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  1. Delevel and Skills

    One Question. If I delvel and I lose skills for sure but if I level up again so do I need another Spellbook to re-learn that old skill? For example: I am a Warcry learnt Chant of Vampire at lv 48 by spending an Amulet: Chant of Vampire. Now I delevel Warcry back to 40 so I lose skill Chant of Vampire for sure. But when I level up that Warcry to lv 48 again, do I need another Amulet: Chant of Vampire to re-learn that skill? Really need your help on this, guys. thank you in advance.
  2. Can't get past server selection

    They (Operators) were banning some suspicious logging in, as a massive effect, we are effected by their action. GG
  3. Can't get past server selection

    is Server already dead? Could not log in servers from yesterday until now.
  4. Server down

    me too. Can't login from yesterday