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  1. So no macro?

    👍 Will there be any compensation Juji , my 200% and 50% are just wasted....
  2. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    @Juji Are you going to respond to any concerns? Theres no way for players to farm 80+ zones we have to farm elemental zones with 0 income. Farmers grief raids by buffing them 24/7 and they cant be killed, they also get nerfed by high level characters because we have out leveled all epic bosses that can be killed (Zaken, Core, Orfen, Ant Queen). There is nothing to pvp over, there is no way to farm or gain adena through hunting the basis of Lineage 2 Classic. You're going to force your player base which has near 0 income to pay 3 times more for shots with nothing to make up for it. You're not allowing useless mats/recipes to be npced when crafting is largely useless for 95% of items(A gem/Cloth peice/A grade enchants). Mostly due to the fact the drop rate and 80+ mobs being over powered and dropping less adena/drops than level 20 monsters. Juji a level 85 mob gives terrible drops and adena with 200,000-300,000 HP.... Olympiad feels unrewarding, Siege is boring since the removal of Aden siege. You're not providing anyway for your average player to progress anymore. Raid bosses cannot be cancelled which leaves 0 chance to kill them and in Baium/Antharas cases cannot be debuffed enough to kill them anyways. You dont seem to take anytime to respond to concerns in the classic community yet you're posting in Live server threads. You're letting us all down. These changes need to be halted immediately and we need real fixed for the problems plaguing classic. I didn't even get into mergers or transfers because if you dont fix these other problems that wont matter. In short, please acknowledge something. Help us. I want to give you more money but the effort you guys are showing is close to none for classic.
  3. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    Low level hunting zones???? Haha try high level zones.. @Juji This patch literally does nothing for the player except harm us. Just because we don't cry as much as Live players to get our way doesn't mean we don't care. Throw this crap patch in the garbage.. do not give us this update. It literally addresses nothing and creates more problems. High level zones are impossible to farm, A grade drop rate.. Siege is still useless, Olympiad.. High level raids also impossible due to them being buffed and no way to cancel the buffs or just not being able to debuff them at all. Literally the entire population is hard stuck in elemental zones.. What the bleep man... wake up. We need a nerf to 80+ zones, and a buff to A grade drops.. Raids need to be able to be cancelled, siege/oly are a train wreck.. Make orfen/core/AQ/zaken level 80.. List goes on.
  4. Event Extensions

    @Juji Please consider extending the event 1 week so that we may use our gifted 100%/200% runes.. Thank you. Would greatly appreciate it.
  5. @Juji If its not too much to ask please consider extending the server event 1 extra week. So we can make use of our VIP reward runes with the additional XP settings and no xp loss. Thank you.
  6. The Items have ESSENCE descriptions too.. @JujiI already opened them.. need some sort of compensation or for them to be fixed.
  7. @Juji Can you post some sort of update in regards to the next update, and whats going to happen in the next 2-3 months with Classic...
  8. So as everyone knows, the last 2 updates have been literally unplayable. You have to xp to 85 in elemental zones and even then probably cant xp in any of the zones like DV, LOA, Varka, FI, Ketra etc. Olympiad is unrewarding, pointless. Siege is still the same useless embarrassment. Give us back Aden siege, without the cancer NPC's. Make all epics level 80 at least and pvp zones, Orfen, Core, AQ, Zaken.. Do something about Baium/Antharas not being able to be debuffed also make them pvp zones.?? Server transfers/merges. Then we have A grade drops, Cloths, Evolution Stones. The market is ruined for A grade/cloths due to the low drop rate and no one even being able to xp in the 80+ Areas. So you boost your VIP program and people are forced into elemental areas where things like silver coins/adena/items don't drop. Wheres the logic there? I hope for your sake @Juji the next update remedies a majority of these problems or you're going to see a huge drop in the already quickly declining numbers on classic servers. Sad truth is you guys are not working on any of these things, not even commenting on them. In short.. Do something. Thanks. I'm sure we wont see any post about the current issues plaguing classic from the GM's, even ignoring the back to back to back to back pay2win events.
  9. What do they need guys? Oh I know some HP pots and 100 fruit buffs Great idea Juji, lets still charge 4.8k ncoins for the pack too. Wow we are great guys! Your guys black friday sale is much better on live servers. Why did you go full retard on classic? Give us 30 day 100%+50% rune pack for 5k coins or something how dumb can your marketing team be? I just gave you an example of a pack that will make a lot of money. Your Shiny Pendant Varnish pack is literally more expensive than buying the current 3600 pack that comes with 30 pendant boxes..