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  1. all disconnected from the server ?
  2. Gludio made for beginners 60+ training and not in order that you farm there
  3. This Russian whine that they covered the spot for farm Adena
  4. when protection against bots will be improved? when can I start playing?
  5. Tell me in all games ncsoft bots do not ban?
  6. haven't you played the main version? classic server is just a patch 200MB Koreans did not bother to make a chance for skills as it was in the old chronicles
  7. you must first put the rates on adena 1-40 monsters as it was at the start of the server and then ban from cruma tower and ant nest and so on if bots do not generate income they will disappear
  8. need to make it clear that they will be banned at a certain level or for a certain time they stop botting does not pay off
  9. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/438925064 such will complain?
  10. in 2019 nobody uses processor for stream you are 5 years late maybe 10 Is it advanced technology ncsoft?
  11. I'll clean the server my eye twitches when I see so many bots
  12. WIN 10 = delete client lineage2 WIN7 = all OK
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