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  1. Fix adena!!!

    Back in the old days, there was no auto-ss feature. One hotbared the ssd and constantly smash that button (i had mine f4) or keep pressed but that lagged and missed activating the ssd that hit. People were very conservative with ssd usage. That is classic. Not this bleep version of l2.
  2. Giran - crashing today?

    You guys are addicted
  3. Pendants for Summoners?

    You have to be joking 🙃
  4. Gathering money for Community Managers

    You guys are funny 😄
  5. My set is gone ???

    You are not allowed +6 gear on non-vip toons
  6. Karma in 300k+

    He is perma red boy. Dlvling by death wil take you down 30-35 lvls. farming is impossible, 8-10h anywhere else if You have party to defend you. Reroll to strumf, its p2w time.
  7. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

    You make more money when you care about the game
  8. I don't mind P2W but loot boxes...

    This is gambling in a 21st century style. easy money for them now, until enough complains reach the right people.
  9. Theb why is a no weap 20 char with the pendant having more m atk then a 51 char with C weap? if so, if the 20 equips a ng m atk weap, he will basically double the 51s atk?... it makes sense for those pendats at almost max enchanting, they improve a char a lot, spcially if hes wearing top grade, whichhe prob is cause he paid somuch for the best items.
  10. i wasted 100$ ncoin and got....

    Got a lvl 2 with +6 on my 1st try with 160 coins and keep it on my Pk char with 145000 karma perma red i guess... did not buy any more coins cause i gave up on this. One can make a LOT of adena through this, well its cheap per dollar spent. Guess i was wrong or you are just bad luck?:$ Will try to get more pk as time goes by though
  11. If you always told yourself “i’m a smart person”, leaving this game is the next smart move you can make. NcSoft basically selling adena now at around $1 per milion if one acts fast. $5 400coins, buy another rune and combine for lvl 2. Enchant that to +5 and i managed to sell it for 20mil. i still have 240nc coins and 20mil adena. Not 100% guaranteed but much better chances then getting a drop or VIP for drops , either way. Thats the only thing i bought in L2 and i consider it ADENA for Dollars. Thats p2w Easy adena selling. Downside was i had to wait 10min while selling. Lol. GJ ncsoft, thats one way to beat the bot/adena sellers. I see them advertising 1kk adena for 5-6$ At gks. You are the top adena seller boss now. Wp the op pendants problem with mega stats is just not that big compared to how y’all messed up the economy in the game with this crap pendant idea. NcSoft swallowed me & L2 whole then shait me right out again. now i pk bots only with your free D weap that i cant drop. Waste of a good game , pking is the only part of “classic” still left untouched in the game...oh wait, now we have PK scrolls to in store: just swipe card please. Theres many other Mmorpgs. I chose Elder Scrolls Online. Find the right one for you. Because this game is deffinitly not the right one, if you are reading the forums for a hopeful good solution from some invissible dev, that will never come. Bye
  12. The simple fact that i can swipe my credit card to get an item i can wear at lvl 20 or whatever that has P. Def 50% with 100% shield block and a 3000hp barrier with 50sec cd, and wear it to RBs lvl 21+, basically indestructable..... makes this game p2w officially ....classic. The whole stats war & economy in the game is getting sodomised.
  13. Are these pendants ng or 20+ to wear? imagine life on talking island farm , with one of those on you :))
  14. Lots of players leaving

    We are on the same frequency
  15. Bring Back XP Boost*2

    Xp is easy to get. Wtf You all bitking about? Like seriously, daily 35-45, daily 45+ freeeeeee xp n stuff. The hell is the hurry You want 75+!??? maybe focus on equipment & stop buying adena as a noob, havibg top items but sucking at playing & lvling. so many weak players.... maybe SP, or drops/mats ( but for that they have VIP), so pay up n stfu. My req would be a weekly SP quest. Really. Choose what You want at least. Ofcourse weak players want it all, for free.