and not forward. give the player reasons to log in, not reasons to play less. The adena rate needs to be brought back to normal.
  14. We Need This PK System On Live

    + VOTE (FIRST)
  15. In-Game Terrain Exploits

    @Juji @Hime Any responses to the questions from the community?