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  1. Obviously they wrote the wrong name of the char entitled to this power ..... do not worry .... it will be immediately removed and given to those who really requested it.
  2. That's obvious a newbie consideration,who finances the game are normal and fair players not the whales,they just make "you"envy of theyr items so "you" will spend real money for buy Ncoins so they could buy from "you" with the adena(the spare one cos many of this adena will be transformed in real money and never come out from them pocket)so you better re-watch your consideration.
  3. So in past was USA internet or server problem for you,for others must be necessarily theyr provider or they have to change country right??I'll tell you 1 more time they have problem with losing packets sent.......but seems useless try to explain this. 15 / 5000
  4. We can say the same about you.....unfortunatly you cant change your brain even if you change country..............
  5. This!! plus they will not gonna tell you where,when and why they fail.have you seen any answer from them?but.....hey now i dont have DC anymore.......kind a magic for ya right dude???
  6. @HarperzUuuh!!......and this should help u to think https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/20451-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-december-23-2020/
  7. Sadly im not finding an hold post (not too old as u think) where they admit having those kind of problems......just for slap the truth on your face
  8. Dude there is no need in open ticket for get auto answer............server have internet problem on packet loss like last time,but in someway is kinda shame by "your side" admit you have those problem right??
  9. Im playing from Italy and today is totally unplayable.
  10. @Jujiare you having again internet problem?there are lot of incoming packet lost.
  11. when i open the first window everything is fine for couple of mins.........if i try to open the second one freezing happen and then..........disconnect.
  12. @Juji said he'll personally monitoring all that..............he just forgot to add that,if in "all that" some "friend" is involved,he's having burning eyes or stand up from pc for go to the toilette or just feel asleep in front of the pc
  13. Sry for misunderstanding your irony then.
  14. Dude here we are not talking about exp and adena(was about pvp cos in pve open field there is no way a feoh gonna die with mana barrier on).....trust me i really know what an Evi is able to do and u dont have to remind me nothing about top geared Evi's.
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