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  1. @IceRaven i do exactly the same as u dude,cos im forced to do!u just dont get my point maybe
  2. Sorry dude but ur solution is just inconceivable(would like to use hard words to make the idea better) u know what this means?total anarchy,wanna some example?BS the land of indiscriminated KS.so...........yeah.......go wild,and then ppl cry about pk system
  3. Let them dream dude they dont know something like that is impossible if first they dont get rid of botters.
  4. Community plobleMS?

    @KissMyKnife like u can play
  5. Community plobleMS?

    We dont complain if there is no reason to do............about ur new beginnig have fun but,remeber,me and others will wait for YOUR complain in about let's say......2-3 weeks.Have fun!!!
  6. Thank you so much for ruining my in game experience, you are still babbling about the investigation of the latency and lag problem, but continue to do nothing about the problem of bots. Have you still not understood? Or just pretend not to understand? Are the damn bots that cause these problems, I am currently farming in tanor canyon and a party bots passes by me every time he dies, it is just a coincidence that when he passes by me I am hit by lag and DC? Now I will not make any name(cos i was already fooled once by ur policy),and will not open any ticket(they are just be ignored or u get a bot answer)im just asking for some GM honest answer......ur policy said u do not tolerate any kind of 3th party software,with all my respect it doesn't look like that.So I'm looking for a GM who can put his face on this problem and give me an honest and truthful answer. @Hime @Juji have u something to say about that?
  7. Botting?

    Dude u cant fight an Atomic bomb with just a sword,it's a losed battle i know it well and everyone knows,u just get mad and will end with some warning on forum.
  8. Hypocrisy with fighter

    The olympiad are not the right example to make comparisons, I saw wizards use AOE before the countdown started and when the time reaches 0 the match is already over, so what are we talking about?
  9. Can you log???

    Would u like to fix this crappy game once for all???
  10. Truth is,this toy is broken.........they try to repair it but after u can play just for few days more.............my opinion is that they are waiting for put up the 3th patch hoping in some kind of miracle cos they really dont have any clue about all this is happening,passed from zero DC from 3 DC every 10 mins .
  11. Huge lag

    That !!!!!

    that's maybe cos on his macro he using skills??my thought.

    @err0r If i am not wrong u are a Yul right??
  14. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    Funny that when i start the first post u was one of ppl who dont have any problem showing super isp,low ping and saying it was my internet problem...............now everyone crying.
  15. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    Just wait "the six sage path" will come and explain to u sooner as you immagine...................