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  1. Again 3/3 acc. dc'ed in the early morning... Slowly i can't even laugh about it anymore. If this isn't getting fixed i am done with NCW after 15 years. The lack of communication over the last months, especially lately and all the occuring bugs making it easier.
  2. Depends who this "someone" was. Levels are the first big dmg modifier. Just think back when 99 was max. If you been for example 95 you had no chance. I am 115 and got hit by 3,2kk dmg from exeqter. On the other hand i also hitted ppl for like 200k-600k dmg with some skills up. PVP is 1-2 shot for most persons nowadays. Stacked Feohs can take some hits, but that was it for any kind of DD's.
  3. @Juji since you replied once here with well.... Noone in agrees with your recived answer, how about you keep us updated? Like "i asked the korean dev team again, they look into it, i gonna let you know in xx days" What happened to you? When you freshly joined this team there was even the Juji Lab Thread with nice tests, pretty fast response and actually COMMUNICATION with the playerbase. Now you barely at the forums and if, not really answering. You all have to be more active in here - not only cleaning posts. If you want us players to talk only within us, we can fre
  4. @Hime @Juji This is a total fail. You do realize, that this only means the Top stacked players grab their castle, run from castle to castle killing everyone and cast it with their alt clan in which they place every of their tons of twinks/camera chars to grab the rewards and increase their income... You should atleast raise the lvl limit from 85 to 110 or minimum 105. This way you could eliminate most of the camera/alt chars abusing this.
  5. again 2x DC, not being able to reconnect. Runes ticking off. No sense to buy them again until this is fixed :(
  6. "Please note while L2Wiki is a great guide, it does not follow our version of Lineage II (NA) where our rates and localized names may differ. Regards, GM Aulakiria" That's a response i got once about compound rate on brooch jewels. Wouldn't suprise me if they lowered the chances in their favour.
  7. @PhoenixMitra Can we get a reply on that matter. Because like it looks right now Support team says it is illegal to use ??!?? While like most of the players using it - especially since it seems the ig macro is slowed down on skill use/retargeting since the last patch.
  8. DC - lag - login problems still ongoing. This night i crashed on 2 accounts. Third was still in town - where one of my others had dc. Also as i tried to log again i was stuck on the Launcher Window several times. Now i am in, but laggy as hell. And meanwhile the 200% xp rune, prestige etc. is ticking off...
  9. Yeah i would also recommend to write a PM to @Juji with your ticket ID and ask for a refund.
  10. And you please re-read what i wrote. If it is freezing while the enchant started and then fails. Do you think it would have succeded if it didn't freeze? Doing multiple OE i can tell you i had fails and success with freezes. Has nothing to do with. You try the OE and you are lucky or not. That's all.
  11. Are you serious? This need to be fixed to what it is - 80%. Also stop giving out same items with different ID's/time limited buff items. For example as we had the last letter collector event - with untradeable letters... - i wasn't able to switch to my Main. My WH is full of items collected since 2006...
  12. @IssWorld How can you break a weapon during freeze? You would have to open the enchant window and klick on it. Why would you open the enchant window, drag a weapon and a scroll into if you dont plan to OE? @MoonLight It was mentioned in the patch notes that the rates get adjusted because there are more ++luc stat items. Ofc it got lowered. Else ppl would like have 95% of the time lady luck triggered.
  13. Any updates? Or atleast a feedback to your community? I know already 5 players that quit thx to this and move to Innova. Also on Naia you can see a bunch of higher lvls quitting also now. Messed update + lag/dc/melee attack lag....
  14. So as expected my rude post (was intention) got removed within not even 1h, i got a warning point and locked for 24h. So main Question: WHY no freaking reply from any Forum GM about this?
  15. With deepest respect, but why should they restore your weapon back to +16 or give you adena back? Lady Luck is still working. You just need a decent amount of Luc - which 65 clearly isn't nowadays. The Patch Notes stated that luc got adjusted. Ofc the trigger rate will be lower if you dont increase your luc, since more items have now +luc stats. I am sorry to say, but there is nothing wrong. You made +19, became greedy for even more and had bad luck.
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