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  1. Macro loop and self use support skills were very good. I think just one more self-picking part is perfect. The automatic battle system I think is unnecessary.
  2. 7 accounts per PC and terminate the connection with the death characters without reviving within 15 minutes.
  3. i think we dont need to redownload all the game. i do it by my way and i install this game in 1 min. 1st - backup your Lineage II folder or move it to another location + create a empty Lineage II folder in old location. 2nd - remove NcLauncher + Lineage II in your Apps and Features (Win 10) or Programs and Features (Win 7) 3rd - install NcLauncher 2 4rd - sign in , select Lineage 2 to install. Important: when you install Lineage 2, select your Lineage II folder which you backup. All will be done in 1 minute. Enjoy newness! Cheer!
  4. after all of that. i turned something useless in notification chat board. for example: damage text. and use keywork filter fuction. its easier more than now. tks for all suggestion!
  5. i used spoil, not festival. when i have been attacked by more than one, its really so hard to check the activation of skill.
  6. As my question: How to see spoil succesfull easier? It's really hard if I have been attacked with multiple mobs. Texts in notification board pass so fast. It is very painful to look that way. I think NCSoft should make a easier way to see. I wish I can see spoil icon on mobs as debuff skill if it uses success. any idea? @Hime @Juji
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