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  1. I hope all of them 150+ players in que before me where prestige aswell and waiting for over 30mins to connect. Prestige feels precious this days
  2. I came back to L2 about a month ago after a year. And I was 105. Exp event mhm aha nice I did 107. 105 - 107 in a month is it good proly not. I work to feed my family and dont have much time to play. Less exp no fun. Less exp makes me withdraw from L2 again. No gear to exp faster. Yes... I never had top gear but was able to do some stuff and play for fun and sometimes enjoy. Now killik one mob for 0.0001%... seriously GREAT improvement to the game. Upgrading old gear requiers lots of stuff that cannot be gathered in months, not unless to use a credit card. YEAH WRIGHT let my kids starve. Its n
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