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  1. In game rules : selling adena for real money will be punished(with what??some spank on the ass??). Time to open your blind eyes they are eating your food and soon u will have an empity plate,that damn banhammer is rusty and covered of dust,show some nerve and punish them hard,the situation is really annoying and we cant avoid the towns my block list is already full. Will u do something about it???
  2. New Way BOT ADENA Sellers

    Nothing new,how do you expect they will permaban those spammers IP when they are unable to keep alive this server??? And after this maybe i got banned from forum
  3. Was not belive me.....1st there was not any fake lag and others many and many can confirm that......2nd he's just a troll,just go to check all his post.
  4. Hey mate, i think im talking for all "the kids who report fake lag"........just cut the crap with "u have 1-10 post" thing and "is your internet problem"(all are fairytales bumping in ur head)....do us a favour leave that forum if u dont have smtg costructive to say.
  5. 100% sure u have internet problems.
  6. Seems you guys really dont care.
  7. Tavern is bugged

    that's what i wanted to explain 3 kelbim book it's a bit strange.
  8. Tavern is bugged

    the patchnote says "if u have already the story book u will get page u can exchange for others missing books.......i have 3 kelbim story books and i got nothing from other 3 kelbim so if is not guaranteed 100% they must write it in the patch note.
  9. Tavern is bugged

    As the title said Tavern instance is bugged u dont get the pages u need for "victory collection" quest like is writed in the patchnote,plus Settlen NPC dont have any option for exchange those pages. Hoping will be fixed soon as possible (im blocked with my exalted quest). Thank you in advance.