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  1. @Hime, @Jujinow that you get "rid" of bots is not fair to give us back the greedy treasure chest??
  2. One year of farmed materials just for be able to craft 20 scroll of blessing and not a single piece up on 3 get blessed @Hime @Juji @LIME can u do some light on this?and how a new player is supposed to progress like that??
  3. Party hunting bonus 50% seems isnt working too...........start to think it was planned on purpose for sell a lot of stuff during this summer sale.
  4. @Juji all this have smtg to do with chars transfer or i must expect some other excuses???
  5. Amazing anniversary event and reward..........may i ask........your "Compensation" consist in more lag and continuous disconnections???
  6. Words are,still and will be just words...........they cant lose theyr lovely whales
  7. Our staff supa dupa skilled in comunication have smtg to say???
  8. Started in the other 2 windows too.......GZ to our staff!!!
  9. 5 DC in 12 mins..........all on the same charand only on that @Hime@Juji???
  10. Before maintenance was wonderful......now got smtg like 15 sec of delay for everything........clicking for moving and after 15 sec black screen and then got like teleported on the spot i clicked before.
  11. Im PLAYING an evi!!!but instead to cry on forum about nerf,i simply try to improve my gameplay........adding the fact that this guy maybe is new in game and dont have enough knowledge about the game himself.
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