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  1. 3 days into merger I can definitively say it was a total failure. Other than a few more shops in Giran, I really wouldnt know that 2 other servers merged into Talking Island on Wednesday. I think all this merger did was allow players from Gludio and Aden to cash out on a more populated server before quitting for good. The only real winners were PUFA and the RMT/Adena sellers on Aden/Gludio. @Juji People are sick of having to buy adena just to afford soulshots, only to be bombarded by a never ending stream of P2W items they need to purchase in order to stay relevant with the handful o
  2. What whales? There are not many left, at least on my server....you can count them on 1 hand. It's not only whales spending a ton of money. The RMT sellers appear to spend like whales, but all they are doing is recycling same few dollars over and over again. Buy event items, sell for adena and cash, sell the adena for cash, buy more event items. I guess at the end of the day it makes no difference to to NCSoft who buys the NCoin, its all $$$ to them, but to claim that the legit whales are carrying to company, I disagree. It's the guppies, goldfish, and dolphins that are buying adena every
  3. They cant release the exp or drop tables, because they would then need to explain why ours is so much lower than the rest of the world
  4. it desnt even have to be that complicated. Sell A Gems in grocery, sell cloth through Sven using particles. And let the economy fix itself. Or Just give us the LCoin Store where we can get all these things after farming coin to buy it. Such tiny simple things can fix everything. Easy solution to fix the game: 1. Give us L-Coin Store 2. Sell A Gems in grocery store 3. Allow crystals to be currency for something 4. Sell cloth pieces through Sven using adena+particles 5. Make all Epic Bosses level 80 with fixed spawn 6. Fix all epics where appropriate leve
  5. The problem is none of what they are doing is accidental. We are treated differently than every other region. They are intentionally making it impossible to earn enough adena to get by without buying adena or running trains of your own, but they dont sell adena in the store. They intentionally make items we need like A-gems and Cloth so rare that you must buy adena to be able to afford them. Every move they make is uniquely designed to benefit the bots and pro-farmers while hurting the real player. Looping and unlimitted accounts has allowed the average player to set up a little adena far
  6. I would love an explanation why the rest of the world get's "Classic" with full adena/drops, database, L-Coin Store, etc....And we constant get screwed with this kind of nonsense? @Juji @Hime You people are worse than the government, you never fix what you broke, and you just work on more things to break. @Hyunkeldid you at least let @Jujiread the posts you deleted? There was a post that was very well laid out which I dont see any more, I dont remember if there were any insults directed at Eleos, but the post itself was very on point.
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